When you feel lost, feel grateful!

Whenever we find ourselves wanting something to change, we must start by being grateful for what we already have. There is always something to be grateful for. Even when we are down, feeling lost and depressed, we can search for the inner feeling of gratitude.

Being grateful is the same as ordering more to be grateful for. If we want our health to change, we must embrace and love the work that the body is already doing. Feeling gratitude for our breath, our vision, our hearing etc. If we want a better house to live in, we must be grateful for the home that we already have, or the couch that we are offered by a friend. No matter the status of our current shelter – giving thanks for what is already there, is inviting in more to feel grateful for. Gratitude opens the heart, and it opens the portal for rapid healing and nurturing manifestations. The magic of life will flow towards us, and every cell in our body will align with this vibration.


“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” – Willie Nelson


Speak that which you want, and let no ungratefulness or feeling of lack throw you off balance. Words are submissions of intent, and even when we are not aware, we are sending out a message to our cells, to the Creation, to God or the Infinite. The energy of gratitude is a pure love energy. It is the vibration of constant positive change.


Look at gratefulness as a gateway to freedom. The simplicity is mind blowing. Everybody can do it, feel it, practice it and reap the benefits. The simple yet profound truths are the most powerful there is. We are all capable of tapping into that magical feeling of grace and appreciation that will change our whole lives. Nature reveals it’s truth by keeping it simple. Humans wants to complicate and distort, to break apart and mix up the pieces. By being subjected to control, lies and false beliefs, we have a hard time to recognize every blessing that is already in our lives, just from having one. We are over it, we are back, fully awake and sound of mind and heart. We are in touch with our true essence, and are taking our lives back. Simply by setting ourselves free.


Let nothing take away your gratitude towards the life you are living right now. It is a gift. It is the light that will keep on shining, when everything else seems lost and dark.


When you feel alone, feel grateful

When you feel sad, feel grateful

When you feel hurt, feel grateful

When you feel discouraged, feel grateful

When you feel lost, feel grateful

When you feel defeated, feel grateful

When you feel hopeless, feel grateful


Gratitude and nature:


I believe in nature. It is Creation. It is God. It is truth, and it is a part of who we are. We literally become dirt, our physical body, that is. Our body blends with everything that ever lived. We are that same energy, and turn into the same soil as every plant lives in. We go back to the same state as every other species on this planet. We consume it, and we cannot live without it. We are completely dependent on Mother Earth to exist as we know it, and it is profound when we awaken to the true meaning of that. How can we live in high rises and not eat food from the source, and expect to be healthy and happy? How can we pollute and destroy our homes, our planet and expect to get away with it? Who have bought into the lie that humans are smarter than nature, and that we need a pill, not true healing? The reality in which we live is showing us how far we have strayed from our truth. We are sick, depressed, brain fogged and helpless to show for it. Take a look around and count the vibrant healthy, truthful and truly happy people that you meet. They should all be. They can all be, by taking back the ability to change with intent. To feel grateful is natural, being happy is too. So is being healthy and enthusiastic even though life, like nature, has it’s seasons.


Every food that is created for man comes from nature. Fresh and toxin free. Feel grateful for every bite. Ultimately all food was wild food. Humans have found ways to cultivate and elevate. The success, or lack thereof, is shown in every supermarket around the world. Humongous stores with boxes and labels. Ingredient lists longer and more complicated than most people care to read. The words are complicated, or at least completely foreign to the average consumer. A mind trick that works like a charm.  We generally have no idea what we are putting in our bodies. Until we step into our own control. By feeling grateful for knowing what to eat, what is natural and what is healing, we are honoring not only our bodies, but nature and God. We are saying no to the bullshit being served as food, only to slowly take away our funk. By blessing your food, by giving thanks to every meal, you are inviting even more nourishing elements into your life. Choose wisely and stay educated. Not by the mind only, but by nature itself. Listen to it, to your body, you will know.


Every color imaginable is given to us through nature. We call them the colors of the rainbow. Showing themselves through all the amazingly beautiful flowers, in every raindrop and fallen leaf. Our eyes deliver this joy, and our whole being reacts to them. You might not notice it, but you are picking up every color as a frequency. They all have their own. The colors are blessings from nature that we can eat through the fruits and vegetables. They represent life, our chakras and our emotions. We are blessed by having colorful crystals in our lives, for healing and balancing. Every time you notice a color, give thanks. Your life will be more colorful.


The air that we breathe is what connects us to life. No breath, no life. No one has ever survived without air. It is crucial, and nature has the version that we thrive on. Clean air is not found in cities, it is found in the forest, in nature. Feel blessed for every breath that you take. Give thanks by breathing consciously and deeper. Feel the connection. Breathe in gratitude, exhale love.


The water of life, the pure life giving elixir is another truthful and original natural blessing. Fresh clean water is sadly not for everyone. Be mindful of what you drink, and honor your body with the cleanest water you can get. The juices of fresh organic fruits are also water, and pure nourishment for all our cells. Drink with an attitude of appreciation for every single drop. It brings you life.


The soil that we walk on keeps us grounded and healthy. If you know anything about me, you know that this is a topic that is very dear to my heart. Connecting barefoot to Mother Earth is profound for our whole wellbeing. Most people have no idea that by wearing shoes, they are missing out on one of the most important nourishments there is. Mother Earth is a limitless source of negative ions, the electrons and the energy that we need. They stream into the body when we are grounded. People experience less inflammation and more mental clarity after spending time outside in nature. The longer we stay outside, the more benefits we receive and experience.  The Earth is alive, and will never stop emanating the free electrons. Connect the skin of your body with the skin of the Earth, and the flow will not stop. By doing this, every day, the electrons restore, the positive/negative balances, and a natural electrical state in the body is maintained. You now have a natural electrical state in your body. Take this to heart, and see it for what it is: A message to you, about learning and spending more time outside in nature. Free, blessed, grateful and awake.


Nature adapts, it changes with every season. It never makes mistakes, and it never holds on to anything. A tree will keep growing its entire life, following the tide, the natural rhythm. Its newborn leaves during spring, and its fallen leaves during fall. Spreading its seeds, bearing fruits and nuts. All naturally and effortlessly. Every creature has its rhythm, lifespan and season. We are affected by the daylight, by nighttime and by where we are on the planet. Everything is alive, constantly changing, evolving, breathing and expanding. The blessings are more than we could ever count, but let’s make sure each day is filled to the rind. Nature is a living organism, like we are.


Everything that we are grateful for is a clue. We can learn something from it. It holds true value. For example, I have yet to meet a person that is not immensely grateful for their children. They are the embodiment of our soul. They represent true love and hope, and we can let them teach us something about life. The children have the innocent view, the simplicity that lets them see through the crap. They don’t get entangled in mind games and false beliefs, not at first anyway. They are open and pure, and can show us what matters the most. I am grateful for every child that is born, as they are our hope for the future. Hopefully, they will not fall for anything that is not true for them. Let us hold that intent together. Another example is our health. We all feel blessed by good health, or we will after we have lost it. It reminds us of how vulnerable we are, how short this life is, and how fragile and precious each moment is. Be grateful for your body, for what it can do. Show it appreciation by feeding it well and respecting its boundaries. It is always on your team. Always on your side. It is the one partner you cannot live without. It deserves a great deal of humbleness. I will never let my body down again, and I will never stop thanking it for what it does every single day. Healing itself, letting me express my life through it in every way. 



Every day is a good day to:

Let yourself be surprised

Look around with wonder

Be mindful in every moment

Step outside more

Smile at a stranger

Look at everything like it is the first time

Feel your inner strength

Laugh every single day

Count your blessings



“When you notice the smaller blessings, you are getting the larger picture.” – Hilde Larsen


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