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A collection of notes to inspire the mind, body, and spirit.


Let this be the time when you step up and take back your power.


To be inspired, is to acknowledge that you are alive, and that your life is a gift worth celebrating. What makes or keeps one inspired is the love for life, and the realization that the experience is completely one`s own. That we can change any situation or outcome, would not be correct to state, but that we can change any perception, feeling or experienced moment, absolutely!

Let this be the time that you have been waiting for your whole life. Open your mind and heart, and let everything you have ever learned and know as your truth be questioned, and let all of the invisible walls and fences come down.

I want you to really feel into the responsibility that you hold for your life and your experiences. The complete freedom that lies in being the one in charge. No doubt are we all a part of the grand creation, still the illusion of not being powerful and sovereign must be left behind. Any power given to someone else is a loss of energy. It is a loss of creativity and enthusiasm.

You are the master of your universe, the healer of your past and the crop master of your field.

This is my gift to you, to Inspire you to live with more passion and greatness.

What I wish in return:

Pass it on to someone you believe will need it. Gift someone with empowerment and compassion. Pay it forward.

I love you.