Dry Fasting, the experience of empowerment
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Dry Fasting, the experience of empowerment.

Dear Tribe.

Ever since I shared that I was exploring the deepest and most profound levels of healing through dry fasting, people have asked me to share my experience. I love to share, but remember, we are all in different places, and have different levels of health. This is why proper guidance and knowledge is very important. Detoxification is an art, and it is important to know when to hold them and when to fold them. Read my previous blog post on dry fasting in general EAT AND DRINK NOTHING.

For those of you that are new to my personal story, I have gone from being bedridden with severe RA, Lyme, ulcers, anxiety and much more, to living my dreams. My body was so inflamed I was not able to open my mouth. My knees were tripled in size, unable to bend, I could not lift my arms, or use my hands. My feet would not fit into any shoes, and my elbows could not bend beyond 45 degrees. I was in HELL, and was told  that I had an autoimmune disease and would NEVER get well again. My book From HELL to Inspiredis out, so be sure to look for it. Sign up for my newsletter to  you be on top of it. A second book is right behind it; Know the Truth and Get Healthy“. A step by step guide to true health and vitality.

Back to the dry fasting. After 8 years on a raw food diet, and the last 4 on a high fruit low fat path, I was called to start to dry fast. I have done water fasts and juice fasts, but had never done a dry fast. It seemed a bit out there, and looking back it was just I who was not ready. Now I am!


I had been reading about dry fasting for awhile, and I always recommend to read up on your health and protocols. It is our own choices that will take us to where we are going, ALWAYS. Remember this, and know where the responsibility lies. Receiving some good guidance on your journey to health is also a must. Experience and compassion is invaluable support. I always say, when you are ready to go, we need to talk. I love being the support that gets people to really take their health and life to a whole new and brighter level.

I started by doing a 24 hour dry fast. I drank my last glass of juice at 7pm in the evening, so that was my starting point. As a preparation, I had been eating grapes and adding lemons for about 10 days prior. Well, not really as a preparation, but that was what I had been doing. This made that first dry experience extra powerful I believe. I really did not have to do anything to prepare really, as I am already on a fruit based diet. I would soon find how much that means when dry fasting. We are talking about hydration BIG time.

By detoxification, alkalization, hydration and regeneration, I had prepared my body to dig deeper. Through detoxification my body had hydrated to the point where going dry would not leave me dehydrated, not on a cellular level. Not for the duration of  days with no water and no food.

The second attempt was a 36hour dry fast. It was fairly easy as well, nothing major happened, but I was not prepared for no thirst at all. No dryness in the mouth, no nothing. This is what hydration looks like. We really do not hydrate by drinking water the way that we have believed. Hydration comes from within. The body, when hydrated, will make its own internal water to make sure that all organs are well taken care of.

I was building up slowly, and about 5 days after my 36hour fast, I went for a 48 hour one. This one was harder. My heart was skipping some beats, and I knew my stomach and GI track was doing some deep cleansing. I did some deep breathing to calm the system, and it worked wonders. Sleep was a bit uneasy, but I was prepared for anything, and the observation was exciting. My body was cleansing on a much deeper level that before, I could really feel it. The detoxification symptoms that I had been experiencing on the grapes, all went away. I am talking about acid build up in the tissue, manifested as stiffness and sore muscle and tendons. This was amazing to me. It was like a floodgate had opened, and in a few days it all cleared out. Everything my body had been releasing was flushed out in an instant!

I broke my fast with a glass of freshly made grape juice with added lemon, and immediately I had to use the bathroom. I was releasing a lot of burning sulfur from my intestines. Wow, I know KNEW this was the real deal. My eyes have appeared to be brown my whole life. They are getting lighter every year, and by releasing that dark sulfur I am even more confident they will at one point turn blue, their natural state. More on that on a later post. I now had a new sense of energy, a lightness and a brightness of thought. Everything appeared more crisp and clear.


About 5 more days after my 48 hour fast, I decide I am going for a 72 hour one, a whole 3 days and nights. I am so pulled towards this, I cannot stop myself. I have to. I am confident and calm, and feel no fear at all. Only an eagerness from my body.

The first day was great, nothing much to report. I had been eating my normal fruit and herbs diet prior, and felt content going in. Day two was the toughest one. I was hungry, I felt emotionally uneasy, and my stomach was bloated and nauseated. I kept busy by working on my latest book, and pretty much stayed focused on that. Remember, when detoxing, the emotional release can be heavy and strong.Be prepared for anger, tears and sadness. It is all ok, your cells are releasing old memories and toxins. I had no dryness in the mouth, and not real weakness at all. My head was super clear, and my confidence was very strong. Day three was a much better day though. Except for some weaknesses in my legs and some dizziness when getting up a bit too fast, I felt fine. I went for a short walk, but stayed close to my home. This was new f´ground for me, and we must always play safe. I have been at this for a large number of years, so I know my body pretty well. Fear is the largest obstacle to healing, so until you are out of fear, do not dry fast, that is my recommendation.

This time around my heart was beating fine the whole time. The pulse stayed steady, and the hunger subsided. I didn’t sleep to well, but that was ok. It is all ok. This is another thing. When you are detoxifying your body, remember what that IS! It is the release of toxins, and it is NORMAL to feel it. It is ok, you do not have to feel well. The amazing healing crises, another blog post for sure! Now, on this 3 day dry fast my kidney filtration was amazing. Go to my FB page and see the pictures that I posted. WOW! Dry fasting really opens those puppies. After 2 days in dry, I saw the same filtration that I have only seen after 30 days on grapes only. This is how powerful this is.


After the 3 day experience I have felt better than I can remember. I KNOW and feel that deeper healing has taken place, not only on the physical level, but on a spiritual level as well.


I am now preparing to go on a new fast, and the goal is to exceed the 3 days and go for 4-5 days. I am listening to my body, so no time is set in stone. I will keep you updated. I am then travelling to spend a few months in sunny Florida, and will embrace the sun and the ocean. The healing effects of sunshine and grounding is such a blessing. Walk with me, and we will see the truth as it is revealed to all of us.


At the base of most severe symptoms is a non-filtering set of kidneys. This is one of the most important keys to great health. Look for filtration by peeing in a clear glass jar. Hold it to the light and look for sediment. You are looking for anything that floats around in your urine. It might look like small particles, like small snowflakes, or a stringier mucus looking sediment. If the urine is cloudy, you can let it sit overnight, and watch if any sediment will settle at the bottom. You want the sediment in your urine. It is telling you that your kidneys are filtering out the lymphatic waste. If it is, the body will able to detoxify at a more rapid pace. This has nothing to do with the color of the urine. In general, the color simply indicates how much you have been drinking. If your urine is clear, you know that it is your main focus moving forward, to get your kidneys to filter.


Self-empowerment is about taking charge and responsibility. Through feeling powerful one becomes fearless. When one becomes fearless, life becomes limitless.


When we change and take charge, we are owning our whole life; past, present and future. To change the future, we have to change our perception of the past. By realizing that even our past is for us to embrace and take responsibility for, a shift happens. You have become the authority instead of giving that power to someone else. Every time we give someone the opportunity to change our emotions and our feelings, we are giving them power, making them the boss. It does not matter what the situation is, if it has been, or if it is what you believe it is going to be. It’s all about you, about your readiness to own it all. You are the most powerful being in your life, and the one that holds the key to change everything.

Keep walking and keep exploring. Your health depends on it.

Love and bliss


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