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Eat to support LIFE, not suffering!

We now know that we have a species specific diet, like every other creature on this planet. We are primates. What we are witnessing is what happens when we really, I mean really move away from that, and feed our bodies dead altered chemistry. All animals that are taken off their diets gets sick. Animals in the care of humans often get dis-eased. Wild animals do not, and how could they? Nature is perfect and no species will get sick, fat, and unhealthy from eating the foods intended for them. We, the humans tend to believe we can outsmart nature. That we are more intelligent, and that our will can override the simple laws of the Universe. It is not so, and we are being told this and shown this, every single day, symptom by symptom. What we are eating is killing us, and it is about time we knew it, and really owned it.

Look around, and start counting those over 50 not taking pills for anything, not having some sort of ailment or discomfort. See how many are not having a happy, positive, strong, athletic, healthy, glowing, natural body. They are few and far between. I have a hard time counting those over 30 that are 100% healthy, vital and happy. It seems most of us are dealing with glasses, digestive issues, skin issues, weight issues or emotional imbalances. It is the new normal. Not being healthy is now considered normal.


Raw food is pure and natural food, and the simple sugars will feed our cells, not our parasites. The body will not create mucus in the need to get rid of the food, or because we have irritated the mucosa. The  parasites will have no more playgrounds to play on. To see and experience the terror that the body is experiencing from being exposed to dairy, gluten, meats and processed food, is soul wrenching. The simple, yet so hard to grasp fact, that the body is in fact made in the same manner as any other mammal or primate, to be fueled on raw living food is a deal breaker for many. The social conditioning is so strong, that breaking free from the eating complex is harder than the will of healing. The parasites and the underlying emotional hurts are too strong to concur.


Truth is truth, and there is nothing that an empowered mind and being cannot do. One step at the time, as I did – anyone can.


When we do not eat up to our potential, we will know it. I know it, and you know it. Food is supposed to be fuel, and not a burden. Most of what we eat today in the Western world are actually a burden to the human body. Every time we eat something that is outside of our natural diet, it becomes a burden. I remember heavy dinners as well as you do. You know, where you just want to lay down afterwards. Completely drained of energy. Food is supposed to be fuel, not drain your energy. This only shows that the body has a hard time with what it has been fed. There is no way we can eat what is not good for us and not know it on one level or another. The problem is that we are surrounded with so much toxic waste that our pineal gland is clouded. Because of this, it is hard for us to see truth. When we detoxify our bodies, this changes. We regain our awareness and our natural instincts.

Eating raw is important for our vitality and rejuvenation, and to live at the level of health that we were designed to do. Most importantly though, as we have fallen into the trap of social conditioning and programming, we need to go back to raw to be able detoxify our bodies. Detoxification simply means cleansing, something that the body does naturally when given a chance. Every day it works to clean and restore, but because of what we are feeding this amazing organism, it is working to survive, not to thrive. There is a whole chapter in this book on detoxification, on what it is, as there will be no real healing without it. So, in that sense, you might say that without raw living foods there will be no real health, as only when introducing the vibrancy and the healing effect of our natural food, will the body be able to clean and restore.


We need to let go of the burdens, to give our bodies the break that it needs. When we want something to change, we need to change something, and when in any way off balance, look to nature, always.


The body not only needs a break from the cooked damaged foods and the animal putrefying decaying matters, it needs to be able to clean out what has been stored from years of consuming these poisons. The whole digestive track is impacted with mucus plaque, but It does not appear over night. It builds up over time. I will be bold and say that most of our everyday diet consists mainly of so called mucus forming food. I am talking about dairy products, soy and eggs, bread, pasta, processed meat like burgers, and any processed food, drinks and products that contain additives and preservatives.

These foods lack fiber, and can not move by themselves. They stay in your digestive track and simply petrify and lead to constipation. The colon becomes sluggish from the lack of exercise, from mucus forming foods, and from the lack of fiber in the diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are all very high in fiber. Made to to move, as movement is lifesaving. Not only does intestines carry out a major part of our waste, the small intestines is also where we absorb most of our nutrients. This hardened mucus is now hindering absorption, and we are in real trouble. A congested bowel may not absorb nutrients efficiently to eliminate metabolic waste and toxins from within the organism. Now, even though you might be getting your nutrients from your food, you are not absorbing them. We have mal-nourishment at our hands, or mal-absorption rather.

We have wandered off our natural diet from leaving our natural environment, the tropics. By migrating to the northern climates we have been forced to eat what nature could provide. It is hard to live in a cold climate and eat raw living foods all year round. It is a challenge for anyone who has tried. It is still very doable, and when really sick, you have to do what you have to do. When there is a crisis, we need to step up and take charge, no matter what. It does no matter where you live, you need to ingest what is going to promote healing within the body.

By switching to a raw food diet, we simply stop what is hurting us, and let the body start its own cleansing project. Mucus Plaque provides the ideal condition for harmful yeast, parasites and bacteria to grow, and this results in an imbalanced gut flora, and deeper troubles. By cleaning our our entire intestinal track, we are opening for healing on all levels, as this is the trunk of the tree. The intestinal track is the trunk and where we absorb life force and nutritional energy. We can clearly see that eating the wrong food is detrimental to our health. It is obstructing everything from elimination to absorption.

I was lead to raw foods, as I was seeking truth. I was seeking true health and vitality. I was asking “show me the way”, and I was shown. I was shown the simple way, the easy way, and the natural way. Still it was not easy to do, but it need not have to be, health was more important to me than eating any type of food. I was finding my way back home, through re-connecting with nature and creation. Health is simple, change is hard.

Raw food is simply natural foods, straight from nature. There is no labeling or ingredients list necessary. There is no complicated list of additives of fillers. The body will be able to digest it with ease, and not be harmed or intoxicated. It is the real fast-food, pure and simple. The foods we eat are secondary to all the other things that feed us; our relationships, career, spirituality, and exercise routine. At the same time, they are the key to everything, as you will no longer harm what you now love. Raw living foods will raise the vibration and the awareness, and also magnify the feeling of love and compassion.

We can eat for health, for sickness, for spirituality, for the environment and for the animals. It is always our choice. IT ALL IS!


On a raw food diet, you will always get what you need, and nothing that you don`t. You might still believe that you need milk from an animal, mostly from a cow, to get the calcium that you need. Think about it, do we really need to drink breast milk made for a calf, to get the calcium that the mother cow made from grass? Do we need to keep drinking it, to stay healthy? No other species will drink any form of milk past the infant stage. Have you ever seen a cow drink milk? Off course not! They get their calcium from the greens, like we were also intended to. We are made to eat fruits and greens. We thrive on what we were designed to eat, and we will never lack any nutrients. It is obvious to me that animals eat to live, while humans most often live to eat. Eating can be a spiritual experience, and what we eat can kill us.

This text is taken from my book; “Know the Truth and get Healthy”.

Make sure to look for it.

With love


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