True abundance. How to become a wealthier you!

If all of us knew that true abundance is connected to the physical body as well as the spiritual connection, and that it is there for all of us. Would we then live differently?  Without our health and body, life is no fun.


Pain is no fun.


Suffering is all-consuming.  It is suffocating our creative force. Health is true wealth, believe me. Now, after recreating and re-claiming my health, I feel rich, from my core. From the inside out. A different kind of riches. The kind that grows from giving and spreading the word. It has become my mission, my true purpose.


Truth is truth, and there is nothing that an empowered mind and being cannot do. One step at the time, as I did – anyone can.


Cut through all the crap, all the lies and false beliefs, and this is where we end up. In front of the mirror. Staring at ourselves, up-close. What are we doing that is hindering this amazing, true health-abundance to come alive? How are we not valuing our most precious asset? Why are we not even acknowledging that it is? Ignorance and disconnection. Take a close look in that mirror.


What do you see?

Are you taking care of the most precious and most valuable asset that you have?

Are you honoring it as your number one investment?


Your body is your temple:


How much would you invest in your body if you knew the ROI was one-thousand percent? I bet you would throw in all that you have. I bet you would sell out all your other investments to focus on the sure thing. Most of us would, yet we don’t. The most challenging aspect of the return in form of health is the fact that most people don’t even make the investment. Why? They don’t see the value until it is close to shut down time for the whole business. Even then, depending on the level of awareness and connection to the true self, seeing health as the number one pool of wealth can be hard.


By ignoring our temple, we are ignoring life. We came here in a physical body, and we leave when it is no longer functioning, when we are no longer breathing through it. Every physical experience we have on earth, is through this body. Suffering and poverty are contraction, abundance and riches are expansion.


I was almost dead before I realized, not that I would simply have no life without my body, but that it was up to me to take care of it. It was easy to notice that life was no fun when pain was overwhelming my every experience, but it took time before I could see how blessed I still was. I had been given the opportunity to live in abundance. It was handed to me through birth. I had been given a choice, a power, and ability to choose wealth. I was not a victim, I was capable. I was brainwashed, numbed down and ignorant, but always able, always blessed, always abundant. My life was my wealth. As long as I was breathing, there was something to invest in, and I invested. I went all in, and received everything in return. Not in form of money or assets, but in form of truth and love.


When we don’t eat optimally, we will know it. I know it, and you know it. Food is supposed to be fuel, and not a burden. Most of what we eat today in the Western world is actually a burden to the human body. Every time we eat something that is outside of our natural diet, it becomes a burden. I remember heavy dinners as well as you do. You know, when you just wanted to lie down afterwards, completely drained of energy. Food is supposed to be fuel, not drain your energy. This only shows that the body has a hard time with what it has been fed. There is no way we can eat what is not good for us and not know it at one level or another. The problem is that we are surrounded with so much toxic waste that our pineal gland is clouded. Because of this, it is hard for us to see truth. When we detoxify our bodies, this changes. We regain our awareness and our natural instincts.


Eating raw is important for our vitality and rejuvenation, and to live at the level of health that we were designed to do. Most importantly though, as we have fallen into the trap of social conditioning and programming, we need to go back to raw to be able to detoxify our bodies. Detoxification simply means cleansing, something that the body does naturally when given a chance. Every day it works to clean and restore, but because of what we are feeding this amazing organism, it is working to survive, not to thrive. So, in that sense, you might say that without raw, living foods there will be no real health, or wealth, because only when introducing the vibrancy and the healing effect of our natural food, will the body be able to clean and restore.


I was led to raw foods, as I was seeking truth. I was seeking true health and vitality. I was shown the simple way, the easy way, and the natural way. Maybe not easy to do, but truly the way to magic and true abundance.


Raw food is simply natural foods, straight from nature. There is no labeling or list of ingredients necessary. There is no complicated list of additives of fillers. The body will be able to digest it with ease, and not be harmed or intoxicated. It is the real fast-food, pure and simple. The foods we eat are secondary to all the other things that feed us; our relationships, career, spirituality, and exercise routines to name a few. At the same time, they are the key to everything, as you will no longer harm what you now love. Raw living foods will raise the vibration and the awareness, and also magnify the feeling of love and compassion.


We are primates. What we are witnessing is what happens when we really, I mean really move away from that, and feed our bodies dead altered chemistry. All animals that are taken off their diet get sick. Animals in the care of humans often get diseased. Wild animals do not, how could they? Nature is perfect and no species will get sick, fat, and unhealthy from eating the foods intended for them. We, the humans, tend to believe we can outsmart nature. That we are more intelligent, and that our will can override the simple laws of the Universe. It is not so, and we are being told this and shown this, every single day, symptom by symptom. What we are eating is killing us, and it is about time we know it, and really own it.


It is about time we realized that we are sitting on a gold mine of potentials, all in our God given creation.


To me, abundance has a whole new meaning. Health has a whole new meaning. Healing and rejuvenation is a natural part of our lives if we let it. Abundance is given to us for free. It will never cost us a single dime. Not a cent. Only awakening and acceptance. Allow it. You are worth it. Own it, and pay it forward.


It was never about the money:


The cliché “Money cannot buy happiness”, is not far from the truth. Money can certainly bring us closer to our goals and provide the most necessary necessities for comfort. It can also increase our overall satisfaction, but in itself, it can never buy us happiness. Therefore, it cannot buy us true wealth, or make us wealthy and abundant in the way that our heart seeks.


“Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.” – Epicurus


We chase the money-trap as if it will buy us feelings and emotions. We keep chasing pride and status as if it will ever define who we are, or our worth in any way shape or form. To assume that money will make us feel more accomplished, happy, free or respected, is a dead-end in the pursuit of an abundant life. Happiness does not require more. Gathering and saving up for a rainy day, might end up being a trap, robbing you from the now moment, and the abundance that is already here. Yes, we should strive for our goals, and yes money is great, convenient and all that. If you recognize everything that is already here, what you work towards will seem like an even larger accomplishment and joy.


When you recognize the true abundance in your life, you will end up giving away more. Authentic abundance requires balance. Holding on to anything is, as we know, not the energy of allowing more to come our way, be it physical mental emotional or financial. Greed is a sign of disconnect and fear. Step out of it.


  • True abundance is being able to recognize your riches regardless of your financial wealth.
  • True abundance is loving yourself, with all your strengths and weaknesses.
  • True wealth is true health.
  • True abundance is doing what you are passionate about.
  • True abundance is being able to eat fresh, living, organic food.
  • True wealth is loving and being loved.
  • True wealth is feeling free and peaceful.


Once you follow your passion and honor your abundant life, money will always flow towards you as you need them. It is not the abundance in itself, only a byproduct of your creations.


It is always about YOU, about  what you feel, think, eat and live. True wealth is HEALTH in my book. There is nothing more valuable. My membeship site was created to rbing just that. The awareness and tools to tap into the abundance of life. Check it out HERE!


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