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Health is easy, change is hard!

Why is it that even though you KNOW what you need to do, you keep on holding on to the same old stuff that keeps you from shining and thriving?

What is it that keeps you from changing your ways, even though what you are doing is not good for you?

Those are questions that me, other practitioners, and I am sure even YOU are wondering at times. The majority of people are actually perfectly caple of  figuring out what to do to better their health and life. Even if it is not about health, but about relationships, most people know what to DO. So yes, YOU know alot about what to do, deep down we all do. The question is will you DO it? Will you be brave enough to make the changes that is necessary? I say that health is easy, because it is simplistic. It is natural and it is obvious. Once you let go of all the resistance, you will see it very clearly. I know all about that, believe me. First hand experience  puts everything into perspective.


The key word is CHANGE. We have been so conditioned to be followers, habit lovers, fear-ridden believers in what others think and say, that we have simply turned off the inner power button. The button that will guide you in the direction of your OWN perfect path.


It does not matter who you are, or if you need to change your diet or job situation. It does not matter what you tell yourself, CHANGE is what is needed, and change is what most people are resisting. We often stay where we are, stuck, unhappy and completely dis-empowered, rather than stepping up to change.


I have found that taking full responsibility for every action and  re-action, will leave you with no choice but to do what you need to do to change. Don’t get me wrong, it is ok to be where you are, and it is ok to not feel your best. As long as you own that responsibility, you can own the actions needed. As long as you KNOW that you are the one in charge of how you live and feel, you might look at your life differently.


I was so stubborn, I was not at all eager to listen to my inner voice. Looking back, it is a miracle I am even here, that is how stubborn I was. So helplessly conditioned to keep up the fasade, the appearance and the life that I knew. Even though I was hurting myself, and even though I KNEW what I needed to do, I would not listen. Guess what? I was the one having to lie in the bed that I made, and that goes for all of us. To me, the one most single thing I want to get across when I am asked for help and advice is this: Take full responsability and get ready to CHANGE!


It saved my life, and it took me out of my HELL.


When you want to feel better physically, you need to change what you are eating, thinking and feeling.


When you want to feel better emotionally, you need to change what you are thinking, feeling and eating.


Always, cause and effect, always.


You see, the outlook on life is what keeps you locked in, or what opens you up to new experiences.


Embarking on any journey that requires change, will require a dose of inspiration and eagerness. It will require that you are ready, so to speak. Together with being open to new things and ideas, having the true deep-rooted desire for health is crucial. It is vital for the level of success that you will accomplish. You might not believe that you are ready, but you might feel called or spoken to, through a book, an article, or a video. Follow the lead, always. One thing will lead to another, always showing you the next step.


When you are ready to change, events and occurrences might seem as if they are happening out of the blue, but they never are. Nothing is random, and nothing is shown to us by accident. You are right here, reading this book, because this is where you are supposed to be. We are all in this together, and the reason that our paths have crossed is a part of your journey, and mine. Even when we are not ready to change, to take the leap of faith and dive right in to freedom, once we see truth, that seed has been planted. Once we have seen that opening, the way home, once we have felt that hope, and heard that whisper, it is hard to ignore. Impossible I might even say. Looking the other way, and holding on to what is already there, is easy. Change is hard. Still, it does not matter, as it was never about easy. Easy is overrated and anyone can do it. This is why so few will step up and take charge of their own lives, it takes some balls and a dose of determination and trust.


The uncertainty, and the seemingly lonely part of the trail, can be overwhelming and challenging, but when YOU are ready, it does not matter. Where you are going is calling you so beautifully, and the closer you get, the more beautiful the calling will be. Trust me.


When you want something to change, change something!


Power up and GROW free!

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