My personal journey shifted the day I discovered the magic of Gods herbs. They truly are the gifts of nature, and I love them more each day. I spend time in nature every single day, and from early spring to late fall, I collect fresh herbs to eat. I use them in my smoothies, and I dry them to use during winter. The most common are the most powerful, to show us the abundance all around us.

My favorite every day herbs are dandelion, (yes the weed you were told to get rid of) one of the most powerful healers there is. Then there are the stinging nettles, the plantain, and the ground elder. All categorized as weed, yet pure, wild free food and medicine.

There is nothing like connecting with nature in this way, foraging and eating the God given food and medicine. To strengthen my glands and organs, I also cherish the Gods Herbs blends all year round.


My favorite every day herbs are dandelion, (yes, the weed you were told to get rid of) stinging nettle, ground elder and plantain. I also love to use red clover, fireweed, and chickweed, and they truly are the gifts of nature, and I never tire from picking them. I spend time in nature every single day, and from early spring to late fall, I pick them fresh. They are wonderful to use in a smoothie, a salad, to dry for smoothies or tea, or to make tinctures.

Some of the most powerful are the most common ones. Nature at its best!

Dandelion is great for the liver, the kidneys, cleansing the blood, and building new blood cells. Its nutritional benefits are a powerhouse compared to other greens.

Plantain leaf has a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefit. This makes it great for wound healing. You can make tea from plantain and spray it on insect bites. It is also diuretic and great for kidney and bladder problems.

Stinging nettle can stop any internal or external bleeding. It will clear mucus from the body, and is great for diarrhea and water retention. It also stimulates the organ glands.

Ground elder is used to treat gout and rheumatism. A poultice of the leaves can also be employed to help heal burns, bites, and wounds. It is also diuretic and has a mild sedative effect.

RED CLOVER is often used for respiratory and hormonal health. It is also used topically on rashes and other skin problems.

FIREWEED has been used to aid digestion, inflammation, and it has antispasmodic and astringent properties. The shoots are tender and great to use in salads, and can be used as an alternative to asparagus.

CHICKWEED is mild and great in a salad. It has been used to calm inflammation and reduce stress. A fresh chickweed poultice may reduce swellings and inflammations from bruises, mosquito bites, and bee stings.

“Dr. Robert Morse, my mentor and good friend, has been a fantastic teacher and motivator. His knowledge is out of this world and I feel lucky to be able to continue to learn from this great soul and healer.”

– Hilde

For over 42 years, Dr. Robert Morse has served as a healer and a health mentor, using his highly selective, high quality herbs. Wild crafted and powerful, they are designed to support in the regeneration of tissue and aid in detoxification of the body.

We cannot improve on nature. Whenever you feel lost, out of balance, sick, tired or confused; look to nature. There you will find balance, energy, love, harmony, and connection to all that is. That perfect nature is what we are made of; it is what we are part of. What applies in nature applies for humans. There is no need to try to improve anything, only when we try do we get into trouble. We let our minds get in the way of our intuition, or true connection with creation. Live like you mean it, and free your heart of anything that does not give you the highest vibration. Take a look in the mirror and ask “How can I serve”. Let us all walk lightly on this earth and cause no harm.

There are two sides to chemistry, acid and alkaline.
The acid side is corrosive, degenerative, dehydrating and dis-ease creating.

Choose the alkaline side for health, vitality, hydration, cell-regeneration, and a pain free body. Be grateful for this knowledge and choice that you have.



Through our actions, the momentum of movement, and change; evolution happens.

We tend to know, analyze, and talk about our visions, but rarely do we walk the talk in our daily lives.

If we truly want to serve, to give and to empower ourselves and others, we need to act upon our visions. Being the change you want to see in the world means acting accordingly to your ideal situation.

Any change starts with a thought, a feeling, but only when connected to action will true manifestation happen. Live like you mean it, and be inspired to take action to do better. When we know better, we can DO better.

Make good choices, dream big, stand up for what you believe in, act upon your visions, and help a brother and a sister. Power up on ACTION!