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Fruit up!

Eat the color, the juiciness, the fiber, the nutrition, the vibration, the hydration and the healing power of plain God given fruits! I know we have been told that fruits has too much sugar, that it is not good for us.

I know that old programming can be hard to turn around. I know from experience how tough it can be. I lived for 3 years with no fruits on a raw food diet. I was told that fruits would keep me sick. In other words, I was told that God made a mistake, by making the most sweet, juicy, colorful nutritional foods. They were not made for eating.

I stuck to a high fat diet consisting of greens and vegetables, oils, salt, nuts and seeds, believing it was an alkaline lifestyle. Well, the proof was in the pudding. My inflammation stayd the same, and my health was going nowhere. Not until I was able to break free and see the truth, did real healing begin. It began through detoxification. More to come on that topic!


In the mean time:

Be on the winning team, and fuel your body with food designed for man.

Be gentle with yourself, and say yes to the juices of life.

Be aware, and make better choices for your family.


Know that real food is health promoting.

Know that your health is in your hands.

Know that you always have a choice to be the best that you can be.


Feel the joy of eating organic clean living foods.

Feel the compassion from embracing nature.

Feel inspired from letting go what is not serving you.


Fruits are packed with vitamins micro-nutrients and minerals.

Fruits are hydrating to every cell.

Fruits are filled with fiber.

Fruits have the life force of nature it self.

Fruits are loaded with antioxidants.

Fruits are high in simple sugars which feeds every cell in the body.

Fruits are alkalizing to the body.

Fruits supports regeneration of cells.


Live in compassion for men and animals.

Live free of disease and suffering.

Live lightly on this earth and choose to be happy.



Have you been told that we are all different, that one diet does not fit all, that what works for one, might not work for another?


What you eat affect your body. It is all energy, it is a vibration, it is nature at its best. It is a natural part of this amazing creation that we are all a part of. Power up on your ability to stretch, change, leap and dance!

So, how different are we? Think about it. Here we are as humans, being born with identical chemistry in the sense that we all have the same make up of organs. Our glands and bodily functions are all the same. On the inside we do not differ at all. Every baby that is born will drink mothers milk if available, and if not, it will still be given the same to drink. After that, still the same as every other child in the same culture. If we look at nature, all species eat the same within their kind. Every Lion has the same diet, and every Gorilla does too. I am sure they do not even know their blood type. Do you know that while humans have 4 general groups of blood types, horses have ten?: A, C, D, K, P, Q, T, U, V, and W polymorphisms. They all eat the same foods, no matter their blood type or any other factor.

We are only as different as out weaknesses. That means that we are created equal, but have been passed down weaknesses from our parents. Animals do not typically have our lifestyle generated weaknesses, and there for all thrive on the same species specific diet.

You can not improve on nature, only raise your vibration to get in sync with it.


There are some interesting information that many will find worth looking into. There are Carnivores, Omnivores, Herbivores, and Frugivores. They all have different teeth, intestines and stomach, salvia production, stomach acids, general physique, and much more. These differences are indicating what they eat, and how they are able to gather and hunt their food. It also indicates how they are able to break down the food utilize and eliminate it. Carnivores kills other animals with their claws and tears them appart eating primarily their organs and drinking their blood. A Lion is a Carnivore



Omnivores will eat from the plant and the animal kingdom. A bear is an omnivore.

Herbivores eats only green plants and herbs. Some of them are also grazers, like the cows. A giraffe is a herbivore.

Frugivores eats primarily fruits, berries. and some tender leafy greens. They can easily grab ripe fruits off the trees.


As far as our genetic make up, we are frugivores. If we are all the same on the inside, how come we do not feel good on the same diet? How can it be that what one person thrives on, makes another person ill? Well, to me there is only one answer to that question. As we are all the same in the making, we are only different through our weaknesses. So, what that means is that we can only be as alike as how well our body is functioning.

As long as a body is clean and functioning as it should, it will thrive on the foods that it was made to consume. The great part is that any weakness can be balanced, and any so called genetic inheritage can be rewritten. Yes, we can rewrite our DNA!

What most humans are consuming today is very far from being foods from nature. We are not made to consume pesticides, fungicides, additives, carcinogens etc. We were made to eat FOODS. All this poison is making us acidic. It is making so many imbalances that we think we are different from each other. We think we need chemical medicine to function. An animal will only get a human dis ease when it starts eating human foods. Think about that, the food and health connection is huge! No matter how spiritual we get, it is all energy and foods are energy also.

You are what you eat, feel and think about.


Clean out the body, and feel how the awareness raises.When you do not eat up to your potential, you will know it. We all know it. There is no way we can eat what is not good for us and not know it on one level or another. The problem is that we are surrounded with so much toxic waste that our pineal gland is clouded. That makes is harder to connect with our inner wisdom. Once you detoxify your body, that will change.

Is diet the only key to great health and longevity? Off course not. It is all about raising the vibration through laughter, feeling good, meditation, visualization, fresh air, breathing, rest, movement, etc, etc. It is all connected.


Get inspired to do better, to be grateful for your beautiful body, by honoring it will real foods.


Eat real foods and connect with who you were meant to be!


Power up!

Hilde Larsen


2 thoughts on “Fruit up!”

  1. Hi Hilde, I’m wondering your thoughts on salicylates.. apparently I have to be on a low Sal eating plan and that cuts out most of the beautiful fruit and veg I love to eat.. also I have been told that with candida/fungus etc you should limit your intake of fruit because of the sugar – even though it is a natural type?
    I’m so confused and actually stumbled across your YouTube channel because I typed in “what to do when you have tried everything to heal”.. Thankyou for sharing so honestly, that alone has helped me muster a second wind to keep on going, to learn to live myself and my life.

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