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10 False beliefs holding back your progress

10 False Beliefs Holding back your Progress


“A woman walks towards me. Dressed like a doctor, she is calling my name. I feel dizzy. I never did like hospitals. We are walking past a large display of metal joints. What a cheerful way to decorate, is my thought, as I follow this woman to her office. What would one accomplish by using joint replacements as decorations? Maybe it is the interior architect speaking, but seriously. That cannot be a good thing. I am still freezing.  It is hard to walk, and I am happy to see a chair.

“Please sit,” she says. She doesn`t have to tell me twice. She examines me, my fingers, my toes, my knees, reads some of the forms and looks at me;

You will have a meeting with the special aids department tomorrow. They will provide you with what you need.”

She is not taking her eyes of my paperwork while she speaks. I cannot think of any special aids that I will need, but that’s the least of my worries at this point. What can this woman tell me about getting well and back to work?

What are the prognosis?” I stutter.

 “When will I be able to get back to my life?”

This is what I have come here to find out. No one has been able help me figure out what is going on in my body, and now I am relying on this woman to help me. Maybe she is the one that can get me back to my life. Now that she has the terrible label of Rheumatoid Arthritis to go with the Lyme and everything else, I am all ears.

So, what`s the plan?

You have a serious autoimmune condition and will never get well again”.

She says.

Unaffected, she looks at me and tells me; “You will have to be medicated for the rest of your life and will need more aids to take care of yourself as the years go by. You will never lead a normal life again” she continues…”READ BOOK HERE

This is a snippet from my own journey, from my life about living through what I perceived as hell. My own hell, created by my belief system, my physical pain and my emotional suffering and despair. My programming about health and illness was a common one, and not that special. What makes the story stand out in the crowd is that I, by choosing me and life, broke free from the chain of disease. I tore down my own walls of lies and false information, and I walked towards the truth. I found my own inner power, and my own sovereignty, and am able to see beyond the veil of fear and helplessness.

I believed in the above story for years and had been conditioned my whole life to do so. This is what I was told, and what I was shown. When you get sick, you go to a doctor, you take a pill and you get better. If you don´t, you are in trouble, or worse.  You can end up chronically ill, and most likely die. If there is nothing they can do for you, you are fucked. This is a typically western belief system, the very short version of it. It takes a lot to break out of a strong deeply rooted pattern, but we can do it. If I can do it, you can do it.

We all have false beliefs, all based on our history and lives. Our past lives, the present one, and maybe even the fear of our own future. This is a lot of fear, and it can becomes us.

Off the top of your head, you might say that you fear nothing. Take a minute to reconsider. Fear is lingering behind everything that you are not happy about in your life. Let`s look at some of the most typical life-altering, game-changing fears that us running our behaviors and beliefs. Fears are the same as lies. When we live our truth, we become fearless.


#1 I can never get healthy.

Why do we fear taking charge of our own health? In the western world of medicine, the medical doctor is perceived as the authority on health, and the person to go to when a symptom arises. The doctor is who is in charge of our health, through medications and surgery. The language and the medical terms used are not presented to be understood by the layman. This separation in communication has kept us feeling inferior, and the doctor the absolute educated one. By giving away our power so completely, we have separated ourselves from the fact that we are our own authority. We forgot or were never told that our body talks to us, and that the listening part is the key to any great relationship. From the standpoint of living a life being completely stripped of any authority towards one`s own health and healing, we carry this deep belief that the answer and the solution is found in a pill or at a doctor`s office or hospital.

You might have watched relatives and family members suffer for years with chronic diseases, or you have heard your parents go on about how the medications are helping them. Remember, everything you have ever heard, seen or experienced has downloaded to your subconscious, forming your belief. You become a believer in chronic, genetic illnesses, suffering and the easy fix-it-all pill.

You have been taught that you are not the authority on your own health, and that your body is not going to fix itself without someone who knows what they are doing. You are left with the belief that you are not your own master, you are not the boss of your health, and you are most definitely not the one to look towards when in need of any form of healing.

Personally, I have experienced many examples of how humans cling to their beliefs and fears, and how they ultimately suffer from it. I have seen people who suffer from stage 4 cancer, after they have been told they are going to die within a few months, still not wanting to change anything. They will rather die than do something different. Their doctor tells them they have a few months to live, and they accept it rather than rebel and search for other possibilities.  The spouse of someone in this situation told me they did not want any “false hope”. That tells me it is easier to accept anything, as long as it is a sure thing, even death and pain.  The doctor is ultimately right. The message is that leaving everything in the hands of others, leaves you powerless.

“Because there is no glory in illness. There is no meaning to it. There is no honor in dying of.” ― John Green

The belief system that tells us health is not ours to have, comes from the feeling that something is wrong with us. We fear not being ok, not being enough. The more we are presented with the term disease or sickness, and the more we have been introduced to the medical establishment, the more we will believe is wrong. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with us at all. We are experiencing a health that is a product of our lives and our handed down weaknesses. That simple.

If you have lived in an environment where you were being constantly critiqued, you will also believe something is wrong with you. You see, the subconscious mind does not analyze anything, it just accepts what you accept. You train it so to speak. If you don`t want it to be your reality, don´t believe it.  By living you practice your beliefs.

Believing that you can never get healthy is an old false programming stemming from what you have seen, experienced, but also what you feel about yourself through perception. How can you get healthy of the doctor tells you otherwise? Are you smarter than him/her? Do you know better? Who do you think you are? Why would you be worth a true healing, when others don’t experience it? What makes you special? Together with the feeling of not being worthy and loved, you have a cocktail of pain and suffering, BAM!


#2 I am stuck and cannot do better.

When we are stuck we are obstructed, constipated and feel helpless. We are not in the flow of life, and we are holding ourselves back. We might be overwhelmed by situations or people, not feeling in charge or in control. Feeling stuck is a sign that you are seeing yourself as a victim of your experience. You have been programmed to see yourself as someone who has no influence on your own life. Maybe you grew up in a large family, where you had to follow everybody else`s wishes. Maybe you were told that you didn`t know anything, and that someone had to make the decisions for you. No matter the situation, you have been falsely programmed to believe that you are helpless and not capable of moving forward on your own. You believe that you have to stay where you are and wait for someone else to make a move for you.

The typical scenario that will make you a perfect candidate for the Icannot-do-better price is when you drop your diet, drop out of school and skip the art course, all in the name of not being able to make it anyway. What is the point? What is the point in doing this, when I never make it anyway? Can you hear someone speaking these words to you? Can you hear a bird whispering in your ear? Maybe someone indicated, however so loosely that you were not the brightest one, or that you would never be able to make it.

Sure, you are stuck, and sure you cannot do better. WRONG!

All false, all bullshit!

You can, you will, and you are.

Believing that you are stuck and cannot do better is a grand lie and has nothing on your new reality. It is nothing but a lie that comes from the fear of failure. The fear of not being enough. Who cares? You are as good as anyone. Amazing actually.


#3 I will always be poor, poor me.

Another lie, and such an easy one to buy into. Obviously, we will all have a conception of what money is and holds, from what we have experienced early on. The interesting thing is that that people can have very different feelings and beliefs towards money. I am talking same background, even siblings. One might see money as something out of reach, something he or she longs for. Another will see money as evil, as something that gangsters have access too through crime and bullying. A third person look at money as something that can be used to help others, to create healing and build hope. Then having a lot of money can be seen as being able to live effortlessly, enjoying the life one sees as optimal, with less worries and more play and service towards others.

The potentials are endless, and the way you look at money, is only a part of your belief system. The poverty consciousness is derived from the belief that there is purity in being poor, and sainthood in giving up everything you own. The sense that there is glory in being poor, leaves having money the result of greed and ego. That is another topic entirely. When you believe that you can never get rich, or have enough money, this is the story you are telling yourself. The poverty-story. This pattern of believing money is evil is one of the most common reasons people shy away from financial abundance. It doesn`t matter where we come from, we all have an understanding about money.

Money is also a subject to greed and envy. It can be used as a threat, a collateral, a bate, motivation, help, aid and fun. Being poor can be a way out of having to deal with any of it. It can be an escape from responsibility, choosing to stay out of the money game. With money comes responsibility and work. Fear of money can be fear of responsibility. Fear of money can be fear of appearing to be better than someone else.

This pattern also has deep roots in not feeling worthy. You might simply believe that you are not worth being abundant. You don`t see yourself as being good enough, smart enough, kind enough or lucky enough. No matter what you have been conditioned to believe around money, as long as it is not presenting you with the life you desire, it is false, plain and simple.


#4 I am never good enough.

“Nothing I do is ever good enough. People are constantly putting me down, criticizing me. Always showing me how dumb I am, how stupid I must be. I am never validated for what I do, always ignored. No matter what I do, it is never enough. I feel so inferior, it is not fair, life is not fair.”

When we have been led to believe that we are not good enough, it is always an imprint from very early childhood. It is one of the core beliefs that so many of us has had to carry.

A true freedom-sucker.

For you as an adult to actually believe that you are not good enough, you would have had to been brainwashed, right? And you were. The smallest of comments and episodes will imprint as this belief in a child. A parent, a teacher, a friend even. Even a five -year old friend holds the power to program your subconscious. Every time someone said something that validated an already present little seed, it grows and magnifies. It becomes even more true every time it is revisited.

Never being good enough will also keep you from being successful, and that can be a curse or a blessing, anyway that it fits you the best. You can wallow in the poor-me energy, or you can relax in the; success is not my business, I can just rest over here and not have to take charge or show up in my life. One false belief can have several core roots, so to speak.

“I am never good enough” is also a reflection of disempowerment. The spoken words of a victim and a sufferer. It tells you that you also believe that it is not your fault, and that others are not treating you right. Your subconscious is tricking you to believe that anything but your own inner power and standard is what sets the stage for what is good enough. You are always good enough, and that is a fact.


#5 Life is hard.

All you need to do is to look around, and you will find proof that it is true. People are struggling, working hard and facing devastating obstacles. We are constantly bombarded with news and stories of tragedy and heartache. We are faced with fear-based propaganda everywhere we turn. We have been told how hard it is to succeed, and how we will have to work hard for anything in life. This is very easy to believe, and another victimizing lie.

First of all, working hard is not the same as having a hard life. Looking at life as hard is perceiving it as a struggle. The opposite of joyful, free flowing and educational. We can look at a glass half full or half empty. Life is hard or not, according to our belief system, our inner terrain and our awareness. The hard life is a chosen one, and to break free from that chain of beliefs takes a lot of guts, bravery and persistence. Why? Because you need to break free from the perceptions of the masses and being different is challenging for most.

From living this life on this Earth, most people have bought into the belief that living can be hard. We have all had our ups and downs in life, and that is simply called life. Having an hour of frustration or experiencing a minute of anger is simply life flowing through you. Staying there is something else. Believing life is hard is a false belief that also brings up fears. No one wants to struggle. We all want to be happy both forever and after. The struggling-is-normal belief is a common acknowledged truth, therefor deeply rooted in the whole society that we live in. The more validations we find for our beliefs, the harder they are to let go of. Bravery is needed.

Life is what it is. You define it. That “life is easy” can be an equally strong illusion, dictating that there will be no challenges. The label you put on anything will lock in the path that you pave. The moment you realize that life was never hard, it just is, you have your ultimate freedom of creating. The illusion of hardship is shattered. You are a creator, not a victim.


#6 I cannot make it on my own.

The fear of being alone or feeling lonely keeps growing in our society. We live closer together than ever, in larger cities, yet we feel lonelier. Larger companies are hosting teambuilding events, we have meet ups, PTA, and anything from boy`s clubs to family camping trips. We are more social, almost to the point of hysteria at times, and still we feel less connected to each other.

What belief system that is run by the subconscious mind would trigger such a longing for connection, yet leave you feeling lonely in the midst of a crowd? This is our disconnection from our inner being talking. This is how far we have strayed from who we really are. It is a symptom of not being connected to the God force and the trust in life itself. We are introduced to religion and the belief that we are separate from God, and that life is something happening outside ourselves. False.

Now to the topic at hand, the not being able to make it or stand alone, to not be the only one you need to succeed. Here we have a very obvious tale that has been imprinted. How easy it is to pick up on not being enough on your own. I mean, who doesn`t need help? Who doesn`t need support? No man is an island, right? Well, the truth is that we all stand alone, yet together as one. We are all the perfect manifestation of creation, with the power to change, create and to choose. Making it on your own does not mean being alone or being lonely. It simply means you are taking charge and stepping up, like the boss that you are.

Any belief that tells you there is something you cannot do is false, period. There is nothing you cannot achieve with time, persistence, enthusiasm, inspiration, work and dedication, nothing. Believe it, you are enough.


#7 I am too young or too old.

I remember when being past 30 was considered old. I was a child, and my grandmother was dressed like an old lady. She sat in a chair, knitting, and always wore a dress and a hat. The concept of ageing has changed, and I am feeling younger every day.  Society molds our concept of age. How to dress, that illness to get, how to look and what to do. Even a young child can tell you how life will progress as we age. We are you, healthy and vibrant, beautiful, then successful, going for youthful, maybe some cosmetic surgery, a chronic illness, retirement with as little discomfort and movement as possible, then death. Ultimately from an illness, in a nursing home, on medications.

The assumption that ageing is restrictive leads us to the idea that it can be used as an excuse or a point of retreat or resistance. This conclusion reflects nothing but low self-esteem issues and ignorance. It shows the symptoms of not feeling good enough, not being self-confident and secure. Age can be used as an excuse why they are experiencing a set-back, or lack or success. Depending on the individual, on his or her background, age, gender and education, something will fit. Too old, too young, too tall, too small.

That being said, the subconscious is not a single component device, rather a complex soup kitchen, where every single drop of information, truths and non-truths have been boiling for a ling-time. What shows up in our expression from fear and uncertainty is a mixture of our entire soup recipe. It can get really messy and can amount to quite the cleaning job.

You are never too young, and you are never too old. The time is always right, when you are ready.

Age is an honor, and youth is fresh and enthusiastic.

Wisdom does not have a direct link to age, inspired or youthful living. There is more to it, than the number of years traveled around the sun. This false belief is keeping us in the chains of restriction, spoken over us from ignorance and insecurity.

Such bullshit.


#8 The world is against me.

When the broken record in the brain is playing this tune, pain and suffering is the only dance happening on the floor. Nothing will fall into place with this severely distorted illusion present. The world can never be against us. Not in any way, shape or form. Not possible, not ever. The world is a part of us, as everything is connected. If anything, we are supported beyond our imagination, and nothing happens against or to us, life is always happening for us.

From a child`s perspective, the experience that has set this train into motion has been very hurtful, and most likely on a continuous basis. This does not have to be abuse as an adult would label it. A child has its own perception and world view. When we feel abandoned, not loved or heard, it is detrimental. The child believes that truth instantaneously. The experience of the world being a place that is cold and going against ones needs and desires becomes an expectation.

Do you ever think that it is typical that good things do not happen to you? Your world view is to blame. You have some beliefs that needs to be put straight. The world is reflecting how your subconscious and conscious mind are wired at all times, not leaving any room for chance. When your mother or father told you that you couldn`t go to the dance when everybody else were going, they were taking on the role of playing out your world view. Your belief could now grow stronger and bigger, easily inviting in more truths to join the party.

Our world view has some absolutes that we cling to for our dear lives. They are challenged when we are told that the world works for us.

  • Bad things don`t happen to good people.
  • Life should be fair.
  • Young people don`t get sick.
  • Work is always hard.

Not until the false beliefs are deleted, and the void is filled with the essence of truth, will you feel how the world is at your service. How the whole Universe is at your feet, offering co-creation and constant evolving teachings, and a place for growth and inspiration.


#9 I cannot trust people.

When you have been lied to, let down, left and abused, off course trusting people is an issue. Not that it is a valid truth, but it is easily traceable. The origin is naked to the eye, and not only that, it is a sympathetic one, meaning you will get support to keep the viewpoint.

The trust issue is a deeper one, and most likely it was already there when the untrustworthy people shows up in your life. Already it was a part of your belief system subconsciously. Hard to believe that a little child would be included in my statement, but children pick up patterns from the womb, and if you are digging for gold, past lives have a tendency to cling to our genetics in a way that easily transfers some deep rooted false beliefs.

Not trusting others, is a self-trust issue, a lack of self-worth and self-love. When you point to others, thinking they are capable of hurting you, you are giving away your own power 100%. It was never about them. It was always about you. Once you realize that no one can do anything against you, but rather act and behave as a reflection of their own state, you will no longer feel the need to hold on to this belief.

To be able to trust is to be able to flow. To be able to flow, is to be able to receive. To be able to receive, is to be able to give. Giving is the flow of living.


#10 I will never find true love.

We are all seeking to be loved, validated and to fit in. It is natural to want to feel like you are part of a community. We are a tribal species, and do very well in support, trust and love for each other. Most importantly we are love. We are the expression of God, the love for all and ourselves. We often say that we do not love ourselves, and I have also mentioned lack of self-love. It is a perceived lack.

The true love is obstructed by the false beliefs. The brain is nothing but a device, an organ. It is not a truth keeper, very far from it.

If you are experiencing not being loved by friends or family, or that you are seeking a partner, and not finding one. If you have been in relationships that reflects to you that you are not loved, you are mirroring your inner beliefs. They always want to be proven right.

How could someone love you?

  • You are not lovable.
  • You are not pretty enough
  • You are not smart enough
  • You are not sexy enough
  • You are not kind enough
  • You are simply not enough

No wonder nobody loves you, right? Wrong! Someone told you this nonsense a long time ago. Once you believed them, you started to tell yourself this. Nothing beats telling ourselves the lies. It makes it even more powerful. No one we would trust more than ourselves, right? Right!

Not being worthy is a deeply rooted core belief. Our whole being feels separate from God, and from separation comes the fear or not being enough. Not worthy is a term that covers anything that touches upon lack in any shape or form. Abundance flows to the worthy. Prosperity and glory to the one who is complete. Not so, we are all complete, only we cannot see it from behind the vail of untruths.

The programming of false beliefs is always a complex cocktail of little hints and expressions, coming through as a truth, all saved and presented stronger and firmer every time it is revisited.

At the core of any false belief of programming is the lack of self-love. The curse and the blessing. A true blessing, as we are in charge of loving ourselves, and once we realize this, we can start nurturing ourselves and build a solid foundation for a life of strong and healthy beliefs and creative forces.

We have gone through some basic lies that keeps us from achieving our ultimate goals and happiness. That is our objective, to be happy. Despite how good or bad we feel about our life, we want the same thing, happiness. What we want is the same, could our fears be the same also? Here are the topics that we looked at:

  1. I can never get healthy
  2. I am stuck, I cannot do better
  3. I will always be poor, poor me
  4. I am never good enough
  5. Life is hard
  6. I cannot make it on my own
  7. I am too young or too old
  8. The world is against me
  9. I cannot trust people
  10. I will never find true love

The interesting thing is that all of the topics leads to the same core fear, to not be good enough, to simply not be enough.

Who told us this?

We are so fearful of not being enough, we have lost our power completely.

Not being enough also means not loving ourselves.

How sad is that?

We need to get over it and love ourselves unconditionally.



Hilde Larsen

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