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Ignorance is a Bitch!

By ignoring the truths that are presented to us, simply because it is easier than to change, we are digging a whole deeper than we know. Every day that you keep doing what you know in your heart is not good for you, you are playing out the zombie act, and allowing the repeat to keep playing. Every day that you keep speaking those hurtful words, or telling that same old sad and negative story, you are ordering more for your future.

You are not being true to yourself, and by turning away from what needs your attention, you are turning your back on live. We are also turning our back on ourselves, our children and our planet. They are the real sufferers. The children, our children and grandchildren, are counting on us to step up and take back our power. What will we tell them when they are sick like everybody else, disconnected from God and nature, and are feeling depressed and anxious. “Sorry, it is not my fault, I knew but did nothing about it. I was too busy to notice?”  What are you going to tell your grandchildren? The blow back is there for all of us, and it will hit us. Big time! You might call it karma, cause and effect, one of the true laws of nature.

Ignorance is a form of resistance, the well known and so very strong resistance to change. We face a catch 22, as it is the subconscious false beliefs that are holding us locked in, and at the same time they are the very reason we need to change. It is a double challenge. The reason we feel resistance is the reason we need to change, delete, reprogram and let go. The symptom might not be an obvious one, but if you have met a skeptic, or are one yourself, you know how strong the force of holding on to present beliefs are. The only way standing in the way of your wisdom is your education or; “the only way interfering with your learning is your education” – Albert Einstein.

Another way of putting it is; the only thing stopping you from living your dreams and doing what you really want is your bullshit false beliefs that you for any reason cannot.

There is a phenomenon called the Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding. The definition is; the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor or abuser. Most people know the phrase Stockholm Syndrome from the numerous high-profile kidnapping and hostage cases. It got it`s name after a 1972 bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden, where bank employees who were held hostage for six days, bonded with their captors. The hostages resisted rescue, refused to testify against the robbers and even raised money for their legal defense. For an outsider, this seems completely insane! What had happened to all these people? Had they lost their mind? Another famous case is that of Patty Hearst, a rich heiress who was kidnapped in 1974 by the Symbionese Liberation Army, an American terrorist group. Patty, at the age of 19, seemed to sympathize with the group and even participated in a bank robbery with them.

The phenomena show us that our feelings and behaviors are largely governed by how we are mentally and emotionally prepared, aka brainwashed. Rational or not, it does not matter. We are triggered by fear, and feel sympathetic even towards those who hurt us and rob us of our freedom. We are clinging to authority and leadership, and it is why we are so skeptical to anyone questioning our beliefs. When they do so, we are ready to defend our teacher, even if the teaching is hurting us, or keeping us “hostage”. Keep this in mind the next time someone is defending the use of hurtful medications, which hasn’t been serving them, over learning and exploring natures way of self healing. Remember this when you see ignorance and even hostility and anger towards new ideas and different approaches. Fear, anger, hurtful remarks, even threatening behavior can surface when the programmed belief is being challenged. In the western world today there are some basic “truths” that are accepted by the masses, and anyone challenging it, will often be ridiculed, shown the door and laughed at, at best. Anger and hostility are not far behind.

Accepted truths/beliefs of the masses:

  • Without control and surveillance, humans are criminals and not trustworthy.
  • The human body need animal protein for health.
  • There is such a thing as incurable sickness.
  • Cancer is cured by chemotherapy.
  • The doctor is the authority on your health.
  • We need to eat three meals a day.
  • School is important for all.
  • You need to work hard for your money.
  • Life is hard.
  • Always listen to your teacher.
  • Vaccines are for protection.
  • GMO food is not hurting you.
  • Fruit has too much sugar.
  • Crying is a sign of weakness.
  • We need the military for our own protection.
  • Being different than the horde is not acceptable.
  • Questioning authority is rebellious.
  • Spraying the produce with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides is perfectly safe.
  • The authorities know what food is best for you to consume.
  • Chemtrails are not real.

This is the short list containing a selection of imprinted beliefs that are typically holding back our full life expression. These beliefs are inhibiting free creativity and dumbing our inspiration for life. Exploring and experiencing, like a child, is our true nature. Anything but that is not truth. Anything taking you away from your passions, your health and your emotional balance is not truth. Be it what you believe, eat, think or act. Truth will always feel good, it will set you free of all boundaries and it will show you the best version of you. Question everything, and explore anything you feel drawn to. Kick the old habit of simply being a follower.

Nothing is more freeing than recognizing than the power you hold within. It is stronger than any old belief. Why do you think it is important to keep the bullshit up and running? Your power is unlimited, and if you only knew, well, imagine that!

Ignorance might be bliss, but not for long. By looking the other way, you are not keeping your eyes on the ball, on the truth.

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