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WHY and HOW Emotions Keep us Sick and What to DO About It

If you want to transform your health from the inside out, you have come to the right place!

Your mindset & your diet are intimately connected and it is important to address both to ensure you the success you so desire. Massive change is right around the corner (from the comfort of your own home) and I am honored you have chosen me to be your guide.

Where do I start step-by-step

Knowing that something is off, that life is not the way we would like it to be is easy. Knowing what to do and when can be hard. Change is hard, believe me, I know. From working with clients from around the world, seeing how their lives change in a profound way, I want you to have the best guidance possible.

Watch the video on this page, look through each section, and know that whether you decide to let me work with you personally or you decide to do this on your own, the tools are here. Right in front of you.

You can download each process instantly, and get started right away. the affirmations will help you change your mindset. The books will inspire you and give you knowledge. The optimal health Blueprint Online course will teach you my health secrets, and becoming a Member will keep you constantly updated, informed, and a part of my inner circle. Life is too short not express the absolute best version of YOU. Take advantage of my 10 years of research and experience, and embrace your transformation.

Step one: Watch this welcome video

I believe that you hold the power within to change your entire life, not just your HEALTH, but everything. You are the change, and only your own doubts, fears and thought patterns can set you back on your goals. Like the dandelion, growing through the asphalt, you can do what your mind might see as impossible. It is growing through something that we see as so much stronger than the plant. We are seeing the impossible in action.

Together, using many of the tools found on this page, we will find your renewed passion for life, tap into your inner power, and embark on your very own path to health & joyful living.

Step two: book a consultation with Hilde

The consultation for those who wants personal guidance.

Implementing positive changes to your health & wellbeing can sometimes feel pretty scary and you might prefer some personalised advice on what specific steps to take moving forward. I am always available for one-on-one consultations personally via Skype and there are some great consultation packages available if you decide you would like more consistent coaching in the coming months. It’s easy to book JUST CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW and let me take care of everything.

Step Three: Join the Membership

On my own journey, I was constantly seeking community so as a coach, I decided to create one! Join us as a member of my Inspired Tribe and receive access to a private Facebook group where I personally offer support and guidance, a fantastic collective of like-minded souls to share & learn from, heaps of resources, challenges & other tools available for exclusive download and much more.

Step Four: Simple Processes to reset your health and life

These beautiful Processes, or Challenges if you like, are made to be experienced one at the time and are all part of a series of 12 processes. Together they address Hilde’s top selection of HEALING information to elevate your HEALTH and LIFE. Simply buy, download and follow the Instructions. Browse through the topics and make sure you consider the bundle deals.

1. Attract Health

Think amazing, vibrant health is not for you? Think again! This challenge is designed to show you how you can easily become the healthy person you desire to be.

2. Healthy Gut

Sick of bloat, indigestion after each meal, constant acid reflux, having to rush to the toilet all day long or being so blocked up you can’t even go? Say goodbye to these issues as we explore ways to heal and nourish your gut back to wellness!

3. How To Stay Raw

Scared of failing? This series of empowering healing tools and knowledge is designed to help you create successful habits to keep you on track and accountable.

4. Adrenal Health

Feel like your adrenals are stressed to the max? This challenge aims to kick them back into gear and allow you to discover more energy, less fatigue / anxiety / inflammation / insomnia and more!

5. Mind-Less

Keen to calm your overactive mind? This challenge aims to reduce excessive worry, lack of focus and mind-chattering confusion so you can instead experience the calm and peacefulness you so deserve.

6. Kidney Filtration

Optimal filtering out of the lymphatic waste is crucial for vibrant health. Learn why it is so important and how you can encourage your body to do it best!

7. Move Your Lymph

Do you know how vital your lymphatic system is in your body? This challenge will acquaint you with the #1 missing key to vibrant health.

8. Healing Breath

Do you know how powerful a single breath can be? This challenge will teach you simple, deep healing breathing techniques that will impact on your whole body.

9. Liver Flush

Are you ready to give your liver a healing flush? Take the leap towards health with this challenge.

10. Declutter Your Life

So many of us are inundated with clutter in all aspects of our lives. This challenge gives you the tools to help declutter your home, relationships, office, health, environment, and thoughts.

11. Anti-Aging Juice

Want to hit the reset button on the aging process? This challenge shows you just how to do that, in a super juicy way.

12. Dry Fasting

Think fasting is as easy as simply not eating for a period of time? Proper dry fasting is much more than just that! This challenge will teach you how to safely and effectively fast for health.


An easy and empowering healing tool and knowledge for creating successful healing habits


Shortness of breath, mucus, low energy, bronchitis.


Depression, low energy, hair loss, overweight.

Step Five: Follow Hilde Larsen’s Complete Reset and Detoxification Program

Tired of being sick and tired? I feel you, I really do. Maybe it is time to change all that. By following simple and very specific guidelines, you can say good bye to your low energy, your lack of enthusiasm, your anxiety, depression, or whatever is holding YOU back

AND you can start this very minute!


Do you want to begin powerfully infusing your experience with positive energy at a sub-conscious level? My ‘Inspired Affirmations’ collection features eight tailor-made affirmation tracks especially designed to assist your physical healing journey AND your mental transformation. Create a new vision of who you are & who you want to become!


Do you want to begin powerfully infusing your experience with positive energy at a sub-conscious level? My ‘Inspired Affirmations’ collection features eight tailor-made affirmation tracks especially designed to assist your physical healing journey AND your mental transformation. Create a new vision of who you are & who you want to become!


You can purchase any of Hilde’s Books online on or or click the button below.

Books By Hilde


Not complicated, not hard to do, yet life-saving.

Stop bringing in more garbage: This means, no more altered chemistry, chemicals or toxins. Not in form of hurtful drugs, or supplements as isolates or pesticides. Do not eat anything that requires a label, as no real food does. Stay away from salt, oils, and stimulants, and keep the standard high on a preferably organic, high fruits diet. Stop using harmful chemicals in your home, as anything you eat, breathe and smell, you in fact eat. It is all absorbed into your blood and tissues, creating a toxic overload in your body. Look for ways to make your own lotions and detergents and be inspired by the many tips and recipes found in this book. You’ve got this. Eat real food: A Raw living high fruit diet will allow the body to release toxins and prepare for true regeneration. No job too small, none too big for our amazing body. Move the lymph: Through eating raw living foods only, the lymph will start moving. By also being active, adopting the suggestions in the upcoming chapters, you will move to heal. Make sure that your kidneys are filtering, or you will have some extra work to do. Find out how to restore kidney filtration in the Kidney Filtration challenge. Open all eliminating organs: Clean out the intestines and do some liver flushes. Use a sauna to open up the skin and look to herbs for extra strength and organ support. Again, make sure your kidneys are filtering. (If you don’t know what that means, ASK). Working with a practitioner that is also a detoxification specialist, will help determine your weaknesses and how to address them with herbs and essential oils. Let the acidic waste and toxins out: Allow yourself to live through the detoxification process. It can be a long process, all depending on your age, your current state of health, how long you have been out of health, and how your organs and glands are conditioned from birth. Watch health be restored: Enjoy the ride back to your inspired state of perfect health and keep your focus on your path. Do not let anyone or anything discourage you or make you lose your focus. This is your time to shine, and you are so worth it! The depth of cleansing being done, and the pace it will happen in, depends on many different factors; Your age, the health of your glands, the health of your eliminating organs, your mindset, and your soul journey. If you are diagnosed as terminal, long-standing so-called chronic and degenerative, you know that you have some serious work to do. You know that your body means business and that there’s no time to go slow and easy. You know it is time to go all in.

We need to do what we need to do – it is that simple.

Hilde Larsen

Hi, I’m Hilde Larsen

Author, Health & Mindset Coach, and Detox Specialist

I will inspire and educate you to live a conscious life on all levels. Together, we will find your passion for life, your inner power, and you very own path to health and joyful living.

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