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Why I never gave up, and you never have to.

Life is not supposed to be all dandy and comfy all the time. Life is not about everything being easy. We tend to shy away from anything being hard, as if it is the wrong thing to do. As if hard is not a part of the deal. Who said that?

What we look at and perceive as hard, is simply what growth and empowerment looks like. Change doesn’t come from keeping up the same old story. Not in any way shape or form. I know that what might even seem as impossible can be the doorway to magic.

Like most of us, I was living my life, minding my own stress and high achievement plan. I was going about my business, all over the place. Full of my own shit – my conditioning and false beliefs. I had no idea the body could heal itself, that chronic disease was not real. How would I know that toxic drugs were not what I needed? I Went through the crazy experience of being diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease, ulcers, and severe anxiety. I went from being the athletic aerobic and spinning instructor to being bedridden, unable to move, unable to walk but a few steps, and unable to get dressed by myself. I could not get myself to the bathroom for a long time. I hardly slept, my heart was not beating regularly, I cried every day, and I was in terrible pain. I was so inflamed- I could not even open my mouth to chew. I was lost, I was depressed, and I was ready to leave this world.

I got to my all time low once I stopped all medications. My body was showing me how sick it really was. It was almost dead from all the crap that I had been feeding it, the doctors had been injecting me with, and the rest of type stress and horror I was experiencing. I mean, common, how would I ever get well? I wasn’t supposed to! No one promised me health, I was told I would clearly never get well again. Ever. I would suffer for the rest of my life, and I was 38. I was devastated. I was lost. Still, something in me was rebelling. Heck no, I am not doing this. I did not sign up for this. Something is not right. I was not going to let this be my truth.

“I am standing in front of the biggest change I could ever imagine. I am going from being a sufferer to a creator. I am laying down my sword to plant seeds instead, seeds of life. I am changing at the core, yet not changing at all. My true self wants to shine through, to come to the surface, and for that to happen, all of which is not serving me has to go. Who I really am wants to come forth. Finally, I am shredding what is not the true me. I am ready to let go of the masks. They are too heavy to wear. They are also too many to keep track of. It has been exhausting, and all I want is to be me. Authentically me. I cannot say that I am sure who that me is, but I am ready to find out.”

I was going to spend every minute of every day walking towards what I knew could be done. I was going to get healthy, no matter what I had to do. I had nothing to lose. I was not afraid to die. My life had stopped as I knew it, and I now chose to find a new path. I had my husband, my children, my friend, and I had me. I was blessed and I would do anything to be the best that I could be. Being a mother is an honor, and I was going to literally do anything to be the mother that my children deserved. I was going to get healthy, no matter what.

I was going to get healthy, or die trying.

 The rest is my story. The one that has told be everything I know about perseverance, patience, loneliness, fear, bravery, persistence and stubbornness. It has conditioned me for the rest of my life with such passion, I am in awe of every breath I take. I know now, from the bottom of every cell in my being, that health is something that comes forth when you let it. I know how hell feels like, and I know that incurable does not have to be so.   I have lived it. I have seen the magic. Not only through the amazing ability the body has to self heal, restore and rejuvenate, but through every experience that I have lived.

Giving up is not an option. If I could do it, you can do it. I kept on keeping on, even though it was way beyond hard. I had high ambitions – I was going to get my life back. Health, happiness, the whole lot. I was going to believe in me and my body, God and nature. I put my faith in what I saw as much more logical than forever sick. I could not for the life of me understand how being healthy was not possible. Stubborn is what saved me. That, and the fact that perseverance. There is no room for giving up, not ever. Not for me, not for you.

Giving up and letting go is not the same thing. They are opposites rather. When I let go, I was ready to heal, on all levels. My story is a long one. It has so many chapters. A whole book, and if you are not living your optimal healthy successful life, I hope it will inspire you. You can find “From HELL to Inspired” or in any online bookstore like Amazon. I hope your healing story is a shorter one. You deserve it. If I can help, let me know. I mentor and coach those willing to take charge of their life and health.

We are not meant to suffer. Life is to short, don´t you think? Never, never, ever, think for a minute that there is nothing you or anyone can do. YOU can do it. YOU are the boss. If I could do it, YOU can do it.


Thank you for reading and being a part of my Tribe. Look for “Know the TRUTH and get HEALTHY”, the step by step guide to true health and vitality.

See you on the other side of pain my friends.




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