HEALTH and SUCCESS coaching

WHEN you are ready to do what needs to be done to feel better, I am the coach for you. I work with those who are Say: “YES, I want to change my life for REAL!” I am focused on results, BIG time, and want to make sure that YOU are also. When you know that you are ready to get your health back, like I did, do not wait a single minute, contact me!


I have felt like crap, so SICK I would rather die than live another day. I have been hopeless and helpless and everything in between. Diadnosed with severe ehumatoid arthritis and lymes diseas to mention a few, I thought my life was over. I went through hell, but I never gave up. NOW; I am committed to YOU and your absolute success. I have helped people go from a dozen different medications to happy and thriving. It will be my honor to inspire and guide you towards optimal health and joy in all areas of your life.  I will inspire you to take charge of  YOU, it is my true passion and mission. If you want to love life and beyond, we are a great match.

Being in charge of your own health does not mean you do not get help and guidance. It does not mean you do not listen to others, and it does not mean that you never receive treatments or care.

Feel better, look better, reach your goals and rock your life! YOU deserve it!

First of all, set a goal. Second, take action. I am the first action step on your journey to healthy and happy. You deserve to live the life of your dreams, and you CAN! I have seen miracles, and hard work pays off every single time.

Every time I see people suffer, in pain, hopeless or just down right depressed about life, I wish I could help. Every minute of the day holds the potential for change, and every little change holds a miracle on its path. When you show up, I have the tools and the experience. Together we will be unstoppable. Let me help you brother and sister. We are always a team.

WHEN you are ready to feel amazing, WE NEED TO TALK!

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Connect with me for a one-on-one single introduction consultation below.
I am eager to get to know the real, amazing, fabolous, healthy, strong, enthusiastic, crazy YOU!


  • You fill out and submit the  Health History form.
  • You send me pictures of your eyes.
  • I contact you to set a time that is perfect for you.

I analyse your eyes and review your Health History form.

We have a 60 minute one on one skype session.
I send you all my notes and your full protocol.

YOUR health and success is serious business, and I take it very seriously.


I am in for the WIN, are you?

Read about my Coaching Package below!

By commiting to show up, you are telling yourself; “I matter!”
This is a customized package that fits YOU perfectly.

We are not all the same. We have different needs. Some might require attention and guidance around the clock through some very trying times, while others needs less guidance and more accountability.

When you need me, I will be there. When you feel insecure, I will reassure you. When you have questions, I will do my best to answer them. This is what I wish I had access to when I needed it the most. Someone`s insight and experience. To be able to get the help I needed, WHEN I needed it.

What you can expect from me: I will give you my full attention, support and encouragement all the way. My education and experience has made me confident that WE GOT THIS! All of my knowledge and experience is available to you.

What I expect from you: For you to be fully committed to the program and eager to feel amazing! You simply need to be ready to do the work. You need to be committed to the results you deserve.


This is where suffering ends! I mean, this is where the rest of your life starts, like it was meant to be. Through a step-by-step plan we will restore and rebuild your health and life! Get ready to rock! Life is too short to not be your absolute best. This is YOUR time to shine! Let us go get it!



●  Physical and emotional Health History analysis.

●  Iridology session and analysis. ( Personal reading of eyes )

●  60 min. one-on-one Coaching sessions on Skype as often as you require.

●  Inspirational and empowering support and guidance. YOU deserve this!

●  Continuous support and follow up on Basecamp.

●  Personal ongoing healing protocol that we change as YOU heal!

●  Online Video program.

●  Free recipes., and anything else you need to stay on point.

●  Links and educational handouts. You will always have something to watch and read.

hilde larsen health and wellness coaching

“Hilde is a woman of great integrity and strength. I have watched her learn, grow, transform and do the best thing of all…share her knowledge with those who need it so that they too may transform and heal. That’s the best gift of all. I can assure you if you experience Hilde Larsen for a day your life/health will change forever. Lucky YOU who ever decides to walk on the Hilde path.”

– Fiona Jonhston

Hilde Larsen Ultimate Transformation

Every true healing regieme focuses on detoxification. Why? Because only the body itself can heal. All we can do is to get out of the way. Detoxification is about letting everything that is not serving us be processed and leave. A true healing regime or program will include emotional and mental work as well as a physical cleansing regime. It will be impossible not to include all aspects of the being. The mind-body-soul connection again. Never the less, changing what we eat most often is the simplest and most potent way to start. The body will detoxify all our bodies at the same time; The physical, the mental and the emotional body. That means that once we start to eat what the body is designed to eat, it will also let us know which emotional waste we have been holding on to. By giving it a break from having to digest and eliminate more waste, it now has the ability to use the energy to clear everything from old emotions, to mucus in our intestines.

We need to look to nature, get back to the basics, and trust in our own bodies and their ability to heal. We will heal by eating fresh living organic foods, like we were meant to. That way, we are constantly letting our body take care of business. In this lifetime, in this world, the challenges are many for most of us. It seems the non-foods presented to us, alongside the stress, the polluted air, the negative programming and the fear of change, is holding us captive in our polluted houses.

All you have to do is to let go of everything that is not serving you, be it foods, emotions or actions. There is nothing to figure out, or to speculate in, really. The body will do the rest. Simplicity is a challenge for the educated mind, and this very fact is important to acknowledge. Our intellect and our craving for intellectual growth, has contributed to the state that we are in. It is time to hit the shift button and think again. Less is more.

The simplicity of detoxification:
  • Stop bringing in more garbage: This means, no more altered chemistry, chemicals or toxins. Not in form of hurtful drugs, or supplements as isolates or pesticides. Do not eat anything that requires a label, as no real food does. Stay away from salt, oils and stimulants, and keep the standard high on a preferably organic, high fruits diet. Stop using harmful chemicals in your home, as anything you eat, breathe and smell, you in fact eat. It is all absorbed into your blood and tissues, creating a toxic overload in your body. Look for ways to make your own lotions and detergents, and be inspired by the many tips and recipes found in this book. You’ve got this.
  • Move the lymph: Through eating raw living foods only, the lymph will start moving. By also being active, adopting the suggestions in the upcoming chapters, you will move to heal. Make sure that your kidneys are filtering, or you will have some extra work to do. More tips to come on how to restore kidney filtration.
  • Open all eliminating organs: Clean out the intestines, and do some liver flushes. Use a sauna to open up the skin, and look to herbs for extra strength and organ support. Sometimes working with a practitioner that is also a detoxification specialist, as myself, will help determine your weaknesses and how to address them with herbs and essential oils.
  • Let the acidic waste and toxins out: Allow yourself to live through the detoxification process. It can be a long process, all depending on your age, your current state of health, how long you have been out of health, and how your organs and glands are conditioned from birth.
  • Watch health be restored: Enjoy the ride back to your inspired state of perfect health, and keep your focus on your path. Do not let anyone or anything discourage you or make you lose your focus. This is your time to shine, and you are so worth it!

The deepness of cleansing being done, and the pace it will happen in, depends on many different factors. If you are diagnosed as terminal, long standing so-called chronic and degenerative, you know that you have some serious work to do. You know that your body means business, and that there is no time to go slow and easy. We need to do what we need to do –  it is that simple.

When time is of the essence:

Not everyone has time to transition into a healthier lifestyle. Some are barely hanging on, trying to save their lives. For everyone who is in the situation of long standing, chronic, painful and degenerative disease, I say there is no time to lose. Even though the change can be hard and challenging, the decision has to be made. A diet of fruits, berries and melons are on the menu, and that is that. The top-of-the-mountain, acute healing diet is a grape fast, and nothing will allow the acids to move like the grapes do. No one knows how deep you will have to dig, or how long it will take, but the body will do its very best every single day. Know that you hold the power, one step at the time. Get support and a close follow up, to ensure that you are allowing your body to heal safely.

When you are tired of feeling sick:

You might be low in energy, and have many different hurts and pains. You might even be on some sort of chemical medication. You are functioning and need to keep going to work. You really want to get healthy, and will do whatever it takes, little by little. I say to you, do not wait any longer. I waited and waited, until one day I was almost out cold. I had done my best not to listen to my body`s signals for years. If you are where I was, I recommend you start by reading my book “From HELL to Inspired”. My hope is that it will inspire you to wait no more. Be done. Step into the raw right away, and include some greens and raw food recipes if you like. Your house is on fire, even though it might not look that way.

When you know what you are doing is not optimal, but:

You are the lucky one, the one that is doing what we should all be doing. Educating yourself, with the intent to change before the symptoms of ill health set in. You are the one that has the opportunity to walk healthy through this lifetime, by simply changing what will create a problem down the road. When you transition to the raw food diet, and change the way you live and think. You will feel what feeling good feels like. If you believe you are feeling great right now, wait for the real buzz. Do not wait until later, go get it!

Healthy is the typical norm, what we are designed to be. The smallest indication that we are not, is a cry for change.


I have gone from the lowest low to the highest high, AND I WANT YOU TO DO THE SAME! I KNOW what sick feels like. I know what needs to be done to regain health and vitality. I was so sick, I could not move for several years.

Now, I have a burning passion for life and the power we all hold within. I see myself as an inspirational motivator, and through my experience and my education, I help people go from surviving to thriving. My goal is to contribute to raise awareness around health and joyful living. My love for life and my passion for sharing my knowledge is what fuels me every day.

Through proper detoxification, strengthening of weaknesses, alkalization and regeneration, WE CAN DO THIS!

It does not matter how you feel today, in time you WILL get your health back. Everything starts with a thought, a desire, a passion, and a PLAN. Let me show you every step of the way.

Set yourself free from medical based thinking and feel empowered by the ability to choose. Nature is perfect, and so are we. Only by trying to improve on it do we get into trouble.

Once you sign up for the FREEDOM PACKAGE,  you are on your way to living the life you desire. Feel the best that you can feel and be the best that you can be.


Your health is in your own hands, and that can feel like a burden, or it can feel like the true freedom that it is.

The illusion that keeps us stuck in our old ways is the one of misplaced authority. We simply are not conditioned to think for ourselves. We are led to believe that someone else should think for us, as they have studied and know better. Well, let me tell you, that illusion nearly killed me, and is killing people every single day. Some things in life are for all of us, and it is free, no study or textbooks needed. Life is a journey, and from exploring and trusting in your own ability to learn and grow, you will set yourself free.

YOur life is in your own hands! Power up and act like it!

I found that looking for health became much easier once I understood why I was sick. When I realized what I had been doing to myself, it became crystal clear to me why I was suffering. While everything is perfect in nature, what we have become by moving away from it is not. It has created suffering, and we see it all around us. Being sick is not natural, being healthy is! It is what we are designed to be. There is nothing natural about having a body that is imbalanced, tired, sick and in pain.

There are no so called dis-eases in nature. There are no animals with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis or asthma. I have never read or heard of any wild animal suffering with any so-called chronic disease. They are not allergic to the foods that they eat, and they do not get fat and tired. When they get sick, from a bacteria or a trauma, they lie down and rest, drinking only water, so that their body can heal and restore. Regeneration is therefore supported, and nature can take its course. The first time I read this, I “knew” it was important. You see, in nature, every species lives in harmony with Mother Earth. From living in harmony with sunrise and sundown, the seasons are honored, and food is gathered and killed for survival. Eating is not linked to suppressing emotions or feeding different types of addictions. Nature has a perfectly harmonic way of existing, and the further away from that harmony that we stray, the more trouble we are in. The further from truth that we wander, the more despair we will experience. As a species, we as humans keep drifting away from our natural path. This is where healing got lost, and dis-ease manifested.

“When you become fearless, life becomes limitless.”- Hilde
Let me share with you a small portion of my own healing journey, from the book “From HELL to inspired”:

“I was done being sick, and I was done struggling. I was so filled up on medications, hospital visits, anxiety and pain, that I decided to just stop. I had been diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis several years before, and was heavily medicated – I was told that I was a “severe” case. The diagnosis of Lyme disease, ulcers, anxiety and more, were not helping my suffering soul and spirit. The medical society tells you, you will be sick for the rest of your life, and that medications will be your only hope to live as “normal” as possible. What they do not tell you, is a very different story, and what they do not know – might kill you

This one day about 8 years ago, I had had enough. I remember thinking, “I will stop all medications and just lie here until I get well, or I die.” I really did not care which, as long as what I was experiencing stopped. From being a mother, a sister, a wife, a business owner, an athlete, and a friend, I just became sick. My world changed overnight. I was alone, and I did not know what to do to save myself. As soon as I stopped the medications that made me very ill, I got more ill. Now, my body was showing me just how sick I really was.

A long journey started, a lonely one, filled with pain, fear, and hopelessness. Every day was a battle for survival. My heart did not beat regularly for years. I was bedridden, and could not even go to the bathroom by myself, not for several years. I could not open my mouth or chew foods, as my jaw was too inflamed. I often prayed that I would not wake up in the morning. Watching your body deteriorate, and your joints slowly cripple, is a challenge for the mind, the emotions and the soul.

Something inside me told me that health was there, if I would just let it come forth. I studied all day, every day. I spent all my time searching the internet, reading books and watching videos. Slowly my way of thinking changed, my diet changed, and my connection to my spirit opened up. Friends left, and new amazing souls came into my life. It is hard for family members and friends to understand, and to know how to help when someone gets very sick. Change is often felt as a scary thing, so never blame them for not being there. They do not know any better.

Along this journey I have seen stones turn into diamonds, I have seen life become magical, and I have seen my body transforming before my very eyes. How amazing is that? As I look back, I can see the true gift in my ongoing journey from HELL to Inspired. I made a choice, and I followed my inner guidance. The gift was hidden to me, but is no more. It is now shining as my true purpose.

Now, all these years later, my heart is beating perfectly and the anxiety is gone. My digestion is back to normal after 20 years of ulcers, and my skin looks better than it has in years. I am not stopping until my body is 100% healthy – and beyond! And they said it could not be done! NEVER let anybody tell you that. Not your family, friends, NOBODY! This has been my biggest gift, and I would not be without this journey

The NOW moment is where the magic is, and for those of you that struggle with health issues, KNOW that it is in your hands to change. Your body is made to be healthy, it’s what it is designed to be. It is all vibration, and it’s all connected. Stop poisoning it, and start nurturing it. Change your thoughts, and your emotions will follow. Clear out the toxins from your body, and the mind will clear.  Your vibration will raise, and your consciousness will rise. Align your focus with the solution, not with the problem! Speak what you want, and expect it to happen. BE the change you want to see, and love yourself the whole way there. Nobody is perfect, in fact perfection is an illusion, it does not exist. YOU are the perfect YOU!”

Simply by realizing that you are in charge of, and responsible for your own life and health – you are going to activate your power. It never left you, it is who you are. The life that we live is colored by every single choice that we make, even a thought is a choice. It might not be obvious that it is, but you are not your thoughts.

Your power is so much stronger than your mind, and your inner light and ability to heal and restore is grander than you can ever imagine. No person, no event or circumstance can stand in the way of your ability to choose life. The inner strength that we all hold is released when we allow it to be

When the body is not functioning optimally, it is showing signs and symptoms of being overly acidic. The lymphatic system is not transporting out the waste through your kidneys and the inner terrain is thrown off balance. Parasites, fungus, heavy metals, all thrive in an acidic environment. When acids win, you lose, and when through proper detoxification, alkalization and hydration, regeneration will take place.

Your body is speaking to you through your symptoms — begging you to stop what you are doing!

When you want something to change, change something!

Your body is protecting you through inflammation, high cholesterol, and edema. It is simply doing its job, asking you to do yours. It is not “normal” to feel low in energy, to have impaired vision, headaches, muscle and body aches, indigestion, constipation, low sex drive, being overweight, etc. It is natural to be healthy and, no matter what you are experiencing right now, you can and will get better.


“Hilde, you dear woman, this is exactly why I was led to you. What a blessing. This is so much more than what I hoped to receive from our consultation, and I am truly amazed with tears in my eyes, reading all that you have suggested, intuited… and through your wisdom, have created a new healing path for me to walk. Thank you so very much.”

– JD Washington