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Celery Juice

The Celery Juice Hype – A Verdict from the Health Coach

I am the health freak that will try and do most anything to find out what it can and cannot do to benefit my own and my clients and follower’s health. I live by example, I walk my talk, and I make it my business to be open and curious towards everything.

I have spent the last 13 years studying health and nutrition, autoimmune, Lyme, parasites, gastrointestinal health and spiritual and mental connections to our healing capabilities. Coming from real suffering, being bedridden for years, I know the value of real knowledge and guidance. I know the importance of hands on experience and to be able to learn from other people`s experiences.

If you are anything like me, you might be more skeptical towards simplicity than complexity. Drawn to that which sounds more advanced, scientifically proven even. Me, that route almost killed me.

Walking down a path with diagnosis and medications that slowly left me bedridden for many years. Literally. Lyme, severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, ulcers, gastritis, anxiety, heart arrhythmia and chronic hives to mention a few.

Still, I was skeptical. Trusting that which I had been conditioned to believe would be able to “fix” me. Not being aware of the amazing power we all hold, and the force of nature`s food and medicine. Not until I let go of everything I had been taught and opened my awareness. The book “From Hell to Inspired” Chronicles my entire journey.

If you are in a similar situation, you might find inspiration from reading it. It is the first of three books written on health and how to heal from any ailment.

Now, back to the celery juice.

People started asking me about this practice. My clients and followers wanted my opinion. My take. What was all the hype about? I put it to the test myself. 5 months on 16oz of pure organic fresh celery juice every morning on an empty stomach. Simple as that.

Note that personally I eat only fruits, so the celery juice will be even more potent. I have been eating nothing BUT fruits for the last 6 years, and nothing but a raw vegan diet for more than 12. Just to give you a perspective that will color the findings a bit. To me there will never be one diet that fits all. My protocols will vary depending on the weaknesses and health of each person. On the detoxification capacity, the mental and emotional health and the overall goal and motivation.



The first thing I noticed is that I felt very nauseated. Going through phases of analyzing if I was not accepting this juice very well as my body was thriving on fruits, or if this was my liver throwing out some old residue. Well, it was NOT the juice messing with me, it became an extra blessing and medicine. After years and years of being medicated, and even after doing liver flushes for years, feeling fab with my liver, there were still pockets of old gunk that was ready to leave.

I was led to enter a longer fast keeping the celery juice as my continuous morning routine. Nausea and all. Seeing how my body would dig deeper and deeper. Thinking THIS is not for the faint. I can clearly see how following my footsteps on this one would need support. I was expelling foul smelling gunk that was so deep I had to dig at this level to crack it open and release it. Wow!

This was no kidding. The celery juice was obviously teasing some EBV (Epstein Bar Virus) residue, tickling my drug deposits, chasing out and opening any other virus still hidden within me. After all those years.

I was intrigued.

My juice fast ended at day 84 and had consisted of nothing but celery juice, apples juice and orange juice. Simple pure juices. Never mixed together. (Read the full story about this fast in my article HERE!)


The combination that took my experiment to a different lever was the combination of juices I chose:

Celery: For viruses, digestion and cleansing capacity.

Orange: For its astringency and bio available calcium, on top of its kidney health properties.

Apple: Aiding digestion, liver and kidney health. An amazing healer.




At the end of this fast, my liver was throwing out old candida, through my skin. Hives was being released or revisited. The herb was breaking down the wall to my old stored proteins and invaders.


This is what has made me the most excited. I can see and feel how this juice has helped the body go even deeper into releasing hidden amoebas. Personally, I experienced an incident when I was 10 years old, of drinking contaminated well water that gave me a full body rash. Upon analyzing the water, they fund it to be highly toxic. What we carry and store, will eventually blow up as a health issue were do not cleanse and restore. Read a separate article on this topic.


I noticed that my stomach was working hard, releasing sulfur form the intestinal wall.


The third kidney. Trying to release what the kidneys cannot. BUT also, the skin very much reflects the liver and its health. My rashes reflected this. A liver-overload.



I also tested the celery juice towards many of my clients and I am impressed at some or the feedback. It is an herb that goes very well together with a high fruit and a raw food diet. Safe and mild although very potent, so start slow.

I would suggest starting with no more than 8oz a day. If THAT is too much, start with cucumber juice instead. Pure juice, nothing added. Then build yourself up.



According to the Medical medium drinking celery juice alone is crucial to reaping the benefits, so do not skip this part. Although great in any juice, especially with apples, ginger, lemon and parsley, this particular juice needs to be celery alone. Nothing added.


Any symptom of ill health has a cause, and it always starts with the lack of elimination. The missing release of waste. Not being able to eliminate lymphatic waste, leaving us constipated with an acidic body, degenerating, lacking its natural ability to regenerate and thrive. Both the lymphatic system and what we call our immune system falls under the same category according to Dr. Morse; The Eliminative and Immune System. They both work for elimination AND protection.

The lymphatic system protects the cells and acts as the septic system. Removing everything from waste caused by metabolizing fuel and nutrients, to by-products from simply breathing and moving. It also eliminates and help fight off microbes and bacteria.

Through diet, genetic weaknesses, environmental and emotional and mental stress factors and conditioning we are left diagnosed with so called diseases. Not realizing the body is a self-healing mechanism.

As we step out of the way, eliminating what is hurting us, the body will aim to restore once again, and this is where the celery juice has a place as I see it. Through aiding the elimination of viruses and bacteria, healing the stomach lining, calming inflammation and restoring stomach acid balance, it helps the body`s elimination of waste. Supporting the liver.

Calming inflammation:
Celery juice is believed to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This is why many will see results from adding this juice on top of their raw food, high fruit diet. Giving the body more strength towards elimination.

Celery pathogens, including unproductive bacteria and viruses such as Epstein-Barr (EBV), that can contribute to create it.

The autoimmune story:

Having been diagnoses myself with several so-called autoimmune diseases I know this is not something I buy into. The body does NOT turn against itself. It is always on your team. The body is simply reacting to acids, to proteins from viruses and pathogens in general. Watch for my online course on this topic. Pathogens such as viruses, including EBV and shingles. Any invader and unwanted amoeba.

The body makes no mistake. You and your body are on the SAME team, always.

This belief developed because by the 1950s, the medical world still had no explanation for why conditions such as Hashimoto’s, Graves’, lupus, RA Celiac, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, to mention a few are all labels of so called autoimmune.

According to Medical medium; “Celery is able to starve pathogens, plus it contains a multitude of undiscovered mineral salts that act together as an antiseptic. When these powerful mineral salts make contact with viruses such as Epstein-Barr, HHV-6, and shingles; bacteria such as Streptococcus; and other pathogens—troublemakers responsible for chronic illness—the salts begin to break down the pathogens’ cell membranes, eventually killing and destroying them. The cluster salts in celery work symbiotically and systematically to flush out toxins, dead pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, and pathogenic neurotoxins and debris from every crevice of the body.”



Food is energy, and more than looking at minerals and vitamins. We are talking about energy. About vibration. This is why eating a high fruit diet is so important. It will keep you energetically at your highest potential, allowing the body to rid itself of that which you do not need and benefit from. The more fruits you eat, the deeper the cleansing. Allowing your body to restore and regenerate.

We will restore through elimination, absorption, utilization and hydration.

The electrolytes in celery helps us to hydrate on a deep cellular level. Celery also stabilizes and supports the adrenal glands, offers stress assistance, and repairs damaged cells inside the liver. The adrenals are crucial to human health, controlling the kidneys and their ability to filter out lymphatic waste. I see this herb as a great asset to the already raw, living vibrant healing diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Also, strengthening the hydrochloric acid in our gut is always beneficial. We tend to believe we have too much stomach acids, while the contrary is the truth. Too little. Too low. From a perspective of having lived with ulcers I have experienced the devastating side effects of this through the H-Pylori bacteria which thrives in a more alkaline environment. The stomach acid is there to break down and kill pathogens. When impaired we suffer. The celery helps to strengthen the hydrochloric acid in the gut. It also strengthens the digestive system by helping to heal the liver, which leads to an increase in bile production, easing constipation and bloat.

This is what I see benefits from, and you might too:

  • Every morning, drink 16oz of celery juice on an empty stomach. Make it yourself and don’t put anything else in the juice. Plain celery juice. You can start slow, and build up
  • Wait 15 minutes after drinking the celery juice before you consume anything else.
  • Use organic celery whenever possible. If you’re using conventional celery, be sure to wash it especially well before juicing. You can soak is in ACV, Baking soda and lemon water. Use a tbsp of each and leave for an hour.


The bottom line is this:

The majority of our ailments, so called diseases and pains stem from lack of elimination. Leading to an acidic body, an overload of fungus and parasites, leaving us the perfect host for any invader. Our lymphatic waste should be filtered out by our kidneys. This is mostly visible waste, and we can see it with the naked eye. Wait a minute, are we not told that a clear urine is a healthy one? Well, the truth is that the urine should contain particles, strings, or be cloudy from lymphatic waste.

This is very simple to check by peeing in a jar. Not the typical thing to do, but very effective and revealing.  We are not looking at the color, as that will simply change by how much liquid we have consumed, we are looking for what we refer to as sediment. Sediment will look like stringy mucus strains, floating snow-globe particles or just general cloudiness.

Most likely, when you are not of great health, the kidneys are not filtering and there is serious work to be done. The skin being the third kidney, will often let you know how your kidneys are doing also. It has to eliminate lymphatic waste on behalf of the un-filtering kidneys. The tube is closed, so the skin must eliminate.

As long as we keep creating and ingesting more waste, we are building and holding on to more dis-ease creating acids.

Adding fresh fruits, juices, including celery juice will boost our health as we are addressing the cause. Alkalizing and hydrating. Leaving nothing but a healthy environment for healthy cells.


Health isn`t served as a juice,  a fruit or vegetable.

It comes from the body`s ability to cleanse and restore. Through regeneration. All we can do is to step back and let nature work through us, by adding in living raw electrical foods. Being aware of the toxic world that we live in. How infested we are, how poisoned and constipated we have become. Mind, emotions and physical cells, always connected. We are living the effect and the solution lays in taking care of the cause.

This is why I work with the three 3 major factors of health:

#1: The emotional and mental blockages.

#2: Regenerative detoxification through diet, oils, environment and botanicals.

#3: Parasitic/bacterial/viral and fungal infestations.


Together they represent health and vitality.

And wee are all worth amazing health.

We are designed to be healthy.

Stepping out of the way can lead us back.

To nature.

To natural.

Make sure you watch my full free webinar HOW TO DETOXIFY THE RIGHT WAY!

I specialize in:

Autoimmune, Lyme, Digestive Health, Chronic Fatigue, Parasites, Candida, Spiritual and Mental Health.


Hilde Larsen

Health/Mindset Coach/Author/Speaker/Detox Specialist/Life-Enthusiast

Work With Hilde | Inspired by Hilde





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  1. A great post, thank you Hilde. I have been on and off celery juice, unsure if it’s REALLY doing what they say, and your post has reassured me.

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