No Detoxification, No True Health. Let The Truth Speak.

If you know anything about me, you know I am all about simplicity, success, nature and truth.


Nothing is more exciting to me than to realize that we have everything we need to build true health. We actually HAVE everything. By that, I mean that we have the power needed to change our health.


To be able to use that power, consciously, we first have to acquire the knowledge, or the ability to listen to perfection; Nature and our body. When you introduce knowledge about detoxification  to this natural ability to heal, you have a winner combination. You have success. That is my passion. To watch and be a part of other peoples healing journey. How they come out of so called chronic conditions. How they raise above suffering and limitation.


The word Detoxification has many meanings to different people, but is simple. The way I like it. It is about letting everything that is not serving us be processed and leave. A true healing regime or program will include emotional and mental work as well as a physical cleansing regime. It will be impossible not to include all aspects of the being. The mind-body-soul connection is powerful.


Never the less, changing what we eat most often is the simplest and most potent way to start. The body will detoxify all our bodies at the same time; The physical, the mental and the emotional body. That means that once we start to eat what the body is designed to eat, it will also let us know which emotional waste we have been holding on to. By giving it a break from having to digest and eliminate more waste, it now has the ability to use the energy to clear everything from old emotions, to mucus in our intestines.


We need to look to nature, get back to the basics, and trust in our own bodies and their ability to heal. We will heal by eating fresh living organic foods, like we were meant to. That way, we are constantly letting our body take care of business. In this lifetime, in this world, the challenges are many for most of us. It seems the non-foods presented to us, alongside the stress, the polluted air, the negative programming and the fear of change, is holding us captive in our polluted houses.


All you have to do is to let go of everything that is not serving you, be it foods, emotions or actions. There is nothing to figure out, or to speculate in, really. The body will do the rest. Simplicity is a challenge for the educated mind, and this very fact is important to acknowledge. Our intellect and our craving for intellectual growth, has contributed to the state that we are in. It is time to hit the shift button and think again. Less is more.


The simplicity of detoxification:


  • Stop bringing in more garbage: This means, no more altered chemistry, chemicals or toxins. Not in form of hurtful drugs, or supplements as isolates or pesticides. Do not eat anything that requires a label, as no real food does. Stay away from salt, oils and stimulants, and keep the standard high on a preferably organic, high fruits diet. Stop using harmful chemicals in your home, as anything you eat, breathe and smell, you in fact eat. It is all absorbed into your blood and tissues, creating a toxic overload in your body. Look for ways to make your own lotions and detergents, and be inspired by the many tips and recipes found in this book. You’ve got this.
  • Move the lymph: Through eating raw living foods only, the lymph will start moving. By also being active, adopting the suggestions in the upcoming chapters, you will move to heal. Make sure that your kidneys are filtering, or you will have some extra work to do. More tips to come on how to restore kidney filtration.
  • Open all eliminating organs: Clean out the intestines, and do some liver flushes. Use a sauna to open up the skin, and look to herbs for extra strength and organ support. Sometimes working with a practitioner that is also a detoxification specialist, as myself, will help determine your weaknesses and how to address them with herbs and essential oils.
  • Let the acidic waste and toxins out: Allow yourself to live through the detoxification process. It can be a long process, all depending on your age, your current state of health, how long you have been out of health, and how your organs and glands are conditioned from birth.
  • Watch health be restored: Enjoy the ride back to your inspired state of perfect health, and keep your focus on your path. Do not let anyone or anything discourage you or make you lose your focus. This is your time to shine, and you are so worth it!


The deepness of cleansing being done, and the pace it will happen in, depends on many different factors. If you are diagnosed as terminal, long standing so-called chronic and degenerative, you know that you have some serious work to do. You know that your body means business, and that there is no time to go slow and easy. We need to do what we need to do –  it is that simple.



When time is of the essence:

Not everyone has time to transition into a healthier lifestyle. Some are barely hanging on, trying to save their lives. For everyone who is in the situation of long standing, chronic, painful and degenerative disease, I say there is no time to lose. Even though the change can be hard and challenging, the decision has to be made. A diet of fruits, berries and melons are on the menu, and that is that. The top-of-the-mountain, acute healing diet is a grape fast, and nothing will allow the acids to move like the grapes do. No one knows how deep you will have to dig, or how long it will take, but the body will do its very best every single day. Know that you hold the power, one step at the time. Get support and a close follow up, to ensure that you are allowing your body to heal safely.



When you are tired of feeling sick:

You might be low in energy, and have many different hurts and pains. You might even be on some sort of chemical medication. You are functioning and need to keep going to work. You really want to get healthy, and will do whatever it takes, little by little. I say to you, do not wait any longer. I waited and waited, until one day I was almost out cold. I had done my best not to listen to my body`s signals for years. If you are where I was, I recommend you start by reading my book “From HELL to Inspired”. My hope is that it will inspire you to wait no more. Be done. Step into the raw right away, and include some greens and raw food recipes if you like. Your house is on fire, even though it might not look that way.



When you know what you are doing is not optimal, but:

You are the lucky one, the one that is doing what we should all be doing. Educating yourself, with the intent to change before the symptoms of ill health set in. You are the one that has the opportunity to walk healthy through this lifetime, by simply changing what will create a problem down the road. When you transition to the raw food diet, and change the way you live and think. You will feel what feeling good feels like. If you believe you are feeling great right now, wait for the real buzz. Do not wait until later, go get it!


Healthy is the typical norm, what we are designed to be. The smallest indication that we are not, is a cry for change.



Detoxification, the art:

Dr. Robert Morse once said it to me so wisely; “You need to know when to hold them, and when to fold them”. The process which is so simple, yet so complex, is absolutely an art. It is an individual journey that requires faith, knowledge, diligence and patience. It also needs a firm and sound mind, to ensure that the process is running smoothly. Sometimes slow and steady is the way, and sometimes we need to really dig in deep. The body might tell you to back off a little bit at times, to slow down, and that can be an important part of your journey. Sometimes the body simply needs to recap and rebuild some energy. It will cleanse in its own timely manner, and cannot be forced. Sometimes though, if we are using herbs and very astringent foods, the body will have a reaction to that. This is where the art comes in again. When you are working with herbs, these amazing God given healers, you are working with powerful substances. They are potent and strong, yet gentle on your system. I strongly recommend to get an herbal protocol to go with your regime, to support and sooth, as you are moving on up.


Some of you, like me, might want to keep going, even though the body is saying “not so fast, missy”, so take it from me – listen. At other times, it will be more beneficial to keep on going. To walk through the tunnel, and not stop until you are through. The symptoms of cleansing can be many, and scary. Make sure that you are informed, and that you know what to expect. For some, the journey is simply fun from the get go. For others, it is not. The body might beg to differ, as it is cheering and clapping, saying; ”Finally, this shit is leaving me!”



Educate yourself on the topic, and find your inner guidance. If you need support, find it.



Look for kidney filtration:

At the base of most severe symptoms is a non-filtering set of kidneys. This is one of the most important keys to great health. Look for filtration by peeing in a clear glass jar. Hold it to the light and look for sediment. You are looking for anything that floats around in your urine. It might look like small particles, like small snowflakes, or a stringier mucus looking sediment. If the urine is cloudy, you can let it sit overnight, and watch if any sediment will settle at the bottom. You want the sediment in your urine. It is telling you that your kidneys are filtering out the lymphatic waste. If it is, the body will able to detoxify at a more rapid pace. This has nothing to do with the color of the urine. In general, the color simply indicates how much you have been drinking. If your urine is clear, you know that this has to be your main focus moving forward, to get your kidneys to filter.


Bottom line is this: Before the body has gotten rid of that which is making it weak and sick, it has no capacity or means to regenerate. Once it is able to clean, it will do so, and once the majority of the cleaning is done, regeneration will take place and symptoms will disappear. That is how simple it is. That is where the power is, in this knowledge.


When we stop hurting ourselves, we heal. When we stop feeding ourselves junk and poisons, we detoxify, naturally. It is not a cure, not a magic bullet, it is much grander. It is who we are.


Stay on top of your game.

Be your bets, and call on me when you need support. We all need it at times.

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