It is time to bring out the TRUTH about health. YOU are worth it. Your FAMILY is worth it. This is the Step-by-Step Video Course I wish I had access to when my health fell apart. I made sure the course is easy to follow, straight to the point, and most of all packed with my personal experience and insights. I lived it, experienced it and made it available for you. All you need to do is to show up.

No More Bullshit

This third book by Hilde challenges the reader to dig deeper into lives meaning, revisit some old patterns, and learn how to let go of false beliefs and old programming. A book that makes you think and seek your truth.

Know the Truth and Get Healthy

Hilde has finally put her whole toolbox together in this book of true healing. A step-by-step guide that holds everything you need to take charge of your health and life. Her education as a certified health and Wellness Coach, detox Specialist and Raw Food Teacher, together with self-lived experience, puts her in a unique compassionate position.

From Hell to Inspired 

From hell to inspired chronicles one woman’s incredible quest to free herself from an unhealthy existence, fulfill her dreams, and inspire others to take back their power.

Shop Detox Program by Hilde 

Hilde made this online Video Series so that you can start improving your health and life today! This step-by-step guided Detoxification Program has everything that you need to jump right in, today!

A VIP day with Hilde 

Treat youself to an ultimate day where everything is included. Spend a whole day with Hilde in her Naples home for raw food guidance, coaching, protocols and knowledge.

Coaching by Hilde 

When you are done feeling sick and tired, Hilde has several programs for you. The guidance and support from a certified Practitioner that has walked her talk is invaluable for success.

Shop Essential Oils 

Make sure that you are using therapeutic grade highest quality oils for your health and healing. Find out which oils Hilde recommend and sign up.

Shop Herbs

Hilde uses the herbs from Cellular Botanicals by DR Robert Morse with all of her clients. The high quality makes them unique.


“Hilde, you dear woman, this is exactly why I was led to you. What a blessing. This is so much more than what I hoped to receive from our consultation, and I am truly amazed with tears in my eyes, reading all that you have suggested, intuited… and through your wisdom, have created a new healing path for me to walk. Thank you so very much.”

– JD Washington