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Should you protect yourself from the sun?

Yes, that is what we have been told, to protect ourselves. Does that mean the sun is dangerous? It sure can burn, and it is indeed hot, but is it hazardous to our health?

The short answer is an absolute NO!

Although as a child, I experienced strong reactions from being in the sun. The condition was labeled a sun rash. A sort of allergy towards the sun.

What was simply my body showing me it was acidic, that my kidneys were not filtering out the lymphatic waste, was labeled a condition blamed on the sunshine.

Every time you are exposed to the sun you are also connected to nature, one of our vital life-forces. No sun, no life. Now, that should make us reflect on some basic rules of healthy living. The sunshine is a life-giving energy, and it is crucial to our health. Not only for the production of the well-known vitamin D3, which in fact is a hormone, but for the Prana, the energy of life itself.


Nature is perfect, and although we are a part of this amazing nature, we have been abusing our bodies to the point that we no longer tolerate pure sunshine.

We burn.  Literally.

I am not suggesting that we should stay in the sun indefinitely, nor that we should step right in, with an acidic body, and one who hasn’t seen the sun with the bare skin for a long time. A sunburn is not fun, nor is it anything remotely healthy.

So, my friend, be cautious, and be smart.

We crave the sunlight, and are affected by it in so many ways. Those long summer nights, filled with light and communion. The feeling of well being that arises from being outside in the sunshine is well known to all of us. A day of sunshine is always a better day it seems, and the blue sky is a sign of lightness and happiness.

When you want to raise your vibration so that the body can thrive and glow, being outside in the sunshine is an important part of the plan.  Without the sun, we would not be able to see with our eyes, and without the sun the plants wouldn’t photosynthesize, leaving us without the oxygen we need to breathe.

In many ancient cultures, the sun has been the symbol of consciousness, and in the older religions the sun was worshiped and honored. They knew that it was the life-force itself.

In Greek mythology, Helios was the God of the Sun, and drove the sun across the sky every day. The father of medicine, Hippocrates, was also a great advocate of the sun’s healing properties.

In the Third Century, A.D. though, Christianity made sure that sunbathing was no longer allowed through most of Europe, and for the following thousand years, sunbathing was restricted almost entirely to the Jews and Arabians. Sunbathing was considered a sin, and was prohibited like other practices of the Hygienic System.

In later days, there have been Nobel Prizes awarded to people that have studied the rays of light and their healing effects. We love to tear things apart, suppress and control them. In the same way, we tend to ignore the simple truth.

We will relate a lot of different diagnoses do to the lack of sunshine through analyzing the blood. Still, we do not see the truth behind our findings. The balance within the body is never from the lack of a vitamin, a hormone or a mineral. The imbalance comes from the cause of the findings, and that is what we need to address.

We are over-acidic, and therefore need to alkalize. Although the sun will help us do that, through giving us the energy that we need to detoxify, heat itself is acidic.

I am sure that you have noticed that when you are ill and not feeling well, or have an infection, you seek the shade. You will also most likely shy the heat itself. This is because it is acidic and will also make you swollen and more inflamed.

Bacteria don`t like heat so they will get upset, and the same goes for parasites. The sunshine will kill bacteria, and a reaction to that will feel uncomfortable. From being a sun-lover, I felt better I the shade when I was very sick. The sun made me feel weak and drained. It will feel draining when we are not healthy.

Still, the benefits are so great, that we need all the exposure that we can handle. Not only from the direct sunlight, but from the indirect also. The sun is not the problem, it is not unhealthy to be in the sun, it is we who are imbalanced and of ill-health. We are the ones that need to adjust back to nature, and this leads me to a very important sunshine topic, the sunscreen lotion.

We are led to believe that we need sunscreen lotion to protect ourselves from the sun. The life-force, giving, nurturing sun. We are led to believe that we need to put chemicals on our skin to protect ourselves from what gives us life. We need to put products that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream, on our skin.

This is to be able to be outside in the sunshine!


NO, the Creator/the Universe/Nature did not make a mistake!

Did we ever stop to think about what made sense, or were we so eager to pay for a sunscreen that it did not matter? Today, the sun is considered the main culprit for causing skin cancer, certain cataracts leading to blindness, and aging of the skin. This is what we have been scared into believing. We are being told that being in the sun “un-protected” is a risk to our health.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Staying out of the sun is what is the health risk. Let us leave the intellect and listen to our intuition or inner guidance. It is time to take that full responsibility and stop to smell the roses. It is time to wake up and think about what we are doing to ourselves and our children.

The UV-rays in sunlight stimulates the thyroid gland to increase hormone production. This, in turn, will increase the body’s basal metabolic rate. It aids both in weight loss and in improving muscle development. We have seen that farm animals fatten much faster when kept indoors, and so do people who stay out of the sun.

Sunshine therapy even has a name; Heliotherapy. It was used to heal all kinds of ailments, and especially tuberculosis back in the 1900`s. Infected children were sent to special homes and hospital retreats to spend as much time outdoors as possible. This is but a small part of a large picture and a fun observation, I think. Now, we do not use sunshine therapy anymore, we use antibiotics, and we are living the consequences.


Some fun sun-facts:

The hemoglobin in our red blood cells requires Ultraviolet light to bind to the oxygen. This is needed for all cellular functions. The UV light is also known to activate solitrol, a skin hormone that influences many of our body`s regulatory systems. Together with melatonin, the pineal gland hormone, it also changes our mood and our daily biological rhythms. These are profound processes for health and vitality, and merely just a few of the things that sunlight affects.

We absorb the sunshine in different ways. Through the skin, the eyes, water, air, and food. The entire bloodstream of the body passes through our eyes, and it recharges by the energy of the sun. That is why it is so important to leave the sunglasses at home. Another gadget that has been made by man, and that might be hurting us. Take the glasses off now and then, and let the sunshine in! We know it is absorbed by the skin, and it is stored by our cells.

When we are deprived of sunlight, we become weak and depressed. We can see that this is true by observing how we live and act. In the Northern parts, where there is little to no sunshine 6 months every ear, people are suffering from what is called a winter depression. We also see more irritability, fatigue and alcoholism. Even the suicide rate is higher in these countries during the dark season. This information takes me to the thyroid. The thyroid is the gland of depression, and has a major role in hormone production.

This is interesting; People living in the Northern Countries also have a higher rate of skin cancer.  Yes, they do! And they wear the most sunscreen. We see that when we look towards the sunny climates, people tend to act happier and more vibrant all year around. Also, it is to be noted that the plants and animals are usually more highly developed where the climate is warmer.

By drinking water, we are also ingesting the sun energy. By drinking fresh juices and eating juicy ripe fruits, even more so. We can supercharge water by leaving it outside in the sun in a glass container.

You can taste the difference!

Happy in sunshine

The life force!

We breathe the nutrients of the sun, and supply the digestive and excretory system with this vital force. It is therefore very powerful to do the deep breathing exercises outside. Celebrate life by breathing in the sun-force! Now, that we know the healing magic of the raw living foods, the sun-ripened fruits, we can see that the sunshine-force is a vital force for their nutrients.

I call it Vitamin Sun!

Cause and effect!

We are supposed to be in the sunshine, as it is giving us highly beneficial nurturing and energy on so many levels. We need to wake up from this craziness. We are killing ourselves slowly, creating disease and suffering. Stop all sunscreen usage, and at least stop spraying it around. Going to a crowded beach today is like going to an open-air gas chamber. My heart bleeds when I see little babies being sprayed with pure poison. The skin is absorbing every little bit of it, and it goes right to the bloodstream.

Yes, if you put it on your skin, you eat it. Are we still wondering why we are sick? On top of this, the sunscreen is hindering the skin from absorbing the nurturing sunlight, the rays of healing, leaving it depleted of Prana and sunshine love.

If you wear it, you eat it. If you smell it, you eat it. If you eat it, you live and feel it. Cause and effect, always.

Use organic cold pressed coconut oil on your skin, and if you have a fair skin tone, be in the sun less, and build up. I have not been in contact with sunscreen in years, and I am most certainly fair-skinned. Like I said, I used to get sun rashes every summer growing up, and guess what, not anymore! I burned very easily, but as I cleaned myself out, and healed, my skin healed too. All that congested lymph that was hiding under my skin, found its way out. I am no longer the toxic red nosed puppy while in the sun.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how your skin tone is, do NOT wear sunscreen on that beautiful skin of yours.

 Reminding you: Burning is never a good idea, and until you can tolerate the sun, spend more time in the shade, or wear some light clothing. 


Try this if you got too much sun:

First, put some apple cider vinegar on the burn, and let it absorb.

Then, blend this together and gently put it on your skin.

  • 1 tablespoon fractionated coconut oil
  • 2 drops peppermint
  • 3 drops roman chamomile
  • 3 drops lavender


It is time to see beyond anything and everything we were ever taught, and connect with Source itself.

Some simple health benefits of sunshine:


  • Increases blood circulation
  • Enhances energy endurance
  • Might affect the blood sugar levels.
  • Will kill off bacteria.
  • Stimulates the secretion of uric acid.
  • Any infection and wound heals faster.
  • Aids our cells’ ability to cleans and detoxify.
  • The liver is stimulated and strengthened.
  • Lowers the stress level in the body.
  • Hormones are balanced.
  • A vital nutrient.
  • Crucial to vitamin D production.


Bottom line is this:

You burn more easily when you are acidic, that is why staying in the shade can be a great idea. All you need for the body to benefit from the healing rays of the sun is about 30 minutes with full body exposure, every day. There is no need to stay in the warm sun for hours at end, unless it feels comfortable. In the colder climate, it will feel different, and just being able to have your face in the sun will be beneficial. It can’t compare to a full-body exposure, but some of the benefits are still there.

 We can only to do the best with what we have available, always.

 Go outside, and enjoy!

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