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WHY and HOW Emotions Keep us Sick and What to DO About It

How to Activate Your Willpower Img

How to Activate Your Willpower

People ask me all the time; “How were you able to do what you did? You’re so strong mentally, and you have the willpower I …

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Are You Dimming Your Lights?

Are You Dimming Your Light?

  I am not talking about the presentation of you, and who you want others to see you as, I am talking your inner radiance. …

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How to exercise during detoxification

How to Exercise during Detoxification Guidelines

  If you have started a journey back to health, consuming living raw food, letting your body detoxify, you have most likely run into this …

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How To Stay Raw During Winter

How to stay raw and warm during a cold winter!

Those of you living in a tropical or sub-tropical environment can more easily eat in sync with the season. Meaning there will be an availability …

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Surrender To Your Life

Surrender to your life!

Surrendering, a scary word that represents a lack of control, and for me, a foreign concept for most of my life. I confused surrendering with …

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You Are Here To Serve

You are here to serve!

  If you are raised a pleaser, you know this story. If you believe that being a people pleaser will make you a better person, …

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Let Your Kidneys Drain Your Pain

LET YOUR KIDNEYS DRAIN YOU PAIN, and why they are the key to your health.

Do you KNOW what kidney filtration means? Wondering what these pictures represent? Well, filtration is very real. I mean, the fact that without it we …

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Lacking B-12 on a Raw Vegan Diet

The Lack of B-12, Anemia, and a Raw Food Diet.

  I know this is a hot and controversial topic in the world of health and it needs to be addressed. The lack and the …

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Easy Steps to Discover Your Purpose

Easy steps to discover your purpose, and how I found mine.

  We all have a purpose, either we believe it or not. When we find it, or it finds US rather, magic happens. Like it …

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Detoxification – And the Healing Crises

Detoxification or Detox has become a popular word in the natural health industry. We are offered products that will detoxify the body, bombarded with protocols …

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What Did You Do Wrong?

What did you do wrong?

  What did you do wrong? What did I do wrong? Have you ever had an expectation that wasn´t met or a circumstance that didn`t …

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Becoming The Conscious Creator

Become an observer and create your life consciously.

Take a step back. Take a good and long peak at your life from an observer`s perspective. Look at it from the outside and be …

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10 False beliefs holding back your progress

10 False Beliefs Holding back your Progress

  “A woman walks towards me. Dressed like a doctor, she is calling my name. I feel dizzy. I never did like hospitals. We are …

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