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It is time to let the bullshit go!

You do NOT have to go through a major live altering crisis to wake up to your own amazingness!

Even though I, and many others have had to do just that, you absolutely do not have to. I know that when you feel comfortable and secure, not much can make you want to change, and that is fine. When your life is no longer what you want it to be, it is no longer fine, even though you might believe that it is.

It is not ok to not be in good health, to thrive and to love your life. It is not what life is about. From my experience the above statement might even be a provoking one, as I might seem to be preaching happiness and health as something easy and accomplishable for all. Well, that is very close to the truth. We ARE designed to be healthy, and it IS natural to be happy. It is so natural that the body will strive to be just that, every second of the day, every day of the week. Stop and think about that for a minute. If the body is really trying to be healthy at all times, what about all the symptoms that you might be feeling? The ones NOT reminding you of perfect health? The headaches, the back ache, stomach pains, migraines, blood sugar issues, and all that other crap that you might believe you were handed down from your parents.

That is all part of the bullshit that we need to let go of. The belief system that is holding us back, and the self sabotage that is keeping us stuck. Every time you feel it in your soul, your stomach or your heart; when your body is talking to you and you still do not do what you KNOW is needed, you are holding on to this bullshit.

You have probably heard me say that we are what we eat, think, feel and focus on, and that is the truth. If that is so, then what are you creating right now? What are you talking to your friends about? Bullshit? What are you thinking about, reading about, and watching on Television? ( A device I stopped turning on many years ago).

So, here is the point that I want you to ponder upon:
  • If YOU are the one in charge of your whole life, and there is nothing, no one that could or CAN stop you from achieving what it is that you desire, then what?
  • If YOU are the ONLY one that has any power over your thoughts and your actions, now what?
  • If YOU are the only one that is in charge of your healing and well being, would you change anything?
  • If YOU are the one that has the power to change anything in your life, would you?

As long as you are aware of that power, your whole life changes because now you can OWN it. You can choose to be completely bullshit free. No more listening to it, speaking it or engaging in it. Even though you have your own story, struggles and challenges, it doesn`t mean you cannot let go of what is no longer serving you. One step at the time you can step out of that dis-empowering path. You CAN! You are powerful and you are the BOSS!

I use the word bullshit, because there is a ring to it that implicates that it is not important, it is not real and it is not true.

Anything that is not leading you to where you want to go,

anything that is not serving your goal,

anything that is not true, kind or necessary,

anything that is taking away your energy,

anything that is not healthy or regenerative,


Don’t wait until your life tells you it has had  enough, like I did, before you lighten the load. Let it all go right now, you will be so glad you did. There are many ways that leads to Rome, or they all do. Still, some basic tools, maps and guidelines will save you the go around. Spend more time in nature, and be still for awhile every day. How will you ever hear what your life is telling you if you don’t take the time to listen? Not the kind of listening that you do with your ears, and it is not your mind-speaking and chatter I am talking about. I am talking about when Spirit talks to your heart, or  your heart speaks to your soul. Any way you want to put listening to the true connection with the Source  or God itself. The life force that we are all a part of is always there. We just need to listen.

Here is me reading a few snippets from my book from HELL to Inspired. Putting it out there has been very special experience, and I hope you will benefit from reading it.



“By realizing that being sick and tired is not at all natural, the road to a better way of living reveals itself. The road less travelled is always open, though often very well hidden. By this I mean that no matter if we see the solution or not, it is always there. The road to freedom and healthy living is not a main street, it is far less traveled. One of the greatest obstacles I find when presenting my experience and thoughts on true health is that it is not mainstream. Being open to new ideas and non-scientific truths can be a real challenge. I was desperate in my quest for remedy, so my old beliefs were easily shredded. I was in too much pain to care.” Hilde Larsen

Stay positive and stay on point. Create and play, as life is all about just that!


You can get my book HERE

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