11 ways to change your mind for true healing
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True Healing

11 ways to change your mind for true healing!

We are all victims of our mind. What we think reflects every aspect of our lives, and it becomes like playing a game we do not even know we are playing.  I often talk about the mind game, referring to the stimuli and non-truths that we are constantly bombarded with. Our minds are fed and nurtured through our education, the media, our parents, and our bosses.  Authorities are feeding us what is serving the cause you might say, as there is always an agenda. To be a free-thinker, a self-serving and authentic human being, takes courage and strength.

To free ourselves from the belief systems that we have embraced and adapted, takes time and persistence. Luckily, through cleansing and rejuvenation, bull-shit does not stand a chance, only truth does. The truth shall set you free, but first it will piss you off.

We want our thoughts to be of a constructive nature, meaning positive for our health and life in general. We want our thoughts to reflect and draw forth the feeling-good emotions, which in turn will be healing to our cells.  For a thought to have any impact on our cells, it has to be associated with- or connected to a feeling. The feeling is what has the vibration, and the vibration is what connects with everything that vibrates, which means absolutely everything there is. This means that what we feel is the most important thing of all when it comes to programming our cells. The feeling is the language you might say. The feeling is what speaks the language which the cell will understand and respond to.

Feeling good is something we associate with certain outside events, externally created events. Although our conditioning has made us believe that is how it is, we can break free from that belief. Feelings are not us, and we can choose, through practice and letting go, how to we want to feel. Feeling good is a choice, and our life is created one thought, one belief, one feeling, and one bite of food at a time. The direction can be changed at any given moment.

The mindset of a healthy you, is the mindset of a winner. Now is the time to let your true power shine through, by taking control of your mind and emotions. When you know that you are in charge of your thinking, you are on your way, and as one thought changes, the rest will follow. Time is on your side, as the journey is the real destination.

How do you know what you have been programmed to believe?

This is very easy to answer: The old programming will show up as your need to speak about the disease, the broken relationship, or the terrible job and boss. Every time you feel the urge to tell a story of something that you would rather change, you know that you are in the mind-game-mode. As long as you keep telling that same old story of what you do not want, you are heading down that same old road. When we have the need to talk about what is not serving us, we know that we need to change. What we resist, persists, and what we talk about the most, we will keep creating more of.

How do you condition yourself for true healing?

  1. First of all, you must realize that the old programming is there. It is important to acknowledge the way that you have been thinking. The thinking might not be obvious, but your life is. So look at your life and see what you are living that is not what you would like it to be.
  2. Realize that the past is the past, and now is now. What has been has been, and now is when change can happen.
  3. Know that you, and only you, are the one in charge of your thoughts and feelings. This is a must. You really need to know you are the Head of operations.
  4. Be your biggest fan, and do not be shy. Once you realize how amazing you really are, you will wonder what you have been thinking. Bond up with you, your new best friend!
  5. Know that you are not a victim, and never really were. You are a co-creator and a master of your life, so feel, think and live like one.
  6. Get ready for the ride of your life. The roller coaster ride will be a trip, so be prepared. Prepare your mind and your environment. Make up your mind, pure and simple. Simply decide to do what you need to do and go do it. Once you have made up your mind, there is no looking back. There is no trying or maybe`s, there is only moving in one direction, forward.
  7. Get to know Mr. Trust and Mrs. Faith. If you have any doubts that you can do this, that your body can heal, thrive and regenerate, keep reading until you don`t. Trust and faith are great friends and followers until you know by experience. From then on, everything changes.
  8. Do not worry about what other people might say. They are all conditioned by their own programming and beliefs. Most of the time they only want what they think is best for you, although they might not know what that is. You do not need approval from anyone. This is about you, and your life.
  9. Be committed to the plan. Once you have made a protocol, either by yourself, or together with your practitioner, stay with it. Your health is worth it. You are worth it. There is no reason that is good enough for you to not succeed, not a single one.
  10. Be fearless of change, and welcome it like an old friend. Fear of danger is different, and must not be confused by the fear we are conditioned to have towards anything out of the norm or so called “accepted” conduct. Stepping outside the box, most often, will be challenging for people around us. Lose the whole concept of there even being a box. Act like the free and sovereign being that you are.
  11. Be unstoppable on your quest for health. Let nothing stop you from getting to where you want to go. If you fall, get back up.
Everyone has their own path, their own journey, and the one that does not believe it can be done, should never interrupt the person doing it.


 Health and healing is always about the solution, always. Do not look back unless you are going in that direction. Even so, we might want go back at times, to understand how we got to where we are at. But this is only to reveal a valuable lesson or insight on how to move forward. Every single experience has a valuable lesson to teach us, so in term, everything is always as it should be. We are here, right now, to learn and to move on. Every person we ever meet is our teacher, even though it might not feel like it at the time.

Start by conditioning your whole being for success. Talk, think and feel like the winner that you are. Your cells are listening to absolutely everything. To every thought and emotion, you have an audience, and it is what is called your life. When you think about your health, think about being healthy. When you talk about your health, be positive and enthusiastic. As your old programming loosens and a new mindset replaces it, what you are sending out will also be changing. This might result in some change in friends and associates, but that is ok. When friends leave, you know you are moving ahead. You will naturally be drawn towards those that have the same creative, positive, solution-based, loving mindset as yourself. New like-minded friends will eventually knock on your door, so don`t worry. Only those that were not of support for you will leave.

The process of healing will include every single part of your life. You cannot heal the physical body without healing the emotional one. It is all connected, and therefore you can start with a few single steps, and the rest will follow easily and effortlessly. You can change your diet, and your emotional body will start its detoxification process as well. You can start your meditation practices, your deep breathing and your letting go routine, and your will start loving yourself more and more. This will soon lead to taking better care of yourself by choosing food that nurtures. As your physical body is healing, your mind is getting clearer, your emotions are balancing out, and your relationships are changing for the better.

Do not worry, nothing is under control. It is all aligning just as it should, and out of chaos comes order.

For more reading on this topic, and every other topic related to true healing, check out my book Know the TRUTH and get HEALTHY! It is a toolbox for anyone on a healing path.

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