Ditch the New Year Resolutions!

Holy crap, the Holidays is a trying time for many!

The end of a Year often brings out what we need to look at to be able to walk even more authentic and powerful into a new year.

Have you made your New Year resolutions?

Do you feel the pressure?

Maybe you are the type that make the same promises to yourself every year and never follow through? I say give the whole thing a kick in the butt. Bye-bye New Year resolutions!

I have found that holding myself accountable as a part of a ritual, a yearly tradition, takes away my all-year amazing ability to do what I am capable of.

To change.

Every day.


Every year holds the potentials to grow and do better.

Every month holds the potentials to grow and do better.

Every week holds the potentials to grow and do better.

Every day holds the potentials to grow and do better.

Every hour holds the potentials to grow and do better.

Every minute holds the potentials to grow and do better.


By pointing towards a special time to step up and take charge, we are dis-empowering the fact that we are responsible and able every single second.


If you have anything you want to change in your life, shift your mindset, and change your game plan. This is an important point in any walk of life. No matter what you are looking to improve, be it your health, your relationships, your self-love or your work situation. You need to step out of the victim mode that keeps you from moving forward. No more excuses, and no more telling yourself the lies that you have believed for too long; I am not good enough, I am a failure, I will never make it, I will be alone, nobody loves me. I cannot get healthy. There are more, I am sure.


Make a list of your own excuses. Write them down. It will tell you a lot about yourself, and why you are not in complete sync and flow. What you focus on, grows, and what you put your attention towards, you will attract more of. The law of attraction is undisputable. Analyze your life. Look at what is not working for you. Why are you not changing? What are you telling yourself? Remember, the answers might sound very valid. They are cluttered by years of reasoning and false beliefs.


There are no reasons good enough not to move forward, or to take better care of yourself. The time is always now. Not for everything, but for something. Not for every step, but for some of them. For the first one, always. For moving forward, always.


Where you are right now, is a perfect starting point for growth and freedom. You are with your most valuable asset – yourself. You are breathing, you are willing to step up, and you are in the best of company. The world that we live in is filled with illusions. The rabbit-hole is deep, and our challenges are many. By each doing our part to break free from these conditionings and programs, we are raising the vibration on this earth. We are, by lifting ourselves, lifting others. We are by walking our truths, showing truth to others.


When I say, have no resolutions, I don´t mean have no goals. Goals rock! They are what keeps us moving forward, and what fuels us when we are down. A goal with a positive intention behind it, an authentic origin, can be a savior in many ways. My goal saved my life for sure.


Remember, there is no failure, only learning and experimenting. The goal can be small or positively huge. There is nothing wrong with thinking big, although smaller steps will be more rewarding. That way, success is easier to achieve, and the motivation to move forward is ensured. Ensuring motivation and confidence is a big deal. Slow and steady wins the race. When I went From HELL to Inspired, which I chronicle in my book by the same name, I had one superior objective. It didn’t matter how sick I was, or how many doctors told me it could not be done. I was going to do it, and I was going to show them all. And I did. Why was I able to achieve what was supposedly impossible? Because I stopped believing in their bullshit, and I conditioned myself for success, for true health. I sat a goal, a very clear one. No mumbo jumbo. No excuses, and no more listening to any of my false beliefs. Let me tell you, the reward for breaking free is indescribable.


I had a goal, not a mapped-out plan. It had not yet revealed itself to me. All I held on to was that one end goal, and I found my path as I worked and studied towards it.


It does not matter, any past-experience, what you have lived, dreamed or seen in front of you. It does not matter what you have tried or not tried, witnessed or been a subject too. It does not even matter if you feel lost, out of resources, sick, tired and hopeless. It all starts with you and your willingness to pause and say; I am going to take back my power.


I am going to own my life like a Boss, and I am going to get to the bottom of what it is that is holding me back.


By walking our talks, we are teaching the younger ones how to set themselves free also. By being aware we create awareness and by living our lives free and happy we create more happiness.  It all starts with you knowing that you are the only one you have been waiting for, to untangle the knots and false beliefs in your life. Still, we are all in this together. Together we stand, but alone as one.


“My life is my own and I am the one, the only one I have been waiting for!”


There is no need for any New Year resolutions, but there might be a need for you to take a good look at how you want your next year to unfold. By owning what we live and experience, we are able to constantly steer towards a better life. Day by day. Not having to feel like failures every time we slip. It is part of living. Success is never a straight line. It is the result of hard work, of diligence, or persistence and focus. Cause and effect. What we do the first two weeks of January is only interesting if it impacts who we become, and our growth.


Make 2017 the year you set yourself FREE!


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See you on the Inspired side!