“Hilde inspires me to live life to the fullest. Because of her I know that nothing is impossible if I just believe and listen to my body and soul. She is so strong and always positive and if I ever feel lost I just ask myself: What would Hilde do? She’s like an angel in human form.”

– Eirin Roesand

“If you want to feel amazing and get into shape, to loose those extra pounds, you have come to the right place! I am a man, in my peak age, 48, and I am working offshore. I easily put on extra weight.

5 weeks ago, I was at my all time low, mentally, physically and emotionally. Too many pounds once again, and yes, I have tried many so called diets to loose weight in the past, but I always go right back, and never seem to be able to sustain it. This time I have succeeded. This is not a diet, but a total change of lifestyle. I was searching on Facebook, and found Hilde Larsen and her pages. I got so inspired by Hilde`s videos, that I purchased her online video course right away. I ran to the store, shopping and was on the program the very next day. After 5 days, I had lost 13 pounds, I was already feeling lighter and less depressed, wow!! This was what I had been looking for, I could really feel my body cleansing.

I was not looking forward to going offshore again, so I contacted Hilde. She advised me to stay on fruits and vegetables, and that I could do. Luckily fresh produce was easy to come by. I continued when I came back home, and ate no fats or sugars, fruits and vegetables only. I have gotten my life back. I have now lost 24 pounds in the last 5 weeks, and still counting! My desire to work out has even come back! I am happy and boosting with energy,, I am ready to start my new life
Thank you Hilde, love you!”

– Tom Harald Nilsen

“Dear Hilde, you have saved my life. If I had not found you, I am not sure I would have been here today. I was so depressed, so sick of being sick, that life had no meaning. I am still working my way back to my potential, but with your guidance and inspiration, it gets easier and easier. I have learned so much about nutrition, detoxification and emotional healing, my life has turned around in front of my very eyes. You show me how to shift my destructive thought patterns, to look ahead, and to live in the now.

I know now that what I was eating, thinking and living was keeping my anxiety, bipolar disorder, addictions, and pain alive. My life has taken a turn I never thought possible. For the first time in my adult life I am medication free. I was on a series of painkillers, antidepressants, sleeping pills, blood pressure medications, to name a few, for years and years. I was taking 30 pills a day! Now I take none! Because of you, I have a positive outlook on life.”

– Kjerstin Kvernstrøm

“I have a hero, her name is Hilde Larsen. Late last summer I was more bedridden than not, from a failed surgery I had that April. l came across a heartfelt story on Facebook that she had written about how she had suffered for over six year with illnesses and depression. That was our connection. I read how she took her life back. Every day, I wake up, I look forward to her posts. She has inspired me to take my life back …little steps at a time.

I have learned so much about foods and continue loving to learn more. I myself have changed just a few of the things she teaches and with these few things I have lost 40 pounds, I am no longer bedridden, I love myself more, and I am getting myself set up to start teaching myself to paint because Hilde believes in us doing thing that make us happy and not to keep putting them off till tomorrow. So yes she is my hero. Because of her inspiration I am a new, better person. Love you Hilde!”

– Maureen Mcgraw

“Hilde is a woman of great integrity and strength. I have watched her learn, grow, transform and do the best thing of all…share her knowledge with those who need it so that they too may transform and heal. That’s the best gift of all. I can assure you if you experience Hilde Larsen for a day your life/health will change forever. Lucky YOU who ever decides to walk on the Hilde path.”

– Fiona Johnston –

“What an amazing and inspiring journey this has been. Hilde you are a Master Angel for creating such a beautiful, loving and supportive space for all of us! My heart has blown open wide with this experience! It has given me a deep and clear connection to my body and my relationship with food now feels light and freeing. I love how synchronicitic this has been! This is my first cleanse ever and I had planned on doing a cleanse with my partner during this same week! We started 3 weeks ago weaning off sugar, meat, caffeine and wheat just so we would have an easier transition. Work at have seen how bright and shiny I am and I have a list of 20 people who want to join in group cleanse in a few weeks.”

– Debi Muir

“Now at the end of 2nd week of detoxing I feel great! Hilde Larsen thank you so much for this wonderful idea which helped so many of us….

For me is the starting of a new life style…. with green juice instead morning coffee and lots of fruits and vegetables.”

– Voichita Balutiu

“I feel that you are a seer too, Hilde… like a soul-traveler who instantly “gets it”. What a gift – for me, for you… as you too are sharing this love and compassion that is in the realms of the heavens. That is truly beautiful to know, to contemplate upon, to bring within and make it part of the new me.”

– JD – Washington 


A great part of any healing process, any eagerness for life and beyond, holds a great deal of humbleness. To me, that means to recognize that life is so much grander than me, and that the more I seek to mentally “understand”, the more is revealed to me of what is not to be understood. Like any other species, I see us as a perfect part of nature, with the same ability to heal and regenerate. All we need to do is stop what is making us sick, tired, stressed out, angry, hopeless and helpless, and allow Gods greatness. I will be honored to walk with you.