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Everything is constantly changing

Everything is constantly changing, yet we seem to be resistant of change itself.

We have the power to change our lives, yet we most often do not want to own that power. It seems we would rather stay miserable than to change. We find some sort of comfort in the known, and we might hold on to it, even though it is hurting us.

Every day, every moment, holds a choice.

We can choose to be happy, free, loving, a good friend, helpful, and to take care of our bodies.

We can choose to smile, laugh and have a positive outlook on life.

We can choose to see the best in all, and to do no harm.

The list is endless, as life is a fluid manifestation of your constant choices.

It can be hard to take responsibility for our own lives, yet more and more people are doing it. Change is blowing, and more and more of us can feel the wind.

We are saying yes to organic natural plant foods, vaccine free lives, fairness, love, happiness, prosper, inner peace and kindness.

We are saying no to animal cruelty, and compassion is our game.

More and more people are standing up for what they believe in, educating themselves, seeing their own power and grace, and feeling the anticipation of positive change.

If you want something to change, change something, and remember, change is where the magic comes from.

The magic in your life is for you to create, every day, in every moment.

The power of change is blowing, and what that means to you, and your life, is YOUR decision, in every moment.

Stay graceful, loving, compassionate and joyful.

Make positive change your game.

Power up on the ability to choose!



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