How to turn your back on illness and pain | Inspired by Hilde
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WHY and HOW Emotions Keep us Sick and What to DO About It

How to turn your back on illness and pain.

When I was told I would be living with crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lyme for the rest of my life, I realized my health was MY BUSINESS!
I found a way to turn my back on my diagnosis and death, and say YES to life and HEALTH.

So, I write this to YOU, who feel me when I say:
No more pain, please!
No more feeling less than Optimal health!

Working with people gives me some insights on our patterns and belief systems, so I want to share a short story with you.

Today, a young woman told me this:

“I cannot get healthy because I have no support. Everybody around me eats like crap, and I have no one who understands what I want and need to do.
They don`t believe in this lifestyle. They don´t believe I can get healthy.

Guess what I told this amazing soul that is going to claim her health? The woman that is now living in pain and fear of never getting well again:

“Don’t rely on those around you to define what you can and cannot do. Your support system is within. It is from source, from nature.
YOUR inner guidance and strength have nothing to do with anyone around you.
No one should have the power to steer you away from your healing path.

No one.

YOU are the one living your life, and every time you step away from that truth, you are making excuses to your soul.

You see, support is always there, but not always in the way that we imagine.
It is hard to change.
It is hard to step out of the norm.
It is hard to watch the old life fall apart.

What is harder though, is staying sick.
Much harder, believe me.

Look around. Normal today is being less than healthy.
Normal is considered good.
I don`t buy it.
We are more than this.
We are amazing beings with unlimited power.

Together we stand stronger, yet we are always making every move on our own.”


She got it. She is ready to commit to herself, to rely on herself and those who speak the words of health and healing.


We are many, and we come together because we like it that way, not because we rely on it.

We are enough in ourselves, yet we can walk together like brothers and sisters.

This is why I do what I do.

I see how people grow stronger from believing in themselves, and their ability to change their OWN world.
This is why I spend my time coaching and guiding those who are ready to Step into their amazingness.
This is why I create memberships, write books, and create online courses.
So that there never has to be a reason NOT to thrive.

You have to believe it to see it.

I know, you might have thought it was the other way around:
“Seeing is believing.”
Well, THAT too, but if you WANT to create anything, to SEE it happen in your world, you have to see it first.

You have to feel it, know it, see it and embrace it.
In trust and faith.

With intent and knowingness.
You have to KNOW it to be true, to be manifested, even though it has not yet happened.
Not in your NOW time.
Not in the way we can perceive.

Sounds tricky?

Well, affirmations are powerful BEYOND belief.
Way beyond.
It is not about believing.
It is about KNOWING.

So, my friend, I challenge you to affirm what you want,
every single day.

See it, smell it, breathe it, and BE it.

Here is a few that I have found very powerful.
Basic, and powerful.


Every time you say these words, you are closer to the reality of their promises.

1. Every day I feel better, thank you.
2. My life is such a blessing, and I am powerful beyond belief.
3. I am open to change, and allow new experiences with ease and enthusiasm.
4. I serve from the heart.
5. My health is growing every day.
6. Thank you for this life.
7. I forgive everyone and everything.
8. I am worthy.
9. I am grateful.
10. I KNOW I am already healed.

From wishing my life was over, and from never believing I could ever get healthy again, I turned my life around completely.

You can do the same.

I never thought I would live to see this day,
to be able to Inspire and guide those in need of healing.

I never thought I would live to feel this level of health,
this amazing passion,
and eagerness towards every single day.

I never thought I would meet such amazing souls on my path,
fellow truth and health enthusiasts, and such compassionate beings.

I never, even though I held on to the hope,
thought I would be surrounded by such a large loving and supportive family.

Together we are always stronger.
Even though we stand alone in this life, we can come together for support, community, and service.

This is what I see in my practice:
1. As long as you are surrounding yourself with negativity, criticism, and manipulation, you are letting your energy be drained.
2. You are giving away your power when you let anyone dim your light. It is ok to be amazingly happy, inspired and positive.
3. Once you say yes to YOU, you say NO to what is not aligned with that choice. A game changer.
4. Work on your WHY, the reason you are doing what you are doing? Confusing? Don`t worry, you will find it, or WE will.
5. Be clear on your goal, your mission. Your strength is WITHIN, always.
6. KNOW that you have support and that you are never alone.
7. Educating yourself IS powerful and freeing.
8. Make your live excuse free.
9. Walk your talk.
10. Reach out for support. ( A REAL game changer for many).

Allow yourself to shine amongst like minded souls.
Keep your shine on.
The world needs YOU!

Why I do what I do.
AND why I created my Membership group!

Togetherness Inspires!

You see, now that I had my mindset on, all I needed to do was to walk the walk. To change my diet, my thoughts and my emotions. There is no magic bullet, but that is a blessing. Through stretching we grow, and to be honest, I would never go back, not to change a thing. Knowing what to do is the easy part. Just ask me. DOING it, is what requires the most change and support.

DOING it is what I know best.

This is what I trained myself to do. Grab your free chapter of my book “Know the TRUTH and get HEALTHY”

Nothing can beat amazing energy and health, but I will tell you this:
To get there, you need to condition yourself and hold on to your WHY.


( My first book From HELL to Inspired will Inspire you, and hopefully give you the fuel you need to go after your health in a BIG way, the only way.)


PS: YES, I do work with clients. It is powerful beyond belief. I will always leave space for those who need personal guidance and follow up, who are ready to heal and regenerate.
I have been there. I know what it`s like.
I want you all to be healthy.
The world would be a better place.
Imagine no so-called disease. WOW!
The crazy thing is, that thought is NOT at all that crazy. If we educate ourselves and change what we need to change.
When you are ready, I am.

You can sign up HERE!


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