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Coaching With Hilde

Initial Health And Success Package​

Connect with me for a one-on-one initial consultation. Let’s get together and make sure you get on your way to your amazing healthy successful life.


Follow-Up Empowering Session​

Need to check in and keep yourself accountable? This is for you who have already had the initial consultation, and want to stay on top of your game.


The 3 Month "Your Healthiest Life" Program

Do you have a deep desire to live a healthy and happy abundant life? If you are ready to step up and heal your life, this program is for you.

$650/mo x 3

The 3 Month "Cut the Crap Mindset Strategy" Program

Do you know what you want, but you can’t seem to get there? Let me teach you how to access that within yourself.

$650/mo x 3

Hilde's Signature 24-Week Healing Program

When you are ready to commit, this is for you. 24-Weeks is the time it will take to take you through every aspect of your health. Effortlessly, WITH the support you deserve.

$4,299 or 6 x $750

Hilde's Complete Reset & Detoxification Program

Follow this easy-to-follow guided program towards health and rejuvenation. Learning and experiencing what feeling energetic and positive really feels like.


Hilde, you dear woman, this is exactly why I was led to you. What a blessing. This is so much more than what I hoped to receive from our consultation, and I am truly amazed with tears in my eyes, reading all that you have suggested, intuited… and through your wisdom, have created a new healing path for me to walk. Thank you so very much.
JD Washington

Membership & Online Programs

Inspired Tribe Membership

The Inspired Membership

Connect with me for a one-on-one initial consultation. Let’s make sure you get on your way to your amazing healthy successful life.


The 5-Day Detox Program

Regain & Restore Your Health By The Power of Detoxification. Learn How To Remove Waste So You Can Heal, Rejuvenate & Lose Weight…


The Optimal Health Blueprint

This is the course I wish I had access to when my own health and life fell apart. All you need to do, is to show up.


Stop Sabotaging Your Health

This is an audio course designed to you who is struggling with health, relationships, career and other issues


WordPress - Online Shop 2 - How to Detoxify the Right Way

How to Detoxify the Right Way

This is an audio course designed to stop confusion and misconception about detoxification. This course is all you need to detoxify the right way!


Dearest Hilde, I wanted to thank you so much for the amazing Optimum Health Blueprint program! You gave me everything for me to feel clarity in my health journey. It is so comprehensive and detailed in every facet of my mental mindset and physical health. I am very INSPIRED! I feel with the program videos, I have you right by my side cheerleading me. It is awesome that I have handouts for each section to detail what was in the video. I absolutely love that I own this program and that I can review it over and over. Thank you again for putting together such a life changing program together! You nailed it Hilde!!
Linda Birse

Books By Hilde

From Hell To Inspired

From hell to inspired chronicles one woman’s incredible quest to free herself from an unhealthy existence, fulfill her dreams, and inspire others to take back their power.

$12.99 – $34.99

Know The Truth and Get Healthy

Know The Truth And Get Healthy

Hilde has finally put her whole toolbox together in this book of true healing. A step-by-step guide that holds everything you need to take charge of your health and life.

$12.99 – $34.99

No More Bullshit

This third book by Hilde challenges the reader to dig deeper into lives meaning, revisit some old patterns, and learn how to let go of false beliefs and old programming. A book that makes you seek your truth.

$12.99 – $34.99

Healing Tools

Not seen anywhere else, these Healing Programs are week-long challenges that are topic specific. Addressing every aspect of Health and healing, both Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. Designed for YOU and your HEALTH.

You will receive a beautiful e-booklet with step by step instructions for the whole week, in addition to invaluable knowledge and information about the chosen topic.

These beautiful Programs, or Challenges of you like, are made to be experienced one at the time and are all part of a series of 12 programs. Together they address Hilde’s top selection of HEALING information to elevate your HEALTH and LIFE. Simply buy, download and follow the Instructions. Browse through the topics and make sure you consider the bundle deals.

1. Attract Health Program

Think amazing, vibrant health is not for you? Think again! This challenge is designed to show you how you can easily become the healthy person you desire to be.

2. Healthy Gut Program

Say goodbye to bloat, indigestion after each meal, constant acid reflux as we explore ways to heal and nourish your gut back to wellness!

3. How To Stay Raw Program

Scared of failing? This series of empowering healing tools and knowledge is designed to help you create successful habits to keep you on track and accountable.

4. Adrenal Health Program

This challenge aims to kick them back into gear and allow you to discover more energy, less fatigue / anxiety / inflammation / insomnia and more!

5. Mind-Less Program

This challenge aims to reduce excessive worry, lack of focus and mind-chattering confusion so you can instead experience the calm and peacefulness you so deserve.

6. Kidney Filtration Program

Optimal filtering out of the lymphatic waste is crucial for vibrant health. Learn why it is so important and how you can encourage your body to do it best!

7. Move Your Lymph Program

Do you know how vital your lymphatic system is in your body? This challenge will acquaint you with the Number One missing key to vibrant health.

8. Healing Breath Program

Do you know how powerful a single breath can be? This challenge will teach you simple, deep healing breathing techniques that will impact on your whole body.

9. Liver Flush Program

Are you ready to give your liver a healing flush? Take the leap towards health with this challenge.

10. Declutter Your Life Program

This challenge gives you the tools to help declutter your home, relationships, office, health, environment, and thoughts.

11. Anti-Aging Juicing Program

Want to hit the reset button on the aging process? This challenge shows you just how to do that, in a super juicy way.

12. Dry Fasting Reset Program

Proper dry fasting is much more than just that! This challenge will teach you how to safely and effectively fast for health.


An easy and empowering healing tool and knowledge for creating successful healing habits


Shortness of breath, mucus, low energy, bronchitis.


Depression, low energy, hair loss, overweight.


Heart disease, chest pain, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat.

17. The Candida Elimination Program

This program will tackle Candida and the symptoms. This include protocol that you will follow on top of the meal plan.


This program will show the effect of the stress and how to allow your body to regain energy with less fatigue, stress and pain.

Healing Tools Bundles

The Detoxification Bundle

The Kidney Filtration Program The Heal Your Gut Program The Anti-Aging Juicing Program The Liver Flush Program


The Mind & Emotions Bundle

The Breathing Program The Mind-Less Program The How To Attract Health Program The Dry Fasting Reset Program


The Optimal Health Basic Bundle

The Adrenal Health Program The Move Your Lymph Program The How To Stay Raw Program The Declutter Your Life Program




1. The Mindset for Getting Healthy
2. Staying on a Raw Food Diet
3. No More Cravings!
4. Living Addiction Free



1. Power Up Your Life
2. Let Go and Trust the Healing Process
3. No More Bullshit!
4. Ageing Gracefully



1. Affirmations for Renewed, Vibrant Health (4 Tracks)
2. Affirmations for a Passionate, Enthusiastic Life (4 Tracks)


Hilde Larsen

Hi, I’m Hilde Larsen

Author, Health & Mindset Coach, and Detox Specialist

I will inspire and educate you to live a conscious life on all levels. Together, we will find your passion for life, your inner power, and you very own path to health and joyful living.

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