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Is our physical health all in our mind?

Did you know that our mindset is directly connected with our physical health? That what we choose to believe and allow into our lives dictates everything?

Not necessarily in the way that you might already believe. Mind over matter is a well-known concept, but this is a bit different.

You see, this is about how we choose our own health though action. How the way we think determines what we actually do, and keep on doing.

Indeed, our thoughts are important, and every cell are listening and reacting to every single think we ever have. They believe what YOU believe. Still, I have found even more importantly, the mindset is the seat of our determination, our willingness to change, our focus and our belief.

Our mindset is the seat of our determination. What does that mean?

What does this have to do with our health?

Let me share one of my experiences with you:

“I am on the crystal bed at the salt cave, Naples Florida. I have been here before, and I am always eager to spend time in this amazing place. As I lie on the bed, I have seven crystals hanging over me. They are pointing towards my chakras. They are extremely clear and highly polished Vogel cut quartz crystals, suspended approximately 12 inches above me. Each of the quartz crystals has been cut to a specific frequency. Colored lights, chosen to match the frequency of chakra colors, radiate light and energy through the crystals to each respective chakra. They shine on and off in certain rhythms to cleanse, balance, and align our energies. I am bathing in the energy, clearing my mind, giving thanks. I drift off and am awakened by the intense burning in my hands. Both my hands are burning hot, and a clear voice says, “The healing is in your hands!” It was loud and clear, and I got the message. It is all us, it always was and always will be.”

I was told that my healing was in MY hands.

My health was MY choice.

I know saying that health is a choice, is a bold statement that often draws out a lot of but`s. I know, it is bold. The only thing that drove me out of bed, against all odds, and against all so called reason, was that one thing, I chose to do so.

The mindset is always the strongest driving force in our lives, the part that we hold conscious control over. What we think, what we believe is up to us. Yes, even though we have lived our past, how we got here. It really doesn`t matter. Now is now the past is the past. We can choose to let us define our future or not.

I made a choice, and I stuck with it. I started walking, and I didn`t stop, no matter what. To me, having a choice simply means that we have the free will to take responsibility for any life issue and that through determination and education, we can walk from where we are to where we want to be.

  • We can have a mindset that holds the potential of optimal health, or not.
  • We can have the mindset of healing or sickness.
  • We can have the mindset of success or the opposite.

And, as we choose our mindset, we will live the consequence.

We will always live the effect of our thoughts and emotions.


When we are conditioned for health, this is what we experience:
  • The ability to choose
  • The ability to act
  • Diligence
  • Persistence
  • Solution based thinking
  • Optimistic
  • Enthusiastic

Action is always involved in any part of creation. Everything is constantly moving, changing and vibrating. Nothing is ever still. Every thought that you think is a form of action that puts into motion a whole set of events. These events are what is becoming your life, the story that you are writing. You hold the pen and you write every word. You can turn the page and start again on any given day. You can change your story, even the meaning of your past. The events that have happened are there, but how you perceive them is entirely up to you. What you make of them, how you color them and give them meaning is in your demand.

Here is the core message:

Our health is determined by how we live, what we eat, think, feel and live. We are living for life, or for death. For regeneration or degeneration. We are either changing for the better or staying put in our misery.

The difference between which side of the scale you will stay, if you will change or not, take action, take charge, be bold, brave and teachable is the mindset.

It is about how conditioned you are to take charge of your life. That is it.

That is what determines if you will get to where you want to go or not.

In my practice, I see a distinct line between those who will get well and those who will struggle more. It is all in the mind.
I can teach you what to do.
I can show you the ropes.
You can have the whole outline in front of you, that will lead you to health, and STILL not be able to do it.

The set back:

Often what is holding us back from achieving our goals, is the way we define ourselves through our past experiences. Sometimes there is forgiveness that has to be granted, to let go of the old, and sometimes there are patterns that need to be addressed. Whatever it is that keeps you chained to a story that is not aligned with the future you would like, it is time to let it go. When we speak to and about others, we are blessing or cursing, and the same thing goes for speaking about and to ourselves. Being aware of this, can help us to reshape our reality. With some work and dedication, it is possible to rewrite the story that does not serve the future.


Letting go of the story is like setting free what has been holding us back.

We have the power to change our lives, yet most often we do not want to own that power. It seems we would rather stay miserable than to change. We find some sort of comfort in the known, and we hold on to it, even though it is hurting us.

So, if all it takes is to change what we are doing, to step up and take charge, then why is it so hard? Well, we fear the unknown, and fear is a cold breeze we do not like to feel. We tend to be controlled by the fear of life itself. The underlying fear of death, illness, failure and loss, becomes larger than the pure joy of living. Our natural state is to be eager and enthusiastic about every moment of life, and to be able to change and grow without fear.

Once you become fearless life becomes limitless.

Once we change our mindset, we change everything.

Feel your own strength and your ability to choose life! Say yes to all that serves you, and fear nothing. Be the change you want to see in this world, and know that you are the one you have been waiting for.

Life here on earth is too short not to love, laugh, play and dance fearlessly. Step up to your full potential, and take charge of your destiny. Every cell in your body is at your command, and every thought, emotion, and food you eat, is serving you in one way or another. You always get what you ask for, even though you might not even know that you asked.

You are so much stronger than you might think.

You hold the power within to change your entire life, not just your health, but everything. You are the change, and only your own doubts, fears, and thought patterns can set you back from your goals. Like the dandelion, growing through the asphalt, you can do what your mind might see as impossible. It is growing through something that we see as so much stronger than the plant. We are seeing the impossible in action. Not everything can be comprehended by the mind, and not every solution is within our perception.

Always keep your focus on your goal, on the solution, and do not get mental about the how and the when. Sometimes the “how” is way beyond our comprehension, and the creation is so much larger than our thoughts. The strength we all hold, the power within, and the ability to choose, is true freedom.

Freedom is knowing you have what it takes. Knowing is only of value when put into action.

The action is the driving force of any manifestation.

  • Next time you see a dandelion, remember how strong you are!
  • Next time you think you can`t, think again.
  • Next time you have a belief telling you your health is not your own business, work on your mindset.

It is going to determine your future accomplishments.

As long as it is YOUR health and life, it will start in YOUR mindset and willingness to change.


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