The fab 5 that is stopping you from being healthy
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The fab 5 that is stopping you from being healthy, and how to break the habits:

This is YOU being poked to look at your LIFE from a BOSS`S standpoint. Your life is in your hands, health and all, and even though it might not feel like it, everything you need to get going is right here, in front of you.

It is natural to be healthy, so why is it that you are not filled with energy and healthy vitality?

Well, most likely you are like the rest of us, and this will resonate with you. You see, so much what I call Bullshit is cluttering our ability to see clearly, we are actually holding ourselves back from true health. Literally holding ourselves back. Stopping ourselves from diving in, taking action, stepping up and being the BOSS that we are.

The fab 5 that is stopping you from being healthy, and how to break the habits:

Usually one or more of these reasons are holding you back:

1. Lack of knowledge, not knowing what to do: This is a good one. Knowledge is power, we know that, but it needs to be truth, from your inner source. This is what you access through reading, researching and studying, while always listening to what is resonating with YOU. If you are not the driven researching type, my book “Know the TRUTH and get HEALTHY” is a Step-by-Step-guide to true health and vitality. My years of research and experience is right there. Set aside time every single day to get educated. The internet is full of information and inspirational videos. Oh, and you think you have no time? Stop the mind game and OWN your time

2. Fear of change: Most likely you are set in your ways, and any change of routines, diet and habits will rock your boat. This is the most common reason for all the cant`s and wont`s out there. Why do you think you are sick, tired and in need of some healing? Because some of your habits are not serving you. Plain and simple. Any change will rock your friends and family`s boat most likely! It will float, and not go down. You are also an excellent swimmer! The trick is to not care. When you are ready to go, you make a decision, set a goal, plan a protocol, and you GO. You change what you need to change, and if you feel that support is required, you get it. It is the BOSS of the project, YOU that has to hire or find the help. You will be the one benefiting from the amazing health coming your way, so you must be the investor.

3. Feeling the lack of resources: There are so many things you can tell yourself in this category. “I don`t have the time, the money, the strength, the knowledge, the ability or the support from my friends and family.” This is you playing the victim. This is you finding a reason to not step up to the ownership of your own health and life. Yes, we might have limited funds, or be in a stressful job, but it will never stop you and here is why: Healing does not take your time, is is a lifestyle. Money is overrated in natural health. It is the body that heals, and you can simply eat fruits and dry-fast your way to amazing health if you have a good book or an experienced mentor. You are strong beyond belief, and the knowledge is here. Once you really want something, anything, there is always a way. 

4. Feeling lack of support: This reason for holding yourself back reflects on your need to feel accepted, loved and liked by others. This in itself will create ill-health, so this is a great opportunity to look at this feeling. Why do you need anyone`s support or validation? Why are you giving away your power to someone else? YOU are all the support that you really need, even though having a friend or someone to talk to will feel good. There are online communities, coaches, and more love out there than you see right now. While old friends might leave, new ones will come into your life. You are the one you need to feel supported by 100%.

5. Self Sabotage: This can be a tricky one, and I have written a whole separate article about this topic. PLEASE READ HERE! Your subconscious mind might be playing tricks on you. Don`t worry; as long as you take charge and don`t let its false flags dictate your actions and behaviors, it will slowly rewrite its story. The self sabotage has no bearing on you once you recognize and honor it. It is much like the dark disappearing when you turn on the light. You be the spook!

If you are not in optimal health, and you would like to be, KNOW that you can get started any day. NOW is always the best time.

Taking charge of your life is the single most important shift of perception towards living a life free from suffering and despair. Yes, a shift of perception. Giving away your power is a mindset. Every time we feel dis-empowered, we have freely given away our own power. That means that every time you feel frustrated or angry about something that anyone else said or did, you have given it away. What others say or do, has nothing to do with you. You hold the key to your own emotions. You are the boss of your inner terrain, physically, mentally and emotionally. Everything you do, say, think or feel is 100% your own responsibility. Now that is true freedom!

Again, YOU are being poked to look at your LIFE from a BOSS`S standpoint.

The true freedom that follows is the key to true healing. When we no longer seek validation from anyone but ourselves, we leave the need to perform. We leave the stage that has kept us preforming for acceptance and acknowledgement. What a big word that is, acknowledgement. When you are truly the boss of your own life and health, you will never seek that big word again. You will never seek validation, or have the need to follow the crowd. The eagerness to live from the heart, in sync with your own truth, will leave no room for interference.

Taking full responsibility means that you acknowledge that it is up to you to take care of you, and no matter where you are right now, you hold the power to change that.
I know that both my books will Inspire you, and if you want an easy kick- in-the-butt start, get my online 5-Day detox program. You can get started by clicking DETOX COURSE!

I dare you to step up and let go of what is stopping you from living the life that you want and love!

Power up and Grow FREE!

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