Free Access to Hilde’s
“3 Secrets to Extraordinary Health & Energy”

A 3-Part Video Course on How To Get Healthy and Stay That Way


Free Access to Hilde’s “3 Secrets to Extraordinary Health & Energy”

A FREE 3-Part Video Course on How To Get Healthy and Stay That Way


Meet Hilde

I am the one you meet that are over the top excited and Inspired about what they do. Writing books is part of my mission, and by serving I feel complete. I have a burning passion for life and the power we all hold within. I see myself as an inspirational way-shower and motivator, and through my experience and my education, I guide amazing souls like YOU go from surviving to thriving.

I work with those who are ready to do what is needed. I am the one that never felt good enough, and that suffered for years with chronic illness and anxiety. Was the strong one who believed that success was the same as overachieving. My love for life and my passion for sharing my knowledge fuels me every day. Through my books, coaching, speaking and radio appearances, my passion comes to life. By seeing how peoples lives change, MY life changes. I feel blessed.

Get her full story here.

Featured In

“Hilde is one in a million! I have worked with many coaches and teachers over the years, but this kind of dedication and wisdom is very rare. Every step on the way, she was there for me, holding my hand, guiding me with her deep knowledge. Not only from education but also from her true experience from going through everything herself. Thank you Hilde for changing my life!”

Jeanette Berlow

Work with Hilde

When your Health is not Optimal, nothing runs smoothly. Believe me, I know. Hello pain, goodbye enthusiasm. Let’s get together and make sure you get on your way to your amazing healthy successful life. You are so worth it. I am all about cutting the crap, revealing the underlying cause, the why, so we can do the what and how!

When you know that you are ready to get your health and power back, like I did, do not wait a single minute, contact me! I have seen countless clients go from surviving to thriving. We have walked from despair to passion and enthusiasm. Together.

Initial Health and Success Strategy Session

Need to check in and keep yourself accountable? No man is an island, and I get that.

We are all in this together, this journey called life. When your path crosses mine, I know it’s for a grand reason.

I want to make sure you get the support you need, WHEN you need it.

SO, if you need to talk, ask me questions, pick my brain about what is going on, this is for you. *This is for clients that has done already an Initial Health and Success Strategy Session.

Follow-up Empowering Session

Do you have a deep desire to live a healthy and happy abundant life?

If you are ready to step up and heal your life, this program is for you.

I went through what I perceived as Hell, so sick I would rather die. I not only lived to tell the story, am here to make sure you have all the tools and the support you need to claim your own amazing health.

Believe me, health is so much bigger than we might think. Your new level of energy and health will blow your mind!

3 Month Health And Success Program

Do you know what you want, but you can’t seem to get there? Or you work hard, only to see less results, leaving you frustrated and lost? What led me back to my amazing powerful dream life was my mindset. My ability to not only act, but to follow through. Let me teach you how to access that within yourself. You will be unstoppable! By getting to the core of what is holding us back, we are inviting in the powerful enthusiastic and passionate live we all deserve and want. Let me give you the tools you need to break free, so that you can thrive in all areas of your life. Let’s cut the crap and get real. Authenticity is Gold. We will find YOURS!

3 Month Cut the Crap/Mindset Strategy Program

Looking for a speaker that will not only engage, inspire and awaken your enthusiasm, but teach the audience something so valuable it will change their lives forever? Learn more about how you can secure a professional and bullshit free talk by Hilde.



The members elevate their health through following the monthly group challenge. The support is unique, and I am personally creating exclusive content, answering question, delivering a community I dreamed of having myself. THIS is where you want to be, on the Inside with me.

Hilde’s Health is Wealth School: THE OPTIMAL HEALTH BLUEPRINT

On my journey, I identified exactly what created health, every single aspect of it. I now use it with all of my clients, and I see Health Transformation that is nothing short of miraculous. I put it all together for you. Easy to absorb, easy to follow. The course I wish I had access to when my own health and life fell apart. I made sure the course is straight to the point, and most of all packed with my personal experience and insights. I lived it, experienced it and made it available for you. All you need to do, is to show up.

The Get Healthy NOW PROGRAMS

If you want to lose weight, learn the easy steps towards a healthier life, these Programs are for you. Get instant access to these amazing life-changing challenges. One week, one Process. This is a series of learn and grow healthy downloads that are topic specific. Experience how your life will change one process at the time.

The Inspired Membership has been a life changer for me. I am experiencing healing on a physical, as well as emotional level. This is all thanks to Hilde Larsen’s experience and wisdom. She is so positive and 100% correct in her teachings! I recommend her services to anyone that is looking for total freedom from disease. My life is forever changed by finding Hilde’s website, becoming a member, and following her advice.

Mary Weaver

The Optimal Health Blueprint is so detailed, exactly what I needed! It feels like I am in the same room with Hilde, getting all my questions answered. Everything is so step-by-step and easy to understand. Everything becomes so obvious! The best part for me is that I can watch over and over and over again. I can do this at my own pace, and revisit the parts that I feel is relevant for me in the moment. I can feel you know what you are talking about, and most importantly, you have been there! Thank you Hilde, for this life-changing Program, I am forever grateful for being blessed with the access to this information.

Birgitta Thorbjergsdottir

Recently I went through Hilde’s Optimal Blueprint online course. WOW. Each area of our walk thoroughly bringing ourselves to greater health is laid out for us. Not only is each area of detox typed up for you to read and reread but Hilde has something for you to go back and listen to as often as you need. We all learn differently. Some do better reading, some do better listening, and then there is me. I need to read it and hear it over and over until it gets in to my cells and the heart of my being. That is what Hilde Larsen and her programs offer.I recommend it to anyone!

Kelly Verly

Books by Hilde

From Hell to Inspired

Finally, Hilde Larsen’s story is out. The whole truth and nothing but. After years of living with severe rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease, anxiety, and ulcers, Hilde Larsen finally decided she was done with hospitals, medications, while barely hanging on to her life. It was a choice that soon propelled her onto a lonely journey where she would courageously battle to not just overcome her physical challenges, but also to find her true purpose and a new beginning. KEEP READING, AND CLAIM YOUR FREE CHAPTER OF THIS CAPTURING STORY.

Know The Truth and Get Healthy

Hilde has finally put her whole toolbox together in this book of true healing. A step-by-step guide that holds everything you need to take charge of your health and life. Her education as a certified health and Success Coach, detox Specialist and Raw Food Teacher, together with self-lived experience, puts her in a unique compassionate position. READ ON AND CLAIM YOUR FREE CHAPTER NOW!

No More Bullshit

What in the world has taken us so long? Why is it that we keep on living as if nothing is wrong, when the whole World is upside down? Have you noticed? If you are searching for the good life, for the typical abundance, health and happiness, I am happy you have ended up right here. Right here at the very beginning. You see, the celebration of life starts when we return to the hard-core causes of disconnect. We need to revisit ourselves, bullshit free.


Unsure how to get started? Learn how to transition to a living food diet for optimal health and vitality.



Unsure how to get started? Learn how to transition to a living food diet for optimal health and vitality.


Currently in the Shop

The Kidney Filtration

Filtering out the lymphatic waste is crucial for Optimal Health. Learn how and why.



No more gas, bloating, indigestion, acid reflux,
constipation, diarrhea…



The challenge that teaches you the #1 missing key to Optimal health. The LYMPHATIC system.



Is it you? Worry, lack of focus, mind-chattering confusion, pondering.


As a coach, Hilde is one in a million. Really! I have worked with many coaches and teachers over the years, but this kind of dedication and wisdom is very rare. Every step on the way, she was there for me, holding my hand, guiding me with her deep knowledge.

As Hilde put me on her protocol, my body started to react almost immediately. It started to respond again. The blood sugar came down within perfect range, and I had no symptoms at all of Diabetes type 2. All tests were fine.  The muscle pain got better and finally disappeared, and the weight melted away like butter during sun-shine. My skin was glowing and I had tons of energy!

Combined with all of her education and studies, Hilde has knowledge that goes way beyond what you usually find in a practitioner and teacher. No topic and no roadblock were a problem for her.  Instead, she handled everything with the same dedication and passion. Thank you, Hilde, for being my guiding star and for becoming such a dear friend. My life is forever changed!

Jeanette Belwon

Hilde Larsen is one of my greatest teachers. I was struggling on a raw diet, reached a plateau, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Now, through dry fasting, herbs, owning my life completely, I am healed! Deep gratitude for this very special soul. Inspiring to say the very least! Get her books if you are ready to heal!

Patricia Self

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