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How do brave and successful people think

How do brave and successful people think?

The word success has many connotations. Webster`s dictionary has several definitions; Getting or achieving wealth – respect or fame, and reaching the desired or correct result of an attempt. There are probably as many thoughts and opinions on what success is, as there are people going after and hungering for it. Success cannot be defined into a single sentence or a word. It is comprised of many different factors, and depends on your goals, your values and your general mindset. In general: To reach a goal would be considered a success, and to feel you have achieved, would be considered being successful.

Are you conditioned for living your greatness?

Many has put their name on this quote or saying; – “There are three kinds of people in this world. Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wondered what happened.” We are all flesh and blood, yet we all have a different make up. Some carrying more of their own and other peoples bullshit around than others. Some more ready to take responsibility than others, but still, we are all more than able. I like to believe that we all have what it takes to allow ourselves the greatness in our lives. I don’t believe that some has it and some doesn’t. I believe we can all reach our goals, if we have one. We all have potentials. I believe can all achieve amazing levels of success if we condition ourselves with the right mindset. It takes work, sure. It will be hard, sure. It will seem like a struggle, sure.

So what is it that seems to be the difference between those who have the capacity to succeed, and those who doesn’t? Between those living and inviting in their greatness and those who linger in the background? I call them the brave ones. They are the ones changing the world as they move forward. They are the ones showing the way to a better life for all.

  1. Brave people are eager to talk about positive ideas. They constantly look for solutions and ideas that could improve their lives. Average Joe`s engage in gossip and jealousy. They engage in discussions that focuses on goals and aspirations, growth and positive outcomes.
  1. Brave people adapt to the changes of life. They take advantage of every situation and sees it as an opportunity. They accept the way it is, and look for the best possible alternative path. They see life as half full in every situation. Mr. and Mrs. Joe, on the other hand, will sit down, complain and need to talk about it. They will groan about their problems, not focusing on solutions. Their glass is always half full.
  1. Brave people not only set goals, but they make an action plan. While the Joe`s will set the goal, maybe even write a list, they will fall of the wagon and not follow through. The more than brave, will use their strength, their motivation and their ability to work hard, to follow the step-by-step plan that they made. They continuously plan and map out their goals and progress.
  1. Brave people are occupied with their own business, and has no need to judge or criticize others. Even though most people have a tendency to judge and spend time focusing on others, some of us don`t. They evaluate themselves rather, to learn and do better.
  1. Brave people create a better life. The average person keeps dreaming. While everybody will strive to live the best life that they can, there is a distinct difference between those that actually create and those who don`t. Some are the makers and some are the watchers. The brave will strive to better themselves, while Mr. Jones often wants to be better than others.
  1. Brave people read books, and educate themselves by learning from those that already did what they want to do. While the average Joe`s are staring at the TV screen, they are reading uplifting and educational literature. They spend their free time differently. One being outdoors and active, one in front of a screen, a game or something else that adds no real value.
  1. Brave people control their thoughts, and create their own norms. They are not letting themselves be controlled by anyone or anything. They only need approval from themselves. The rest of the crowd will most often let their thoughts control them, and freak out if they don’t feel the support from the masses.
  1. Brave people do not need to hold on to things. They know there will always be enough. They do not thrive in clutter or overabundance. They know the value of simplicity. They buy value, not things. They invest in health, alone time and spiritual growth. Striving, less successful person will accumulate possessions and hold on to as much as possible.
  1. Brave successful people have the ability to simply say no. They need no special reason or long explanations. They are the boss of their own time and life, and can life free from feeling obligated to do what is not in their own and their families best interest. Most people have a tendency to say yes. Simply from having been falsely taught to believe that pleasing others was more important than doing what was right for oneself. Being a yes person, is exhausting and not very brave.
  1. The bravest will look for the long term rewards. They are willing to sacrifice. They are willing to do what they need to do in the now moment, to be able to harvest in the future. The more average person will keep looking for the instant gratification, it is addictive. Feeding a lack and an emotional imbalance.


It is not necessarily the money or what they have achieved that makes us want to be like high achievers and successful people. It doesn’t have to be the specific lifestyle or obvious performance that we would like to see happen. The type of person that they have had to be to have done what they did, is inspiring our soul to want to do and be better. Someone who wins the lottery is not successful, or especially great or accomplished. Someone who inherits a lot of money, doesn’t necessarily hold a lot of skills. Having a high number to your bank account doesn’t make you rich. What makes you interesting and a teacher for others is the personality and ability to follow through that others wants to learn and follow.

How do brave and successful people think? They think about abundance, not lack. They think about solutions, not problems. They think about ideas, not obstacles. They worry less, and plan more for an abundant future. They focus on health, not illness. They are fearless and bold.

In the eyes of creation, we might say there are no such thing as success. That we are all successful, and at the same time we are not. That life just is, and that no failure exists. If you are not an achiever, this might ring true, and that is ok. But if you have a goal, something you want to achieve, keep reaching for it.  If you are enthusiastic about experiencing your full potentials go for it. Heck, more than go for it, go get it! Think and behave like a brave and successful person. Then, BE one. You can only fail if you stop. Don`t.

“Don`t strive to be a success in the eyes of others, but contribute to growth and value.” – Hilde Larsen

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