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The Celery Juice Hype – A Verdict from the Health Coach

  I am the health freak that will try and do most anything to find out what it can and …

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Why you need to become the leader.

Listen to all, learn from a few, follow no one.   I had an awakening when I realized that my …

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How to write your life manifesto, and why it will change your life.

As we walk through life, it is easy to drift off towards everything and anything that calls for our attention. …

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Is our physical health all in our mind?

Did you know that our mindset is directly connected with our physical health? That what we choose to believe and …

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How to turn your back on illness and pain.

When I was told I would be living with crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lymes for the rest of my life, …

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Images of Lady on a beach
Should you protect yourself from the sun?

Yes, that is what we have been told, to protect ourselves. Does that mean the sun is dangerous? It sure …

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Holding flowers
Are you a people pleaser? 4 ways to stop pleasing, and start serving.

Is there a difference between pleasing and serving? Absolutely! I know from experience. The difference is enormous. Almost like life …

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MENOPAUSE? NO THANKS! How to say good bye to all your symptoms!

Are you one of the amazing women out there, going through this midlife transition, believing it will hurt? That leaving …

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Learn which weed to eat for health and vitality. Natures free food and medicine!

Wild food is the original true food. At one point all food was wild food, and all food was medicine. …

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The Dirty Dozen on your plate, that is ruining your health!

In a perfect world, all food presented to us would be toxic free. In a perfect world, what to eat …

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True abundance. How to become a wealthier you!

If all of us knew that true abundance is connected to the physical body as well as the spiritual connection, …

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