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Eating and drinking nothing at all!

If you are not familiar with any type of fasting this might sound strange, but believe me it is NOT! Even though I live on fresh organic fruits and vegetables, fasting is a part of my health regime. It is what really kicked my healing to the next level. I have done several water fasts, juice fasts and grape fasts. Now, I have been awakening to what is called dry fasting.


In nature, fasting is a natural part of life. We, the thinkers and the analysts, forgot the simplicity and truth of nature. Therefor the word fasting might seem strange and extreme for most of us. All depending on which part of the world that we live in, we are seeing fasting as a crazy act of some extremists, or we are seeing it as the number one healing practice that there is. In the world where it is so called “normal” to eat tortured animal flesh, man made toxins and drink blue sugar drinks, fasting will seem extreme. Natural will seem extreme. The further we walk from what is intended by creation the more extreme going back will be. What is considered as “normal” will always be what the masses has been conditioned to believe, no matter what the truth is. It is time to stop the story telling, and realize truth. It can not be outdated, outsmarted or improved. It can not even be ignored, even though we tend to try our very best. In the world of natural healing, where we KNOW that the body is the only true healer, fasting is the absolute top healing practice, period.


Fasting simply means going without, or refraining from. We are fasting from food when we are water fasting, drinking nothing but water. Yes, absolutely nothing but water. The term fasting is used in may different protocols, and in the world of healing there are a few practices that has adopted the word. Through our continuous search for health and vitality, many different practices have been explored and shared. This is a blessing, as they might all lead to Rome. Still, the basics are the same. Detoxification through elimination of obstruction stands solid.

In the wild, any animal that is sick will first of all lay down to rest. Second of all it will stop eating. By doing so it is letting the body use all its energy on the healing. As the body uses up to 80% of its energy digesting food, this is all about getting out of the way. It shows us that healing was never really about what we put in but what we let the body do. The animal will drink water, or not even that, and lay still until it is better. It is about restoring energy and trusting the body`s ability to heal. It will heal through detoxification and regeneration. If we are hurt with broken bones, or torn muscle and tissue, the body will still need all its energy for a speedy healing.


You might have heard about juice fasting, which means that you will be drinking juices only. No solid foods at all. No smoothie, nothing with a bulk. You will get all the nutrients, but not the fiber. I know people that has lived several years on juices alone. The digestive system is given a rest, and healing will speed up.


Water fasting is the most common way of fasting, consuming nothing but water. This is what is most often referred to as fasting. Usually practiced from 3 to as long as 30-40 days for deep healing and regeneration.


According to the Bible, Moses fasted for 40 days when he went up to the mountain to receive the commandments of God written on stone tablets. Moses states that he did not drink or eat anything during the 40 days (Deuteronomy 9:9). The Bible also says that Jesus was lead by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness (Matthew 4:1). He then fasted without food or water for 40 days also, to prepare for the temptation that would follow.


The not so known dry fasting, is considered the ultimate deepest form of cleansing that the body can experience. This literally means no food, no water, no nothing. On a regular dry fast, you can brush your teeth and take a shower. On what is considered a hard dry fast, there is no contact with water at all. The healing that is available when the body is left totally alone, is quite amazing. The body will not eliminate toxins in the same manner as on a water fast. Now, the body is turning each cell into an incinerator, burning the toxins inside the cells.


Each day of a dry fast is said to be equivalent to 3 days of a water fast in terms of detoxification. This means that the healing and detoxification is much much quicker. You will recover much quicker than on a water fast, and you will loose less muscle weight.


How do you start to dry fast?

  • You can start by simply adding more dry hours to your life. From your last drink at night until the first drink the next day, make sure there are 12 hours. Then, when you are comfortable, add on hours until you can do 16 hours dry every day.
  • Make sure that before a dry fast you have been on raw fruits and vegetables only for at least a week.
  • On the day before the dry fast, drink fresh juices only.
  • Work yourself up from the 16 hours to 24 hours. Try to go longer the next time. Always minding your own body and its signals. Always play safe.
  • A 3 day dry fast is considered safe for most people that has prepared and educated themselves. Some will master much longer, but only after a long time of practice.


Breaking a dry fast:

It is very important to break a fast properly. It is said to be even more important than the fast it self. The digestive system has been resting, and by not honoring this very important step, you can really hurt yourself. The longer the fast has lasted, the longer the transitioning back period will last. The first day is always best to leave with the juices only, then move to some high water fruits like melons or mangoes. You can also include some fresh coconut water. It is very important to stay hydrated.


Slow and steady wins the race! I know from my own life that jumping right in can seem tempting. I also know that for some of us, that is how we learn and experiment. That being said, when it comes to any type of fasting, be humble, and start off slowly. Do a one-day fast at first, and slowly built up to a few three day fasts. Start with the juice fasts, then water, then dry. This will give you a chance to see what your body`s reactions are. As you get cleaner from eating better, cleansing your liver, colon, eliminating parasites etc., your body will handle a water fast easier and easier.

Your health is depending on YOU, and you only. Jump on the fasting wagon and see how much healing is ahead. Start slow, and go steady.

Happy fasting!


Any attempt on a dry fast should only be done after a prolonged detoxification period, and by gaining experience from other types of fasting first.




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