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The gratitude effect!

As I was going about my day, I noticed my inner conversation.

Did you know that we are talking to ourselves most of the time, every day of the week? We are blabbering along, without even noticing. We are constantly talking to ourselves, and the funny thing is, we are mostly telling ourselves the same thing over and over again.

By that, I mean we are like a broken record as far as the theme of the talk. I do not mean that we are telling ourselves to find the car keys all the time, but we might be thinking about future tasks, feeling they are a burden. We might have a habit of thinking about who did us wrong, how we do not like this and that, or how we do not like our house.


So, as I was walking outside, I was really noticing my mind chatter. The woods were quiet, a few birds, no wind, a few cars in the distance, and I was saying: “Thank you, thank you, thank you, over and over again.


For the last few years, I have been conditioning myself by repeating, consciously a few simple sentences:

  • Thank you for this healing
  • How can I serve
  • Show me the way


It has been my way of reprogramming my conscious and unconscious mind to keep its focus on what matters most to me. Not only what matters most, but also what I believe will benefit my life and the life of everyone I encounter.


Today, it had been simplified to a simple thank you!


What I had been saying to myself for a long time was no longer playing in my head. Thank you was all, showing me that that really is the essence. Words are energy, and they all hold a frequency, an intent, and a passion. Words are submissions of intent, and even when we are not aware, we are sending out a message, to our cells, to the creation, God, the Infinite.

The energy of gratitude is a pure love energy. It is the vibration of constant positive change.

Whenever you find yourself wanting something to change, start by being grateful for what you already have. There is always something to be grateful for. Even when we are down, feeling lost and depressed, search fro that feeling of gratitude.


Being grateful is the same as ordering more to be grateful for.

If you want your health to change, be grateful for the work that your body is already doing. Feel gratitude for your breath, your vision, your hearing etc.
If you want a better house to live in, be grateful for the home that you already have, or the friends coach and shelter. Be grateful for everything in your house, your bed, your sofa and your plates.
The challenge is, that one can not be grateful from the mind. Gratitude is not a thought, it is a feeling, a state of being. It is a heart felt feeling, and it fills the entire body with nurturing positive healing energy. It is very similar to love, but it is directed towards the recognition of all that is. You can be grateful for every single thing in your life, good, bad and ugly. You can start by being grateful for the most obvious to you, and see how your perception towards life changes.


Gratitude opens the heart, and opens the portal for rapid healing and nurturing manifestations. The magic of life will flow towards you, and every cell in your body will align with the vibration.


Once we work on showing more gratitude, the side effects can be:

  • We want to give more.
  • We have a more positive outlook on life
  • More things to be grateful for appears.
  • We heal faster from any physical imbalance.
  • It is no longer possible to be depressed and angry.


I challenge you to write down 5 things that you are grateful for every single day. Keep a gratitude journal by your bed. This new routine will also be a time of reflecting on your life in general. The awareness will open your heart further.

So, I hope that you by being more aware of your thoughts, will let go of those not serving you. I hope that you will be more grateful every day, and feel how life changes for the better.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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