Harvesting fresh living Kelp from the ocean
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Harvesting fresh living Kelp from the ocean!

I want to show you what Kelp looks like, and how it grows in the ocean. My husband took this short video while harvesting this weekend. I am at this minute enjoying the fresh powder, feeling blessed and lucky. Next time, we will get a better shot for you all, I promise. It is mid winter here, and one really need to pick a calm day, and harvest during low tide.

Living in Norway, by the coast, on the Norwegian sea, has a few great benefits. While the tropics have their ripe juicy fruits, we have the wild herbs and the kelp. The kelp I am harvesting is nothing like what I have been purchasing in any capsule or bag. This is fresh from the ocean, all pure living sea goodness. My love for the wild edibles includes the seaweed, the sea vegetables, and here, we have them in abundance, just outside my back  door.

What can I say, I love kelp!

Kelp is a fantastic source of nutrition, and is very high in iodine which is a thyroid fuel. It is mineral generally lacking in a modern diet. Iodine is one of the most important elements in our thyroid gland and it helps to regulate hormonal function in our the body. Proper amounts of iodine is important for  a functional metabolism and proper enzymatic activity throughout the body. It is often looked at as one of the most nutritional plants there is, AND you can eat it raw! Yes you can!

I am not at all for counting levels of substances that we can analyze and put into categories. I believe the body will balance and take what it needs at all times when we feed it what it right. All we need to do is to eat clean organic food, and we will never have to worry about lacking anything.

Kelp has a salty taste and can be used on salads and in dressings, eaten as it is, raw, or dried and grounded into a powder.

I have had periods when I have craved it big time, and I know that the kelp, the pure fresh ocean gold has helped my body in many ways. It is because of kelp’s support of the pituitary gland and the thyroid that makes it the superhero of super foods for nail and hair health. It is a great asset to any diet, and for me, on top of my fruits, berries, herbs, and some times some leafy greens, BAM! You know nature, it is perfect.

My husband has been the boss of the kelp harvesting, the drying and the powdering. He has really got the hang of it. No kelp is safe when this guy brings his rake. Me, I have been the boss of eating it. Well, I have also been the boss of staying on top of the tide table. To be able to catch the fresh kelp, still growing from their roots, again, a calm seas and a low tide is a must.

I love every aspect of being self sufficient in any way I can. The wild available magic  is free, it is natural, it is organic, intact, as nature intended it to be. It is Gods creations, and it is ours to enjoy. The benefits of self harvesting herbs, wild edibles, sea vegetables, berries and fruits, goes way beyond their nutritional value. They are vibrating pure energy, and by spending time outside, in nature, we are bathing in negative ions. We are walking through rays of healing, releasing stress and toxic waste.

If you are ever able to harvest your own kelp, go get it!





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