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WHY and HOW Emotions Keep us Sick and What to DO About It

How to Activate Your Willpower Img

How to Activate Your Willpower

People ask me all the time; “How were you able to do what you did? You’re so strong mentally, and you have the willpower I …

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Are you held hostage?

Are you held hostage by your own clutter?

Everything we draw into our lives, be it a physical thing, a thought or a person, we are storing it, carrying it and being affected …

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Who do you think you are?

When someone steps outside the norm, breaks the rules of the horde, there will be reactions. How can someone willingly quit their job, without having …

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Do you know your why?

This might strike you as an odd question, but it is one of the most powerful and important questions you can ask yourself, ever. I …

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Why I never gave up, and you never have to.

Life is not supposed to be all dandy and comfy all the time. Life is not about everything being easy. We tend to shy away …

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How do brave and successful people think

How do brave and successful people think?

The word success has many connotations. Webster`s dictionary has several definitions; Getting or achieving wealth – respect or fame, and reaching the desired or correct …

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How to stop controlling freaking everything!

How to stop controlling freaking everything!

I used to be a complete control freak. It came with my nice-girl complex. Always trying to be the best, to make sure everything was …

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Things We Fear

The 10 things that we fear the most, are hurting us.

Let us take a look at the fears that seems like the heavy bolts on our door to healthy, free and prosperous living. They represent …

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Healing with a shower

How to get healthier by taking a shower!

A simple practice like taking a shower can change your health day by day. It is not a magic pill, as there is no such …

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Ignorance is a Bitch!

By ignoring the truths that are presented to us, simply because it is easier than to change, we are digging a whole deeper than we …

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The fab 5 that is stopping you from being healthy, and how to break the habits:

This is YOU being poked to look at your LIFE from a BOSS`S standpoint. Your life is in your hands, health and all, and even …

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6 Simple Steps to Forgiveness

You might think that forgiving someone is the same as letting them off the hook and that what they did is now ok. That is …

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Holding Your Breath

Are you holding your breath?

I have yet to meet anyone that does not breathe. We all do it, is the essence of life itself. The breath is what connects …

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