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WHY and HOW Emotions Keep us Sick and What to DO About It

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I see so many misconceptions about what detoxification is. Confusion on how to do it. Where to start. Lack of direction.

This course is all you need to detoxify the right way!


This is an audio course designed to you who is struggling with health, relationships, career and other issues because you keep doing things that are holding YOU back. 

Break free from the so called ‘identities’ that limit you and  start nurturing your entire being.

Be the best version of yourself!

Hilde Larsen’s Complete Reset and Detoxification Program

Tired of being sick and tired? I feel you, I really do. Maybe it is time to change all that.

By following simple and very specific guidelines, you can say good bye to your low energy, your lack of enthusiasm, your anxiety, depression, or whatever is holding YOU back

AND you can start this very minute!

The Optimal Health Blueprint

Do you want to begin powerfully infusing your experience with positive energy at a sub-conscious level? My ‘Inspired Affirmations’ collection features eight tailor-made affirmation tracks especially designed to assist your physical healing journey AND your mental transformation. Create a new vision of who you are & who you want to become!

5-Day Detox Course

Regain & Restore Your Health By The Power of Detoxification. Learn How To Remove Waste So You Can Heal, Rejuvenate & Lose Weight…

Hilde Larsen

Hi, I’m Hilde Larsen

Author, Health & Mindset Coach, and Detox Specialist

I will inspire and educate you to live a conscious life on all levels. Together, we will find your passion for life, your inner power, and you very own path to health and joyful living.

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