What is Detoxification, and why is it lifesaving
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What is Detoxification, and why is it lifesaving?

There is no magic bullet to great health. There is no quick fix, no pill or supplement that will take you from suffering to thriving. There is no product of any kind that will restore health in an un-balanced, diseased body. ONLY the body can do any healing, any balancing, and any regeneration.

Again, only the body can do the healing, it is a self-healing mechanism. That is what it does, it does anything in its power to stay healthy, to regenerate. Think of when you cut yourself, you heal. The body rushes to stop the bleeding, and to regenerate. We tend to confuse symptom suppression with true healing.

Detoxification is a word we use when we talk about cleansing. It is a word often used, and it has many meanings and connotations.

Detoxification simply means cleansing, and the body does that around the clock. It needs to cleanse to survive.


Why does the body need to cleanse?

Well, the body is made of a trillion cells, and they all “eat”, and they all “poop”. The “poop” is what we call cellular waste. Every cell generates waste, and on top of that, what we eat, breathe and live generates waste. In the same way that you are brushing your teeth and taking a shower, ever cell and every organ needs to cleanse and clean it self on an ongoing basis.


Why would we need to do a detox, or to go on a so called detoxification program?

When we are getting symptoms of less than optimal health, the body is showing us that our elimination of waste is not functioning as it should. The lymph system is stagnant, and the acidic waste is burning our cells. Look at the lymph system as the sewer system of the body. It is where all the waste is dumped to be carried to the different elimination organs. The blood needs to be clean, as it is the kitchen, the carrier of nutrition, oxygen and all vital components for a healthy cell. All we are is cells, more than a trillion of them. That is a lot of “poop”!


So, here we are, with all this waste that is supposed to naturally leave the body.

Here we are with all the symptoms of a body full of acids, full of poop and sewage that is making us sick.

Here we are, making ourselves sick, not even knowing about it most of the time.

Here we are resorting to more poisons to feel better, by taking drugs and stimuli.


So you see, on top of waste naturally created in the body every minute, just from living, the diet of the modern world includes more waste. Food is not supposed to be waste, but sadly it is. Chemicals, GMO, cooked and altered, filled with more damaging substances than I even care to focus on, we are poisoning the body every day. The kidneys are especially empared by the ingestion of animal protein. So much metabolic waste comes from trying to break down the protein, that the kidneys gets really tired and weak. Through the weakening of our most important elimination organ, the kidneys, the lymph system is unable to properly filter out the acidic, the metabolic and dietary waste.  Along with the intestines, the liver, the lungs, the skin, the kidneys are on a mission to keep you healthy in every way possible.


The body is always working FOR you, and never against you.

To regain health, to strengthen the whole body, to thrive and live free of pain and suffering, the body needs to be clean. It needs to be running smoothly in every way. It needs to get rid of what is obstructing the flow of life. When we talk about detoxification, we are talking about letting the body do what it was designed to do. We are simply talking about getting out of the way, about stopping what is hurting it. We are stopping what is creating more waste, so that the body can use its energy to cleanse.


It is natural to be healthy, and the body is working in that direction every single minute!

Is a detoxification program only about food? Not at all, although that is the simplest and most potent way to start. A true detoxification program will include emotional and mental work also. The body will detoxify all our bodies at the same time. The physical, the mental and the emotional body. That means that once you start to eat what the body is designed to eat, it will also let you know which emotional waste you have been holding on to. By giving it a break from having to digest and eliminate more waste it now has the ability to use the energy to clear everything from old emotions to mucus in your intestines.

All you have to do is to let go of everything that is not serving you, be it foods, emotions or actions. The body will do the rest!

We are sick and tired, and sick and tired of being sick and tired. It is time to raise and to take charge! Look to nature, get back to the basics, trust in your own body and its ability to heal.

Eat fresh living organic foods, like you were meant to eat.  That way, you are constantly letting your body take care of business.


You are so worth it, we all are!

BUT FOR NOW, give your body a break, and feel what feeling good really feels like. I challenge you to join me on my Inspired Tribe Membership!. This really can save your life. Learn more about what detoxification is, get the support that you deserve, and get ready for the best year so far!

I have an amazing audio course ‘ How to Detoxify the Right Way that WORKS FOR EVERYONE! ‘ too that can help you in your detox journey.

The body most certainly knows how to eliminate, strengthen and regenerate it self. That being said, due to weakened organs and glands, we often need herbs to strengthen and to support elimination. When the waste is trying to find its way out, a lot of symptoms can arise. Anything from cold and flue like symptoms, skin rashes, head aches and constipation. I will write more about detoxification symptoms, just know that it is natural, and not a sing of dis-ease. If you are in a state of so called chronic ill heath, or are suffering from a specific diagnosis, get some support during your detoxification process.

Power up and take charge of YOU!



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