Have you ever felt that even when you know what to do
to feel better, you still cling to your old ways?

If you are ready to re think what you have learned about health and vitality, this book is for you.

Join in the movement, and enjoy this gift. 5 Not-So-Easy Steps to Successful Health will hopefully inspire you

to claim your health and vitality!

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There really aren’t anyone that can change anything for us, or want to do better for us. Even though we know this at a deeper level, we walk around waiting for someone to step in and take charge. We are waiting for a time in our life when everything will be perfectly lined up for us, all ready for the big change. It is not very likely going to happen that way. We have to step up all by our very selves, and do what we know we need to do. We do know you see, we always know. Just listen, or dare to listen, you will know right away.

Are you waiting for a particular event in your life to take place, a green light maybe? A sign from above, something that will make you confident this is your time? Are you not sick enough, poor enough, depressed enough, sad enough or just on the hold until next time? Stop it. It is time. It is always time to let go and show up.

“It doesn`t matter how many times it has been told, and how many people that believe in the lie, it will never be the truth!” – Hilde Larsen