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WHY and HOW Emotions Keep us Sick and What to DO About It


6 Reasons You Should Eat Mono Meals

Eating mono simply means eating one thing at the time. Picking one food to fill your entire plate. A mono meal will consist of a …

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You Are Held Back By Your Mindset

You Are Held Back By Your Mindset

Being able to think and analyze is what we believe make us superior to other beings. Not that we don`t believe that other species think, …

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Add Years to your life and life to your years with raw food


I used to think eating fruits and vegetables were boring. That I would go from indulging in life`s abundance to eating like a rabbit. Ever …

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Wisdom God Nature

Wisdom, God and Nature.

First of all, we are all wise. As a part of this magnificent creation, our innate wisdom is as grand as all that is. On …

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Sick Lose Your Identity

Sick? Lose Your Identity

I talk about self-sabotage as the most natural topic there is when it comes to health. It is so common we don`t even know we …

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Energy and Consciousness of food

The Energy and Consciousness of food

Stepping beyond nutrition, calories, vitamins, and minerals. When what we eat is eating us, we need to stop and listen. To nature and our innate …

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The Art Of Surrendering

The Art of Surrendering

As a part of our uneasiness towards change, we tend to resist anything that feels uncomfortable, scary, different and new. We tend to play small …

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Get rid of your own shit

Get Rid of Your Own Shit – Then Serve

We tend to be eager to help others help themselves. It is easy to see fault in others, to want to jump to their rescue. …

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Inspired By Hilde

This truth might piss you off.

“I still can`t believe this. My mum is actually telling me that what I have been studying is not correct? As if the textbooks at …

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Hilde Larsen

The day I died.

“Please God, take me. End this suffering. I am done. No more of this. No more of anything. I am done.” Like it was yesterday, …

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This is what I know about you

This is what I know about YOU!

Have we met? Most likely not. Still, I know a lot about you. I know what you are all about. A bold statement. I am …

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The Power Of Being Crazy

The Power of being Crazy

It can be quite a challenge having a vision, a dream when it doesn`t follow the mainstream norms and ideas. When it is said to …

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How To Change your entire life in 1 minute

How you can change your entire life in one minute!

Have you ever experience that one moment when you knew life would never be the same again? I know any parent will nod reading this, …

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