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Healing with a shower

How to get healthier by taking a shower!

A simple practice like taking a shower can change your health day by day. It is not a magic pill, as there is no such thing. The idea that anything happens over night, does not comes from any source of truth. Do the work, and harvest the benefits. Simple practices can have a profound impact on your health and life. Diligence is the ultimate key to success.

The alternating between hot and cold has amazing benefits for the body. Nothing new under the sun, as truth never is. It has been used for centuries to aid in detoxification, to increase circulation and to increase the energy flow of the body. Primal practices like ice-bathing and snow-bathing are getting an increase in popularity as healing exercises these days.

Several things happen when we subject the body to this alternating hot and cold therapy. When we subject the body to a very cold external temperature, it will direct its flow of circulation inwards, towards the vital organs. Once we change to hot, the flow of circulation turns outwards, towards the skin. This alternating inwards and outwards motion, will in turn release any blockage, and increase detoxification and movement of blood flow, and enhance the flow of nutrients and oxygen. This way healing is also enhanced. The hot and cold will also cause the muscles to expand and contract, squeezing more waste from the muscles themselves. It’s a great way of moving acids.

How to do a hot and cold shower therapy:
  •  Get in the shower and start with the temperature that is most comfortable for you.
  • Very slowly, increase the temperature of the water. Let it get as hot as you can take. Make sure you invite your whole body to the party.
  • Then, when you can’t take any more heat, turn the water down to cold. Turn it as cold as you can tolerate. It can never get too cold. Again, your whole body has to go in.
  • Turn the water hot again, and this time try to make it a little hotter than the last time. You should not be scalding yourself, but a good dose of hot water is very tolerable when you build up slowly.
  • Go back to the cold again, even colder than last time, and repeat seven times. Alternate between the hottest you can do, and the coolest you can do.

We know the cool water has an alkalizing effect on the body and holds more oxygen. Some say the cold water will clear negative energies from our bodies as well. This is such an easy practice with large benefits. it does not matter if you are on a healing path or not,  this is a healthy circulation-booster of its own. It is a great way to start the day, and is often used in repair therapy. No morning routine will boost your energy like a hot and cold date with the shower.

It is believed to increase metabolism and help with our breathing. A strong body, conditioned by endurance and flow, is always one step ahead in it`s ability to heal and regenerate. Detoxification is natural, and so is health. Sometimes we just need to be reminded to take action. Start slow, and build your way up. Listen to your body, more is not always better. Being persistent is a key factor to any success, not necessarily the pace.

You can add some beneficial practices to go along with the hot and cold therapy, like skin brushing. Before step into the shower, use a natural bristle skin brush, and dry brush every part of your body with firm strokes. Scrub towards the kidneys for ultimate lymphatic drainage. Not only will your skin glow like never before, but your entire lymphatic system will get to work. The skin is also out third kidney, and a very important part of the body`s ability to get rid of toxins. It is our largest organ.

I recommend you use a shower head filter, if you don`t have a filter entering your entire home. We can always do better.

Claiming the good life can start with some simple steps. One by one, they can let us rebuild our entire body and mind. This might be the first step for you, or yet another fun practice to add to your already healthy regime. Have fun with it, and give it some time. We have a tendency to complicate things. Simple is often better. Hot, cold, nothing more to it.

True progress is noted over time. Our calling is to always learn and do better, and by allowing who we really are to arise, growth and a higher awareness is inevitable.

Stay with it, and stretch a little every single day. Read more about how to get healthy no matter where you are right now, in Know the TRUTH and get HEALTHY!

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