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Sick Lose Your Identity

Sick? Lose Your Identity

I talk about self-sabotage as the most natural topic there is when it comes to health. It is so common we don`t even know we are walking around faking our lives, trusting lies and beliefs that have nothing to do with freedom or true awareness.


If you are not in optimal health or have a diagnosis, this might be you. You might have taken on what I call the dis-ease identity, a part of an easy-to-follow lifestyle that will keep you trapped in pain and suffering. The perfect hideout for every fear of the new, and the amazing authentic YOU.


Most of the time we are not afraid to suffer, but of being sovereign.

THAT is how hurt and sabotaged we are.


I recognize 4 major identities:


The Fear of the New Identity

The Attention Identity

The Not being Worthy Identity

The Dis-ease Identity


Let us look closer at The dis-ease identity:


Without even knowing it, you might be holding on to a dis-ease as an identity. You feel your chronic diagnosis is serving you in some way. How in the world would being sick serve anybody, you might ask? “All I want is to get well, and there is no way being sick would serve me or anyone.”


Well, I am afraid there could be. A number of issues might be lingering as a subconscious belief you see. These are beliefs that will keep you locked into your current situation, clinging to what is, even suffering and pain.  These are most often unconscious patterns, not something you are choosing in the awake state. Unconscious, meaning it is hidden to us, even though we can still feel the pattern when awareness is brought to the situation.


This very common pattern will manifest as a need to talk about the dis-ease, and about the body in general. You will notice that some people have the desire to keep telling their story. They have an eagerness to talk about their suffering. It has become their identity. They might be the head of a diagnosis organization or a chronic dis-ease forum. They might be on dis-ability and are feeling locked into the lifestyle. Friends and colleagues are of the same mindset and understanding and getting healthy will feel like a loss. Getting healthy might even feel as a deceit. It might feel like they are turning their back on their friends and followers, their tribe and their family.


This programming comes from the need to belong. We all need to feel that we belong, and when we have not had that feeling growing up, we will search for it in any community or situation. Once we find it, as it is one of the basic human needs, it is very hard to let it go. We tend to want to stand by our tribe no matter what. They are the ones that have stuck with us and have taken us in. We’ve felt welcomed and loved. The dis-ease might even be our livelihood now, our business. A very good and sane reason to hold on to it, now that it is “working” for us. Our perceived identity is worth holding onto for our dear lives, and the true and devastating story is that that is exactly what we do.


Here are some hidden benefits you might perceive from being so-called chronically sick:


”    You are getting more attention from your partner.

”    You are finally getting the rest that you need.

”    You can say no to any event that you would rather not attend.

”    You do not have to do the job you did not enjoy.

”    People are more compassionate towards you.

”    You have found community with people that are suffering the same way that you are.

”    You love all the help that people are offering you.

”    Finally, you do not have to “perform”.


For anyone that is ready to take full charge of their life and health, addressing the self-sabotage, this is a great place to start. Take a good look at your inner beliefs and self-talk. If you are sensing that you might have a reason to hold on to your current situation, work on letting that go. You no longer need to be, do, or say anything to be loved and appreciated. Just by being you, the Universe is celebrating. It is doing the happy dance just because you are being right here. The fact that you are here, right now, breathing and living, is worth a celebration. You deserve great health, we all do. There is no reason what so ever, that would validate any suffering or pain. This is the time to let go of those old patterns, and you will.


Stand in front of the mirror every day, look into your beautiful face and say:


”    I deserve health

”    Being healthy is what is best for me

”    I will never need to be sick again

”    I love myself

”    I love getting healthy and free

”    I can choose what to do with my life

”    Being healthy is true freedom

”    It is safe to be strong and fit

”    I am always loved, no matter what



All self-sabotage is born from the misbelief that we are less-than, not good enough, do not deserve and are not worthy of love and abundance. We carry with us the pattern that reflects back to us what we believe. All depending on which types of situations we have experienced from the early part of our lives those same patterns are still ruling.


Here is an example:


You never seem to be able to stick with a diet plan or an exercise regime for that matter. Every time, you fall back on the old habits, and you never seem to be able to stick with it and to follow through.


You are used to “failing” and you even tell others this – “I do not have the same willpower that you do. I am never able to stay on such strict diets. I have no idea how you do it”. Every time when it seems like you are going to make it, something happens that gives you a valid reason to stop. It can be a stressful event, an invitation, or the likes. Anything that will make falling off the wagon okay, for you, and for those around you. The truth is that it will make what you believe about yourself true. What you believe will be true, you always fail, and you knew it would happen.


The magic in realizing we are in fact sabotaging ourselves by holding on to old belief-systems is the freedom that comes from letting go. When we know, we can change something. We can start to let go of the imprints that false and destructive thoughts create and open up a whole new pathway of supporting beliefs. We can harvest the fruits of self-love and self-care, and experience that doing what is best for us is easy. It is natural and joyful.


It does not matter if you believe you can, or you believe you cannot, either way, you will be right.


We can’t change the past. Yet, as adults, we can identify the self-sabotaging thoughts and actions that we’ve internalized. We can consciously choose to act against them. When we fall victim to our critical inner voice and get sucked in by its deceiving directives, self-sabotaging is a fact. The actions we then take are always self-limiting and not of our highest potential. Every day we need to collect our thoughts, and to do so carefully.


We are our own protectors of thought and will always live what we believe. Cause and effect. We can control our thoughts, and by learning how we really think, how we are subconsciously thinking, we can dive into changing the destructive patterns.


The subconscious mind can be reprogrammed, and every single day, it is. By the way that we live and think, we are telling our inner being what we really believe in. By walking in the direction of change, and at the same time changing our conscious thoughts, we are slowly but steadily changing from within. This is the only way true change will ever happen.


You are worthy, and you are ready. This is the time to fearlessly let it all go, all of what has been holding you back. It does not matter if it’s the fear of change, the fear of not being able to have pizza or coffee, or if it’s the fear of getting well itself.


You better get ready, because you have officially been poked. You have been called, this is your time to roll.

Go shopping for some Processes, become and Inspired Member, or anything that will empower YOU to take charge.

Go get it!


“Never let the fear of change stop you from doing anything. Change is inevitable, and only when we become fearless, life becomes limitless.” – Hilde

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