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Are you running low on energy?

Do you feel like you are in need for some charging? Well, guess what, you have all the energy you need. You are a self rechargeable super power being.

So, what keeps your energy on low, and how do you recharge?

Actually you always have all the energy you need, you are a being of energy, of frequency. What makes a body feel low, run down, slow and sluggish is simply an obstruction of that energy. In other words, it can not run freely, and you feel tired, lethargic, fatigued and depressed even.

Every single cell in your body is made of energy, and every single cell is connected to each other. They communicate and work together. Their main goal is to to what is best for you, to serve your every need, to keep you alive, or to help you thrive.

When stress in any form enters the body, the cells rush to repair the damage. Always on your side.

When the body is overloaded with stress, the cells are using all available energy to right the wrong. Keeping the most vital processes going, and leaving you feeling low on energy. Your flow is obstructed, and “surviving-mode” kicks in.

What creates stress in the body?

Stress can come in many forms. Most people recognize these factors:

Having worrying thoughts.

Doing more than being.

Not getting enough rest and sleep.

Feeling fearful.

Being angry and resentful.

Eating and drinking non foods.

Not breathing enough.

Being in an toxic environment.

There are many more, as many as there are people.

So, how do you power up, and get your battery running at an optimal and thriving level?

First you have to take back that power, your power. YOU are in charge, and YOU are the change you have been waiting for.

Take responsibility and make some positive changes. Eat energy, drink energy, breath energy, and let go of all thoughts that does not serve you. If something does not make you feel good, let it go.

Start by letting go of all the toxic foods and drinks, that alone will cleanse and purify your body. Your emotions will follow, and you will be able to see your stressful patterns.

Power comes when there is more energy flowing than your body needs to do survive. Energy takes you from survive to thrive.

Real whole clean human food, love, sunshine, earth power and rest, all amazing potentials for energy. Everything is vibration, and everything has an energetic charge.

Love more, laugh more, and smile often. Know that you are in charge, and that you deserve all your energy! Once you are fully charged, you will never want to run low again. Make a choice, take a step in a new direction.

Let go!

Power up!



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